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Get more engagement, land more qualified leads, and make more sales with interactive quizzes, surveys, and forms. Quick and easy to create. Super reliable and accessible.

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What Can Opinion Stage Do for Your Business?

Our tools can help you grow your audience, get more leads, and increase sales quickly, easily, and smoothly.

More Engagement with Less Effort

Instead of sharing another article, try a visual interactive quiz or poll.

It will grab your audience’s attention, keep them engaged, and get more shares.

  • Tap into your audience’s competitive nature with an exciting quiz competition.
  • Post a fun weekly poll on your site to engage them and keep them coming back.
  • Make a personality quiz that entertains, empowers, and gets tons of shares.

Make a Lead Generation Machine

A regular flow of high-quality leads is vital for any business, but it isn’t easy to maintain. Unless you use a lead generation quiz.

  • Get more leadslead quizzes get 5X more leads than lead forms because they ask for contact details at the most engaging point – after people take the quiz and before they see the results.
  • Get better leads: once they take your quiz, your prospects will know more about you. You will know more about them too since their details will be automatically associated with their answers.

Increase Sales Simply & Effectively

Streamline your sales process, connect with your prospects, and give them exactly what they need. How? By adding quizzes, surveys, and polls to your sales funnel.

  • Dramatically reduce lost sales with a product recommendation quiz that offers your customers a personalized shopping experience.
  • Make a survey that’s visual and conversational. It’s a great way to connect with your customers while gathering actionable insights and improving your market research.
  • Uncover your prospects’ needs and preferences while creating a buzz around your product/service with quick engaging polls.

Raise Brand Awareness by Focusing on Your Audience

In a competitive market where businesses are struggling to differentiate themselves a customer-centric approach can go a long way.

Raise brand awareness by running quizzes, surveys, and polls that focus on your audience. Here’s an example.

Offer them value, give them a meaningful experience, and make a real connection.

They will remember you as the brand that cared about them. That’s way more powerful than any key differentiator.

Get Feedback Quickly & Easily

Collect more and better feedback with a visual conversational survey. It’s quick, cost-effective, and super accessible.

Reach your audience wherever they are by adding your survey anywhere on your site or sharing it via email, messaging app, or social media.

All the feedback you get will be safely stored on your Opinion Stage dashboard for you to view, analyze, and export easily.

  • Use a how did you hear about us survey to learn which marketing channels are working best for you.
  • Add a churn survey to your retention funnel to learn from disappointed customers and try to rekindle the connection.
  • Create a quick NPS survey to measure customer satisfaction and encourage happy customers to recommend you on review sites.

Gather the Data You Need to Grow & Succeed

Our tools let you collect more and better data from your audience quickly and easily.

Visual interactive surveys get 3X more responses because they look great and their fun. It’s as simple as that.

Our survey templates will help you get started and save time. You can use them as they are or change anything to suit your needs.

Once your survey is live, check your dashboard to see how well it’s performing and tweak it on the go.

Templates & Examples

Hundreds of ready-to-use quiz, survey, and form templates to engage your audience, get you more leads, and boost your sales.

View more templates

Try this product recommendation quiz

Why Choose Opinion Stage?

Our tools are easy to use and get great results. We’re here to help you give your customers an interactive experience they will appreciate, remember, and share.

Engaging Content That Works for You

Make quizzes, polls, and surveys that get attention, provide value, and create a buzz.

  • Simple & powerful: create personalized experiences that give your audience exactly what they need. You can do it yourself. No coding or technical knowledge is required.
  • Professional & beautiful: choose a color theme and add images, gifs, and videos. They will always look great on any device and screen.
  • Friendly & conversational: give your customers an interactive experience that feels like a one-on-one conversation.

Quick & Easy to Create

Use a template to make a form, survey, or quiz in minutes.

Our templates are all beautifully designed and optimized for engagement, conversion, and results. They’re also totally customizable.

Visit our template library. It’s packed with hundreds of templates that are ready to go and easy to use.

Customize Anything With a Click

Easily customize your quizzes and surveys to suit your brand.

  • Look & feel: choose your color theme, fonts, and images. Change the design with CSS. White label your quiz and add your logo.
  • Voice & tone: customize CTA buttons, form field labels, and error messages.
  • Experience design: use different types of questions and layouts.
  • Social sharing: encourage your audience to follow you on social media with social sharing buttons and customized Facebook and Twitter messages.

Embed & Share Anywhere

Share your survey, quiz, or form anywhere you like. It’s as simple as clicking on copy and paste.

  • Put it on your website: we support Javascript, iframe, placement, custom embed configurations, and more.
  • Use an optimized landing page on our website.
  • Share it on social media.
  • Add it to your newsletter.
  • Send it over any messaging app.

Responsive & Mobile Friendly

Whatever you create, it will always look great on any screen, mobile, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

Our software automatically optimizes your content for different network conditions and devices to make sure your audience gets the best experience.

Simple to Personalize

Give your quizzes, surveys, and forms a personal touch with these powerful features:

  • Answer piping: show the answer to one question in the following question. For example: Ask for a person’s name and refer to them personally in the next question.
  • Skip logic: direct people to follow-up questions based on their previous answers. For example: if they choose “apples” as their favorite fruit, send them to a question about apple-based desserts.

We Integrate with Your Automations

As a business owner, you probably have your way of doing things. Our tools are designed to integrate with your ways.

  • Native integrations, custom webhooks, Google Tag Manager, API, Zapier, and more.
  • Export responses and metadata to Excel, Google Sheets, or CSV file with a click.
  • Set up Facebook and Google pixels to boost your remarketing and conversion efforts.

Useful Data Reports in Real-Time

Once you share a survey, quiz, or form, your dashboard will fill up with visual charts that are easy to read, analyze, and export.

  • Learn about your audience through their answers.
  • Optimize your content based on performance data like views, time-on-quiz, drop-off points, and completions.
  • Get notified by email every time a new response is submitted.
  • Export all reports to CSV/XLS files.

Secure, Private & GDPR Compliant

All your information is safe with us.

  • Your data is stored on secure Amazon AWS servers.
  • Data transit is done over HTTPS and encrypted in rest.
  • We follow industry-standard security and privacy guidelines. and strictly comply with GDPR.
  • We monitor and assess our software regularly to make sure that your data is safe.

Loved By Our Customers

Hundreds of customers gave us 5-star reviews

In love with Opinion Stage. The customer service is awesome, the platform is great. What I like most about it is definitely the polls! I use them all the time and my readers find them easy to use as well.
Stephanie Pellny
Independent Chef & Food Blogger
I love the stability of having my survey running for several years with no interruptions, unexpected changes, or crazy unexplained misfortunate events. OS has fulfilled my every need!
Jeremy Murphee
Owner at Mr. Ohh! Voice Overs LLC
Opinion Stage is a great way for me to keep in touch with my clients. It helps me fine-tune my products and services based on their feedback and needs.
Valora Abbett
Owner at Your Natural Color Palette

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