Squarespace Poll: How to Add a Poll to Your Site

How to add a Squarespace Poll to your Site

1) Start by creating a Squarespace poll using the Poll Creation Form

2) Locate the poll in the Item Dashboard

3) Click the “Embed & Share” button, and copy the code from the “Script” tab

Now open your Squarespace site:

4) From the post editor or page editor, find the + or an insert point. From the drop-down menu, select the “Embed” block.

Add squarespace poll5) Open Embed Data – A new dialogue box will appear with the sign “</>” on the right-hand corner. Clicking on that sign will open the “Embed Data” box.Add squarespace poll to site - step 26) Paste the code you copied earlier in “Embed Data” dialog.Add square space poll to site - step 37) Save the changeadd poll to squarespace site - step 4For more information, refer to the poll maker product page. For live examples, refer to the poll examples & templates page

Top Reasons for Creating a Squarespace Poll

Easy to create

Create polls can be a great way to easily add interesting content added to your site. Creating a poll can take less than a minute and your users will love the option to participate and share their opinions and preferences. You can either create a poll from scratch or from a template

Boost engagement

Polls are one of the most engaging types of content. Users love expressing their opinions and preferences, influencing the results, and discovering what other users on the site answered.

Get feedback

Get quick and easy feedback from your users with polls. Polls get a very high participation rate and therefore you can expect to get a lot of user feedback.

Gather leads with a Squarespace poll

Integrate a lead form inside the poll to generate leads. The contact form will be displayed after users vote and before they discover what the poll results are. Use this opportunity to gather more qualified leads since the contact info will be associated with the answer to the poll.

Drive conversion

You can use the poll to drive conversion by configure to redirect to different landing pages based on the answer of the user. For example, if you are selling different types of services/products ask a poll question that will help you, direct users, to the relevant one.

Tips for Creating a Poll on Squarespace

Place it in a visible location

Polls are a great way to get engagement, put them above the fold in a central location to maximize participation. You can embed them in specific articles, locate them in a section on your site (e.g. sidebar), or/and display them in an exit/enter popup.

Ask a simple question, with clear answers

Write a question that is easy to understand and answer. Answers should include all options, but shouldn’t overlap.

Customize the look & feel

Select a color theme, size, and fonts that match your website. You can select from pre-defined themes and fonts or add your own. Use CSS override feature to customize every aspect of the poll interface.

Add visuals to your Squarespace poll

Adding an intro image or image answers to your poll will make your poll more noticeable and engaging, and result  with a higher voting rate.

Create a Squarespace Poll in Seconds

Create a Free Poll

For more information, refer to the poll creator page.

Squarespace Poll: How to Add a Poll to Your Site
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