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Why Marketers Love Opinion Stage

How marketers turn their content into experiences that drive business results.

Content that Stands Out

Interactive content is the kind of content that stands out. Your users will love it as it is appealing, personalized and offers them immediate value. Your users won't stay indifferent to your content.

quiz that stands out

Top Engagement

Interactive content is known to be the most engaging type of content on the internet today. For example, well crafted quizzes can easily get 80%+ participation rates, and 90%+ completion rates. Interactive content is also shared much more than static content, bringing new traffic to your content & site.

Example of an engaging quiz question

More & Better Leads

Get more leads by integrating a lead form inside interactive experiences (e.g. quiz, poll). Users invested in your content have a much higher chance of sharing their contact information with you. In addition, their contact info will be associated with their answers, making the leads highly qualified.

example of a qualified lead

Drive Sales

Create a sales quiz that let's your customers find the product/service that fits them best, based on their requirements and preferences. Offer your users a personalized buying experience that results with more sales & revenue.

product selector example

Audience Insights

Get quick feedback using polls, more responses using interactive surveys and unbiased insights using quizzes. Use our advanced and intuitive reporting dashboard to easily extract all the information you need.

audience insights dashboard

Easy & Fast to Create

Your time is valuable. Opinion Stage is designed to make it easy and fast to create interactive items. Use our intuitive content creation forms to create content from scratch or select from hundreds of optimized templates to get up-and-going in minutes.

easy and fast to create content

Customize Everything

We know how important it is that your content matches the style and tone of your brand. Customize everything from colors to fonts to sizes. Use the CSS override feature to fully match the content look & feel to your brand. White label the content and add your own logo to make it look as if the tools were built by you.

customize the items

Integrate with Your Marketing Stack

Opinion Stage fully integrates with your marketing and email automation services. We offer native integrations, a Webhooks integration, Zapier integrations, an API and custom solutions.

integrate with your marketing stack

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