How to Add a Squarespace Quiz to Your Website

Making a Squarespace quiz for your site is easier than you think, and it’s great for engagement and boosting sales.

4 Steps to Creating a Squarespace Quiz

Follow these easy steps to create a beautiful interactive online quiz and share it on your Squarespace site.

1. Make a quiz

Begin by creating a quiz. You can start from scratch with our trivia quiz maker or personality quiz maker or choose one of our quiz templates.

quiz creation form

2. Copy the quiz code

When your quiz is ready, locate it in your items dashboard. Click on the ‘Share’ button next to your quiz and choose the ‘Squarespace’ tab. Now click on ‘Copy Code’.

copy squarespace code

3. Add an ‘Embed’ block

Go to your Squarespace site and open the post/page editor. Click on a block insert point wherever you’d like to add your quiz. A menu window will appear on your screen. Select ‘Embed’ from the menu to add an Embed code block to your site.

Add a block to your Squarespace site

4. Insert the quiz code

Click the icon on the right side of your new block to open an ‘Embed Data’ box. Paste your quiz code in the code box and click on ‘Apply’. That’s it, you’re done!

Open 'embed data' box

Why Add Online Quizzes to Your Squarespace Site?

Online quizzes are great for engaging with your audience, collecting leads, making more sales, and more. Read on to find out why you need to create a quiz for your website.

Boost Engagement With a Quiz

Online quizzes are among the most engaging types of content out there. A trivia or personality test that you add to your site can get up to 80%+ participation and up to 90% completions, especially if you place it above the fold and offer a smooth user experience (which is easy with our quiz builder).

People like quizzes. They also tend to give them a lot of time and attention. This gives you an amazing opportunity to build a relationship with them, raise awareness, gather leads, and even generate revenue.

Use a Quiz To Drive Social Traffic to Your Site

Quiz content is great for social and highly shareable. According to research conducted by BuzzSumo, roughly 82% of people who come across a quiz in their newsfeed will engage with it. They also found that the average quiz is shared almost 2000 times.

In other words, once quiz-takers see your quiz and interact with your content, they are likely to share it on their social networks, especially if you’ve given them some value or a fun experience.

To maximize shares on your quiz you can select one or more of the following social settings:

  • Add a social sharing bar to the end of your quiz.
  • Customize the sharing message for Facebook and Twitter.
  • Display Facebook comments under your quiz.

You may be wondering what all this has to do with your Squarespace site. Well, sharing a quiz on social networks is a great way to drive traffic to your site. You could do that by using one or more of these powerful features:

  • Configure an automatic redirect from the result cards to any page on your site.
  • Link to your site with a customized call to action button.
  • Add hyperlinks anywhere in your quiz linking to relevant pages on your site.

Try this quiz

Gather More & Better Leads With a Quiz

The Opinion Stage Quiz builder can serve as an effective lead magnet. All you need to do is integrate a lead form at the end of your quiz to get up to 5x more leads and email addresses than you would get with a regular lead form.

The quiz lead form (or opt-in form) is displayed right after the last question and before the results. At this point, your audience’s curiosity is at its peak. If your quiz grabbed them, they will be happy to go the extra mile for the results.

Once the leads start flowing in, you can view them on your dashboard or automatically sync them with your email marketing software or with Google sheets. You can also choose to get an email notification in real-time whenever a quiz is submitted.

Here’s another huge advantage of generating leads with a quiz: you’ll know so much more about every lead. Just think about it, every email address you get from a quiz taker will be associated with their answer choices and results. This means you can tailor the content you send them, instead of just adding them to a general email list.

Learn About Your Audience

There’s a  lot you can learn from Google Analytics and similar tools. But there are some things that you simply have to ask. Whether you’re gathering leads or not, a quiz can tell you a lot about your audiences, help you refine your targeting, and give you some new content ideas.

Once people start taking your quiz you’ll be able to learn about their opinions, interests, knowledge, wants, needs. You can use this information to improve your website content, email campaigns, and more.

Simply take a look at your quiz dashboard. It contains advanced analytics about quiz performance and user behavior as well as visual graphs and charts that offer a snapshot of all answers and results. If you want to dig deeper you can dive into the detailed reports of all quiz data organized by user. View the reports on our site or export them to a spreadsheet on Excel or Google Drive.

