Buddy Quiz

Let's see how well you know Sam with this friendship quiz!
What is Sam's favorite dessert?
Sam washed up on a deserted island, what does she do?
Sam's best board game?
Sam's favorite mythological creature?
Where does Sam want to live?
What is Sam afraid of?
What's Sam's favorite social media platform?
What's next on Sam's vacation bucket list?
Sam's favorite dog breed?
What has Sam not done?
You got {number correct} answers, your score is {percent correct}
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You got {number correct} answers, your score is {percent correct}
You're either psychic, or you really know Sam. Well done! Now, why don't you make your own Buddy Quiz?

Picture Quiz Template

Offer your audience an entertaining interactive experience with a picture quiz. Whether you're building a trivia quiz or a personality quiz, all you need to do to make it a picture quiz is add an image to each answer option.


Good visuals can help you clarify your questions and answers, engage your audience, and generally stand out. Image quizzes tend to have higher participation rates, more submissions, better result accuracy, and a broader reach since they get more shares.


Making picture quizzes is super easy with our built-in image finder. Search for images that are free to use, upload your own images, take a picture from your phone or laptop, or use image repositories like Shutterstock.


A quick tip: try to make sure all your images are equally engaging. You don't give away the correct answer or create bias. 

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