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Boost engagement and sales. Get more and better leads. Collect valuable feedback quickly and easily. Read on to see how our platform can work for you.

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Add Power to Your Content Strategy

Dramatically increase engagement and conversions with interactive quizzes and surveys.

If you build a good quiz, up to 80% of people who see it will engage with it. Once they start your quiz, up to 90% of people are likely to complete it.

Quizzes, polls, surveys, and forms make your audience curious and get them involved. As a result, they spend more time on your content, remember it, and share it with others.

Get More & Better Leads

Get up to 500% more leads by integrating a contact form in your quiz, survey, or poll.

Why do lead generation quizzes work so well? Because by the time you ask your users for their contact info, they’re invested in the process and interested in the outcome.

The leads you receive will also be highly qualified since the contact information will be associated with their answers.

Gather Feedback Quickly & Easily

Get instant feedback from your users with an online survey or poll.

Online surveys help you understand your users. Find out where they heard about you, why they downgraded, what they need, and how you can improve.

Visual feedback surveys make it even easier to engage your audience, increase response rates, and get better answers.

Easy for you to create. Quick for your audience to answer.

Conduct Efficient Research in Minutes

Get more responses without jeopardizing quality or accuracy.

Use interactive quizzes and surveys to get valuable insights while users enjoy your engaging content.

  • Visual and responsive questionnaires, surveys, and forms.
  • Served to your audience on any platform, network, or device.
  • More responses and better answers.

Boost Online Sales

Almost 70% of shoppers abandon their carts before checkout (Baymard Institute). One of the main reasons for cart abandonment is choice overload.

Help your audience choose with a product recommendation quiz. It’s easy, fast, and super effective. Ask a few questions and send them to the product they need.

Use our quiz maker to make your own product quiz from scratch or select one of our eCommerce quiz templates and customize it as you please.

Triple Your Ad Revenue

Ads that are integrated into polls and quizzes get more views, more clicks, and up to 300% more revenue.

  • Track user behavior on your quizzes and polls to optimize their performance.
  • Integrate programmatic ads or custom banners.

Improve your ad revenue while delighting your users with engaging personalized content.

Streamline Internal Communications

Get the answers you need from your team with friendly online surveys and forms. No hassle, no pressure.

Visual and interactive forms reduce formophobia and procrastination. They’re easy to complete quickly with no delays.

Send your form over email or any messaging app, and share it on your website or office communication platform.

Make Learning Fun & Exciting

Create fun, challenging, and reliable online tests that perform well on any device.

  • Quick and simple to create and share.
  • Automatic scores and reports that are easy to track, analyze, and export.
  • Smooth and secure access for you and your students.
  • Easy to prevent cheating by randomizing answer options and creating multiple versions.

Use our many customization options to support independent learning and automate your assessment process.

Spice Up Corporate Training

Experiential learning leads to a better understanding of new concepts.

Offer an effective and challenging learning experience with an interactive quiz. Quick and easy to create with our quiz maker tools.

  • Use rich content like images, videos, and infographics.
  • Offer immediate feedback by indicating correct/incorrect answers.
  • Add answer explanations and external links to encourage further learning.
  • Set a timer to show trainees how they would do under pressure.
  • Let them take the test once if you want to assess knowledge or multiple times for practice.

Get Great Reviews From Your Customers

Positive reviews are a key factor in brand awareness and product reliability.

Create an interactive review funnel that encourages your happy customers to review your product/service on leading review sites.

  • Get more and better reviews
  • Keep track of customer satisfaction
  • Strengthen customer relations

Guide Customers on the Path to Purchase

Streamline your sales process with our powerful sales funnel builder.

Attract potential customers with engaging quizzes, collect their contact information, and guide them towards making a purchase with a customized sales journey.

With our sales funnel builder, you can:

  • Boost online sales
  • Collect valuable leads
  • Give customers value & build trust
  • Improve the shopping experience

Loved By Our Customers

Hundreds of customers gave us 5-star reviews

I used Opinion Stage for my thesis. None of the participants had any problems using the surveys. The surveys are optimised also for tablets and phones, so everything could be filled out on the go. It is easy to make a survey and if 0.0001% you have a problem or a question you can ask the customer support - they answer in 1-2 minutes.
Monica Fedulova
Country Manager at Anonygo, Inc.
Our go-to service for Bullion Dealer of the Year Vote. Ease of use and excellent capabilities. Handles huge traffic volume and I love that we can hide the vote results until the end of voting. We can also track votes and customize the voting forms so it looks like an integral part of our website.
Mac Saxe
Senior Editor at Bullion Directory
An easy to set up, easy to use, and efficient quiz framework. Very efficient integration with WordPress. It gave me the ability to publish a personality quiz in minutes. Great way to activate and use sharing capabilities to reach new people.
Pascal Senicourt
Marketing Manager at Orange

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