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Hundreds of pre-designed templates, ready to go. Pick one, make it your own, add it to your site, and watch the sales roll in.

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Why Use an Online Quiz for Sales?

Boost sales while strengthening your bond with your customers and increasing brand awareness. Create personalized shopping experiences in minutes.

Increase Sales With Ease

Boost sales with minimum effort with personalized shopping experiences that people will enjoy and return to.

  • Create a visual conversational product quiz in minutes with our intuitive quiz maker.
  • Make it easy and fun for people to find the perfect product for their needs.
  • Use our product recommendation engine to boost sales, lower refund requests, and get more returning customers.
  • Almost 70% of online carts are abandoned before checkout (Baymard Institute). Reduce cart abandonment by making the selection process easier.

Get to Know Your Customers

These days, learning about your customers can be difficult due to data privacy regulations.

With quizzes, you can get the data you need simply by asking for it directly. No cookies, no pixels, no third-party data.

  • Learn about your customers while giving them personalized product recommendations.
  • Add a lead form to find out who your customers are and connect with them.
  • Discover what they think, want, and need, based on their answers to your quiz questions.
  • Send them updates and product promotions that are hyper-relevant and respectful of their preferences.

Grow Your Audience

More than 80% of people who come across a quiz in their newsfeed click on it.

  • Give people a fun and entertaining way to discover your products and services.
  • Post shoppable quizzes on your social channels to raise brand awareness.
  • Create memorable interactive experiences that your customers will enjoy, remember, and share.
  • Boost social engagement, site traffic, and time spent on your unique content with the power of quiz marketing.

Recover Lost Sales

Losing some deals can’t be avoided, but a quiz can help you minimize lost sales and bring customers back.

  • Use your quiz to collect email addresses from potential buyers and send them personalized discounts that encourage future purchases.
  • Invite quiz takers to join your social channels, or add them to your email list and send them targeted content based on their quiz answers.
  • Win customers back by addressing needs and product gaps that came up in their quizzes.

Reduce Customer Support Costs

Save money on customer service while improving your customers’ experiences.

Give your target audience an online shopping experience that’s fully automated but still feels personal.

Instead of waiting for them to ask you for directions, use a quiz to ask them everything you need to send them to the perfect product.

It’s a quick, easy, friendly, and effective way to communicate with the people who matter most to your brand.

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How to Make Ecommerce Quizzes With Opinion Stage

Make a super engaging and converting product quiz in minutes. It’s as easy as pie.

1. Pick a Template

Choose one of our predesigned product quiz templates.

  • Fully functional and ready to go.
  • Designed to offer an exceptional user experience anytime and anywhere.
  • Optimized for engagement and conversion.
  • If you prefer, you can start from scratch with our intuitive quiz maker.

2. Customize It

Make the template your own by changing anything you like to suit your needs.

  • Replace template images with videos, gifs, or images that reflect your product and company.
  • Customize all texts to suit your unique voice and tone, from questions to error messages.
  • Use no-code personalization features to maximize completion rates with a consumer-focused experience.
  • Choose a color theme, fonts, and letter sizes that match your brand.
  • White-label your quiz and use CSS override to change any design element.

3. Embed It Anywhere

Now, all that’s left to do is to make your product quiz part of your sales funnel.

  • Embed it anywhere on your site with a click, create a designated landing page, or make it a pop-up quiz.
  • Send it to your email signups, put it in your abandoned cart emails, or add it to your email campaign.
  • Combine it with your social media marketing strategy, and share it on any social channel or messaging app.

Why Choose Us for Your Shoppable Quiz?

Offer your clients an successful shopping experience without breaking a sweat.

Optimized for Conversion

The Opinion Stage quiz builder is designed to maximize your conversion rate. Easily reach 80% engagement and 90% quiz completions.

  • Customer-focused design. Add tons of visuals, question types, question layouts, and interactive features to give your shoppers an exciting buying experience.
  • Always easy to use. Let your buyers shop anytime and anywhere. Our engaging quizzes look great and work smoothly on any device, screen, and network connection.
  • Effective like a personal shopper. Use no-code personalization features, customizable CTA buttons, and conversational language to lead customers to products that match their specific needs.

Personalized Shopping Experience

91% of consumers choose to shop with brands that offer a personalized experience (Accenture). That’s why we make personalization so easy.

  • Configure skip logic to send customers to follow-up questions based on their answers to previous questions.  For example, if they select “dry” as their skin type, send them to questions about skin hydration.
  • Set up answer piping to refer to your customer’s answer to one question in another question. For example, if you ask for their name you can refer to them by name in some of the following questions.
  • Use conversational language in your questions, instructions, call-to-action buttons, and error messages to make your quiz feel like a friendly chat.

Mobile-First & Fully Responsive

Our quiz maker was created with your audience’s experience in mind, and your audience probably spends a lot of their time on their mobile phones.

  • Quizzes built with Opinion Stage look great and function smoothly on any mobile device.
  • Images are automatically optimized for different screen sizes and network connections so that they always load fast.
  • UX, design, and functionality automatically adapt to big screens, desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Visual & Conversational

Create visual conversational experiences that get more responses and better answers.

