Which Ford Car Should You Buy?

From city slickers to country cruisers, everyone has a perfect Ford waiting for them. The only question is which one is right for you?
Ford Edge. Image: PR
Where will you be driving?
Who else will be on board?
Rank this statement: Environmental issues are a priority for me.
How much storage space are you looking for?
2015 Ford Fusion. Image: PR
Should your car be able to do heavy lifting?
Ford Explorer. Image: PR
Would you consider an electric car?
List your top priority:
Do you dabble in drag racing?
Cobra Jet Mustang. Image: PR
Ford Fusion
This sedan boasts an iron-clad safety system, outstanding for a vehicle in its price range. The Ford Fusion Energi option (pictured here) is the plug-in hybrid version.
Image: PR
Ford Mustang
It's classic, sexy, fun, and all-American. This year it gets a sharp update just in time for its 50th anniversary.
Image: PR
Ford Edge
A midsized crossover, the Ford Edge is incredibly adaptable for those looking for something that can do it all. It features a powerful engine, and upscale interior, and a stellar safety rating.
Image: PR
Ford Explorer
In its most recent update, the Ford Explorer gets an attractive exterior. Along with the two standard engine options (a 2.0 L and 3.5 L) there is a third more powerful option from Explorer Sport.
Image: PR