Make More Sales With a Product Recommendation Quiz

Use a product recommendation quiz to reduce the number of abandoned carts on your site and increase sales. A product recommendation quiz directs respondents to a specific product/service based on their answers to a series of questions.

Here are a couple of examples:

  • If you sell computer courses, you could create a trivia quiz that directs people to different courses based on their skills and knowledge. Simply ask a series of questions, and create a result card for each course level based on the number of correct answers. Then you could add a CTA button, an automatic redirect, or an affiliate link to send users to the relevant course webpage.
  • You could also use a personality quiz as a product finder. If, for example, you sell premium chocolates, you could ask a series of questions to determine your customer’s taste and direct them to chocolate you think they would like. It’s almost like getting a personal recommendation in a brick-and-mortar store.

Check out our product finder templates for more ideas.

Run an Online Competition

An online quiz competition is a quick and easy way to draw attention to your brand, make sales, collect leads, and create a buzz.

  • Start by choosing a subject that your audience will relate to.
  • Create a challenging quiz and offer a prize to whoever gets the most correct answers in the least amount of time.
  • Add a lead form so that you can get back to the contestants and announce the winner.
  • Put your quiz on Squarespace and share it. Don’t forget to set a deadline.
  • When the deadline arrives, simply go to the quiz dashboard and find the winner.

Try this trivia quiz

Tips for Creating a Squarespace Quiz

Think About Your Audience

Once you define your audience, it’s good to think of your content from their perspective. Start by figuring out what quiz topic could engage and entertain them.

Keep them in mind when you write your quiz questions, select your visuals and publish your quiz. In addition to their interests, consider their needs, their level of knowledge, and their availability.

Define the Objective

Before you start building your quiz it’s important to be clear on the why. What do you aim to achieve with this piece of content? why are you building it?

The goal can be anywhere between engaging your audience, driving traffic to your site, gathering leads, or getting your users to complete a purchase on your site. Your goal will influence the type, content, and shape of your quiz.

Select a Format

There are many different types of quizzes you can create. You can create a trivia/knowledge quiz, an outcome/personality quiz, or a form.

Trivia quizzes usually focus on facts. Answers can be right or wrong and the results reflect one’s knowledge level based on the number of correct and incorrect answers.

Personality quizzes have more to do with personal preferences. There are no right or wrong answers. Each participant selects the answers that are right for them in order to discover what their selections say about them at the end of the quiz.

So if you want to assess knowledge, offer new knowledge, or create a challenging competitive vibe – go for a trivia quiz. If you want to teach your audience something new about themselves and direct them to a solution that suits them –  make a personality quiz.

If you’re looking to improve your products, services, or marketing efforts, collecting feedback with a form is a great way to start. Use our Squarespace form builder to create a simple form that allows you to gather valuable insights from your customers. Their feedback will help you make informed decisions and meet their needs, whether you’re improving existing offerings or creating something new.

Ready to get started?

Make a Squarespace Quiz

Make it Quick, Simple & Exciting

People are busy, easily distracted, and constantly served with tons of stimulating content that’s competing with yours. So, in order to engage your audience, you need to grab their attention and get them curious.

  • Use a quiz title that’s short, clear, and specific, and add an eye-catching cover image.
  • Ask 5-10 questions and make sure they’re all easy to comprehend and answer.
  • Be friendly and casual to keep the experience light and fun.

Brand Your Squarespace Quiz

Participating in a quiz requires a certain level of trust. Build that trust by aligning your quiz design with the look & feel of your brand. It’s also an excellent way to boost your online presence and establish your brand identity.

Our quiz builder makes it easy to customize the design of your quiz so that it perfectly matches your site and brand. You can select one of many color themes, fonts, sizes, and layouts. Or you can use the CSS override feature to customize every UI aspect of the quiz.

Make Your Quiz Visual

Long-form articles, as well as social posts, get at least 200% more shares and engagements when they include visuals. The same goes for quizzes.

Add images and videos to your quiz to get more clicks, completions, and shares. It’s super easy and extremely effective.

  • Use a cover image or video to get initial attention.
  • Add an image or video to each question.
  • Select an image for each answer option.
  • Put images in your result cards to end on a positive note.

In addition to increasing engagement, visuals can also make your quiz easier to understand by providing clarity and context.

Optimize the Quiz

A quiz is a dynamic piece of content. You can always revamp and refine it with just a few clicks. Once you start getting submissions you can base your changes on user behavior in order to optimize the quiz experience for your audience.

