How to Write an Effective Quiz Title

An online quiz is only as good as its quiz title.

Why, you might ask?

Because, much like with first impressions, you only get to make it once. A great quiz with a boring quiz title isn’t going to attract hordes of users, because they won’t be able to see its shining personality within.

You therefore need to give your quiz a super-enticing title, to get those clicks and make your quiz work for you

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Quiz Title – It’s All in the Phrasing

A catchy quiz title is a clickable quiz title. For example, consider the two following quiz titles:

  1. Find Out Your Spirit Animal
  2. Which Spirit Animal Are You?

Which of these is more exciting for a user? It’s B, not only because it poses a question, but because it poses a question about and directly to the user. Title A tells them static information; title B is asking for their input.

Other easy ideas to hack your quiz titles are to phrase them as a guide – ‘How To Find Your Spirit Animal’ – which signals to a user they will learn something worthwhile (or as worthwhile as discovering their spirit animal, at least), while using a listicle – ‘10 Spirit Animals You Could Be’ – reassures them that your quiz is displayed in bite-size information, perfectly suited to the modern-day user.

Appeal to Their Emotions

With so many distractions competing for a user’s attention, sometimes a quiz title needs to play hard and fast with a user’s emotions. No, not in the literal sense, but in the grammatical sense – adding emotive words (words which appeal to the emotions) directly feeds into a user’s desires, fears, needs – and anything and everything in between.

Consider our quiz title B from above, with added emotive words thrown in:

The effect is completely different, and a lot more likely to induce a click.

Don’t Give Everything Away

As the cliche goes, ‘why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?’ – and weirdly enough, this applies also to your quiz.

The entire point of your user taking your quiz is because they want to find out something or seek a solution. Whether that’s testing their knowledge or understanding their personality, your quiz title needs to give them just enough information to get their click, without giving it all away for free.

To go back to our Title B for a demonstration:

It doesn’t hurt for you to create a little mystery – but it could hurt your quiz if you don’t.

So there you have it. Your online quiz title needs to be phrased in a way which will grab your user’s attention – and just a little bit mysterious so that they want to click through.

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How to Write an Effective Quiz Title
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