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Content Marketing

Dramatically increase engagement and conversions with interactive quizzes and surveys.

Quizzes, polls, surveys, and forms are great for creating high-impact content. They’re engaging, easily personalized, and get your audience actively involved.

As a result, they spend more time on your content, remember it, and share it with others. Learn more…

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lead generation solution

Lead Generation

Get up to 500% more leads by integrating a contact form in your quiz, survey, or poll.

Why do lead quizzes work so well? Because by the time you ask your users for their contact info they’re invested in the process and interested in the outcome.

The leads you receive will also be highly qualified since the contact information will be associated with the answers. Learn more…

Audience Insights

Triple your response rates without jeopardizing quality or accuracy.

Visual and responsive questionnaires served to the right audience in the right context will give you more responses and better answers.

Use interactive quizzes and surveys to get authentic insights while users enjoy your engaging content. Learn more…

audience insights solution

Boost Sales with a Product Finder

 At least 70% of buyers abandon their cart when they don’t know what to choose. Help them with a product finder.

It’s easy, fast, and super effective. Simply ask your customers a few questions and send them to the product they need.

Use our personality quiz maker to make your own product finder or select one of our product finder templates and customize it as you please. Learn more…

Ad Revenue

Increase ad revenue by up to 300%. Ads that are integrated into polls and quizzes get more views and clicks.

Improve your ad revenue while delighting your users with engaging personalized content.

Integrate programmatic ads or custom banners. Learn more…


Online Voting

Encourage your audience to share their opinion by creating an engaging online vote.

Our online voting tool is full of features and customization options. Make a small private vote or a large-scale public vote, configure for engagement or precision.

Whatever the settings, our voting tool promises top performance and easy voting from any device. Learn more…

Online Tests & Assessments

Create effective and reliable online tests that perform well from any device.

Let your students test their own skills and knowledge as part of their learning process.

Use our many customization options to automate your assessment process. Analyze results with an advanced analytics dashboard. Learn more…


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Opinion Stage is the best quiz software I’ve used. It’s feature rich, easy to use and creates attractive content.

John Dykstra

Fat Stacks Entrepreneur


I enjoy the features, functionality and great customer support, as well as the helpful tutorials. I love that it is an interactive tool and can really make customers a part of the experience.

Iris Morales

Founder IM Innovations Inc.


This tool does a great job at grabbing attention, keeping visitors engaged and capturing leads! I highly recommend 🙂

Mickey Bates

All Things Food & Wine

You can easily do it yourself, no need for a developer!

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