  • Ask one question at a time.
  • Use simple personalization tools to make your quiz feel like a one-on-one conversation.
  • Add images and videos to questions, answer options, and result cards.
  • Choose beautiful color themes, fonts, and designs that will make your quiz shine.

Collect Zero Party Data

While data privacy is important, learning about customer needs/preferences is too.

In fact, 83% of customers are willing to share their personal info to get a personalized shopping experience (Accenture).

Zero-party data is information that your customers share with you intentionally. It’s easy to collect with a quiz that offers a fun experience and gets tons of responses.

Our visual conversational quizzes let you collect tons of useful information simply by asking for it.

Quick & Easy to Create & Share

Create an engaging product quiz in minutes using our rich template library and intuitive personality quiz maker. Then share it anywhere you like in seconds.

  • Choose from hundreds of templates that are designed for conversion and ready to use.
  • Add your personal touch with a simple yet powerful design and personalization features that will give your customers an excellent experience.
  • Share it on your social channels, email lists, or website in seconds. It’s as simple as clicking on copy and paste.


Whether you want to direct people to a single product or introduce them to a new product line, a quiz can help you save time and cut costs while keeping your customers happy.

  • Save time for your sales team by designing a question path that recommends products based on customer preferences and needs.
  • Support your support staff by adding the answers to essential FAQs to your sales quiz.
  • Reduce time spent on product returns and customer success by helping customers make better purchases.
  • Cut down on user interviews and learn more about customer personas by adding some research questions to your quiz.

Performance Insights

Collect performance insights in real-time and optimize your e-commerce quiz on the go.

  • Discover how many views and clicks your quiz got.
  • Compare the percentage of starts and completions to find out if your quiz is working as well as it should.
  • Look at the drop-off report to see where you lose your audience and fix it by changing questions or question order.
  • Get notified on every submission to stay on top of your sales and respond fast when needed.
  • Get visual answer reports that are easy to track, analyze, and export.

FAQs About Product Quizzes

What is a product recommendation quiz?

A product recommendation quiz, also known as simply a product quiz, is an interactive quiz that usually uses the personality quiz format to direct people to products or services that suits their needs.

The quiz includes a series of questions devised to understand the person’s preferences. It then sends them to a result card that presents a product or a series of products that are most relevant.

For example, a skincare company could create a product recommendation quiz that asks customers about their skin type and then sends them to a result page with a recommended skincare routine that includes the use of several of their products.

How do I make a product recommendation quiz?

Making a product recommendation quiz with Opinion Stage is super easy. The easiest way is to choose one of our predesigned product quiz templates and then change it to suit your needs. You can change the questions, the images, the links, the calls to action, and more. You can even change the design including the color theme and fonts.

If you prefer to start from scratch you can go to our intuitive personality quiz maker and start building. With personality quizzes, it’s best to start from the end. In this case, the different products or product lines you wish to recommend.

Then, move on to the questions and associate each answer option with the relevant product. Add visuals and some personalization and you’re done. Our algorithm will make sure your customers are sent to the right product pages based on their answers and the answer associations you configured.

After you publish and share your quiz, go to your analytics dashboard to check the performance data. You’ll find some interesting info about, views, engagement, and drop-offs. Use this data to improve your quiz and make even more sales.

When is a product recommendation quiz useful?

A product quiz can be useful in a number of scenarios:

  • A product quiz is a great addition to any online sales funnel. Check out our e-commerce templates for some ideas. And click these to learn how to add a quiz to Woocommerce or how to make a Shopify quiz.
  • Even small businesses that don’t sell online can use a shoppable quiz to get more attention to their brand and products. It’s a great way to get people excited about what you have to offer.
  • Product finder quizzes are also good for planning new products. Since they’re super engaging they get tons of answers that can teach you a lot about your audience’s preferences and needs.
  • Last but not least, product recommendation quizzes are great for discovery. In other words, they could be less about making a direct sale and more about showcasing your brand and what you have to offer.

Can you make a quiz on Shopify?

You can definitely create a quiz on Shopify. It’s quick, easy, and super effective. Here’s how you can do it in four simple steps: Shopify quiz.

How do you add a product recommendation system in a WordPress e-commerce website?

Adding a product recommendation quiz to WordPress is very straightforward with the Opinion Stage WordPress quiz plugin. All you need to do is install the plugin, connect it to your Opinion Stage account, make a Quiz, and add it to your post/page using the classic editor or Gutenberg editor.

You can also add a quiz to Elementor in seconds. Here’s how: Elementor quiz.

What is a shoppable quiz?

A shoppable quiz, also known as a shop quiz, offers a unique and personalized shopping experience by combining the engaging elements of social quizzes with personalized marketing. This innovative approach asks users questions about their likes and dislikes, generating a personalized set of products that cater to their preferences. By streamlining the shopping process in this way, shoppable quizzes enhance the overall shopping experience and boost customer confidence in their final purchase, reducing the likelihood of buyer’s remorse.

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