Simply go to the results dashboard and take a look at the performance reports. By analyzing views, engagement, completion, and drop-offs you can easily discover weaker points and change them, even after your quiz is live.

Discover how well your quiz title and cover work and change them accordingly. Re-organize/change the quiz questions to streamline the quiz experience.

Try this quiz

Types of Quizzes

As a marketer, publisher, or content creator, you can use various types of quizzes depending on your goals and needs. You could use a personality quiz to generate engagement around a topic. Or you could run a quiz contest to entertain and reward your users.

There are unlimited use cases and scenarios for each type of quiz. All you need to do is pick the one that fits your needs. Here are the two main types to get you started.

Personality Quiz

Personality quizzes teach quiz takers about themselves based on their answers to different questions. You can use them in many different ways. Here are some examples:

  • Run a personality quiz about a trending topic to generate engagement and social shares. For example, “Which superhero are you?” or “Which Hogwarts house would you belong to?”
  • Create a service/product finder to lead people to the solutions they need. For example, “Which laptop should I buy?” or “What should I get my mom for Christmas?”
  • Generate leads by combining a lead form in an engaging personality quiz. For example, you could have a quiz that helps people decide what series they should watch next but ask for their email before showing them the results.

Check out our personality quiz templates for more ideas, read about our personality quiz maker, or try for yourself.

Trivia Quiz

Trivia quizzes challenge people to test their knowledge about a topic and often teach them something they didn’t know.

They’re great for boosting time-on-site and traffic because they are challenging and entertaining. Here are some examples:

  • Raise brand awareness by creating a trivia quiz about your company or products. For example, “Are you a Squarespace wiz?” or “Are you a Tiktik pro?”
  • Use a trivia quiz to establish your authority as an expert in your field. For example, “Are you a coffee expert?” or “How much do you know about psychology?”
  • Make a quiz competition to create a buzz and boost sales. For example, “Participate in the ultimate cooking quiz for a chance to win a new and sparkling multi-cooker.”

Check out our trivia quiz templates for more ideas, read about our trivia quiz maker, or try for yourself.


Where can I find a free quiz maker for Squarespace?

A free quiz maker that you can use for your Squarespace website is Opinion Stage. With this quiz maker, you can create any type of free Squarespace quiz, such as a personality quiz, product recommendation quiz, and trivia quiz. There’s also no limit to how many quizzes you can create and no limit to how long you can use the service. 

Can I customize my Squarespace quiz?

If you want to customize your Squarespace quiz, you need to use a quiz tool that allows customization. Opinion Stage’s quiz maker allows you to customize your Squarespace quiz any way you like. Choose from different color themes and fonts, and don’t forget to make your quiz more engaging by adding images, videos, and GIFs. Opinion Stage also allows you to upload your own custom CSS and you can use their white label feature to make your quiz match perfectly to your brand. 

How can I see the results of my Squarespace quiz?

To see the results of your Squarespace quiz depends on your quiz tool. For example, if you created your Squarespace quiz with Opinion Stage, you can easily keep track of your quiz’s results by checking out the automated reports.

The visual reports are updated automatically and you can use them to perfect your content and engage with your audience. If you want a deeper analysis of your results, you can export them to CSV/XLS files. 

What kind of integrations can I connect to my Squarespace quiz? 

The integrations you can connect to your Squarespace quiz depend on the quiz tool you’re using. If you choose to use Opinion Stage, you can seamlessly connect it to your CRM, email, or marketing automation system. This is an easy way to collect answers, submissions, email addresses, and user details in real-time. 

You can also connect integrations such as Mailchimp, Hubspot, custom webhooks, API, Zapier, and more. To boost your remarketing and conversion efforts, you can set up Facebook and Google pixels. 

Where can I share my Squarespace quiz?

You can share your Squarespace quiz by posting the link on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok

If you want to share it via email, simply copy and paste the quiz link in the email body or create an engaging clickable image. You can also share your Squarespace quiz on any messaging app, like Whatsapp

What is a Squarespace quiz plugin?

A Squarespace quiz plugin is an external tool that integrates with your Squarespace website, allowing you to create quizzes and interactive content. To make the quiz-making process easier and to enhance engagement, you can use a user-friendly quiz maker like Opinion Stage. Since Opinion Stage requires no code, you can make a quiz for your site in only a few minutes. 

To learn more about how you can add a quiz to your Squarespace site, check out our guide where we explain everything step by step.

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