Create an Elementor Poll From Scratch

Make a visual engaging poll and add it to your Elementor site with a few simple clicks using the Opinion Stage poll plugin.

1. Create a Poll

Get started by creating a poll. You can create polls in different layouts and customize them using the many different platform features.

elementor poll

2. Go to ‘My Items’ in the Dashboard

Go to the ‘My Items’ dashboard where you will see all the Elementor polls, Elementor quizzes, and Elementor surveys you created. You should see the poll you just created as the top item in the dashboard.

3. Copy the Script Code

Click on the ‘Embed & Share’ button associated with the poll you created, select the ‘General embed’ tab, and then copy the poll script code.

copy html embed code

4. Add the Poll to Your Elementor site

After copying the poll script code, Add an Elementor HTML widget and locate it where you want the poll to be displayed. Paste the script code in the Elementor HTML widget and click save.

You’re done!

Try This Image Poll

Types of Elementor Polls

There are many different types of polls that you can create with our poll plugin, following are some of the more popular ones:

Opinion Poll

Running polls on your site is a great way to discover the opinions of your audience. All you need to do is ask a question, add a few options, and publish the poll on your website.

Lead Poll

You can get up to 500% more leads added to your email list using a lead poll than you would with a simple contact form. In addition, with the proper poll question you can qualify the leads you gather and keep only the relevant ones. Send the email leads to your email list located in your email automation software using our email marketing integration.

Lead Poll

User Engagement Poll

Polls and quizzes are one of the most engaging types of content. Add polls to your blog posts and landing pages to get more user engagement in your content, get your audience to spend more time on the site, and increase traffic produced by social sharing.

Feedback Poll

One-question polls are very effective for getting quick feedback because users find it really easy to answer one quick question rather than answering a long multi-question survey. Polls also get more engagement than surveys, because after answering the question, the voter discovers what all the rest of the people voted for.

Try This Rounded-Image Poll

Contest Poll

You can easily conduct an online contest or competition on your site using a voting poll. You can optionally add a large image or a thumbnail image to each option of the poll to make the voting more appealing. After the vote is complete, you can select the winner based on which side got the most votes.

Image Poll

With image polls, your audience will be voting on images rather than on texts. Image polls offer your audience a highly engaging visual experience, that in return results in high engagement rates and more votes for your poll.

Video Poll

In video polls, each voting option is associated with a video. The poll/video topic can range from music videos to political positions that are explained in the different videos, to any other topic that can make use of videos. Voters can vote on the poll after becoming more informed by watching the videos. Video polls get great engagement rates and are a great way to create buzz on social networks.

Segmentation Poll

A segmentation poll is a poll that is created to help you segment your audience. Based on the answer the voters give to the poll you can later target them with different content on your site, emails, or offers.  You can also use pixels to signal the users for future remarketing campaigns based on their answers to the poll.

Ready to get started?

Create an Elementor Poll

How to Select a Poll Plugin

The following are the most important things you need to check when selecting a poll plugin for your Elementor site.

Unlimited Polls, Poll Questions & Poll Answers

Select an online poll plugin that lets you create as many online polls as you like, unlimited poll questions, and unlimited answers to each question.

Customizable Poll

A customizable poll means that you have a wide variety of customization options including colors, fonts, sizes, and layout. You should also be able to use your own CSS styles to match the poll look & feel to your brand. For example, you may want to customize the poll border colors, the type of font, or the size of the title. You should also be able to white-label the poll and add your own poll logo.

Supports Visuals

The more visual your poll will be, the more engagement and votes you will get. Select a poll maker that has a background image option, an image answers option, and an intro image option.


Your online polls builder should include a wide range of features and tons of options to verify it works for any scenario. A simple polls solution may seem sufficient initially, but later you might discover you are missing important functionality. Some of the key features you should verify you have in the solution you select are a block repeat voting mechanism, good reporting, the ability to hide results, and the option of adding more than one answer. Advanced features to expect are redirecting to a landing page based on the vote, a call to action button after voting, and integrating a lead form in the poll to gather contact information.

Types of Questions

To cover all scenarios, the poll should support all the popular types of questions. In specific, the poll should include the option to create multiple-choice questions which you can configure if only one answer is allowed or more. You should also be able to configure open-ended questions in which the user enters free text in response to the question.

Field types

You should select a poll/survey solution that includes all the popular field types – multiple-choice questions, open-ended questions, and drop-down questions.

Good for Voting

You should select a poll plugin that offers all the basic functionality of a voting plugin. This includes features such as blocking repeat voting, auto-open/auto-close the poll at preset times, being able to identify the voter’s identity, and selecting a winner in case you are running a poll contest.

Responsive Design

With most of your audience viewing your site from mobile, you want to select a poll that is responsive. A responsive poll will auto-adapt to any device or platform – mobile, desktop, or tablet – and look great on all.

Modern Design

How appealing and engaging your poll will be, depends on the attractiveness of the poll design. For example, outdated radio buttons or form fields won’t get you as many responses as a poll with a modern responsive layout. Animation for voting and answer animation will give your poll a special appeal.

Conditional Logic

When you have more than one question in your poll, you want to be able to configure which question is asked next based on the answer to the current question. This functionality is often referred to as conditional logic, branch logic, or skip logic.

Premium version

Most good poll plugins you will find will have both a free version and a premium version. You should be able to fully test the free version before you are required to upgrade to the premium version. Even if the free version is initially enough for your needs, you should know ahead of time that you have the features you may need in the future in the premium version.


If possible, use one plugin for all your data submission needs including online forms, online polls, contact forms, voting forms, and surveys. In specific, many survey plugins include poll functionality in them as well. In addition, survey questions are very similar to poll questions. So it makes sense that at the very least you use one plugin for both your poll and survey needs.


From the admin panel, you should be able to integrate your poll with all the external services you use. A popular example is google analytics which will let you track the poll events together with everything else you track on your site. Another common example is your email marketing software. If you gather emails with your poll you want to have these emails sent automatically to your email software.

Reports & Analytics

From the admin dashboard, you should be able to access the poll results. The poll results should ideally be displayed both in a pie chart and in a bar chart. You should get performance reports (how many viewed the poll, how many voted on the poll, etc.) in addition to the results report.

You Can Easily Do It Yourself, No Need For A Developer

Create an Elementor Poll
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