The only bird that can fly backwards is the...
Did you know the bee hummingbird is the smallest bird in the world? As it's name suggests, it's barely larger than a bee.
What is a female deer called?
Female deer are called does. They can stay with their mothers up to two years after birth, whereas a male deer tends to leave after just one year.
How many arms do most starfish have?
Most starfish, as their name suggests, have five arms. But with over 1,800 types, there are animals of this species that can have up to 50 arms.
What animal is associated with the Leo astrological sign?
Leo, a fire sign, is represented by the lion. People born under this star sign are said to exhibit characteristics of the lion.
How many compartments does a cow’s stomach have?
A cow doesn't have four stomachs, but rather four distinct compartments that their food passes through to be digested.
What kind of animal has species which includes the Emperor and Adelie?
Penguin's near-threatened status includes the Emperor and Magellanic penguins.
A group of wolves is known as a?
Wolf populations appear to be stable right now. Gray wolves are the most common, while the red wolves are the rarest.
How many lives are cats said to have?
Cats are the second most common pet in households across the world. Dogs are first and fish are third.
What do snakes smell with?
Snakes can slither up to 12.5 miles an hour, despite not having any limbs.
How many legs does a lobster have?
Lobsters are one of the few animals that keep growing forever, at least that's what research suggests.
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