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Hundreds of templates for every use-case or scenario.

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Why Make a Personality Quiz?

Our customers use our personality test maker in many different ways, following are the top use cases.

Boost Engagement & Brand Awareness

Make your brand stand out by using personality quizzes that are fun and exciting.

A personality quiz can achieve up to 80% participation rates and 90% completion rates.

Use our online personality quiz makers to create compelling content that audiences won’t easily forget.

Generate More Traffic via Social Sharing

Capture your prospects’ attention with a quiz, drive them to your website, and engage them there longer.

Our quizzes are optimized for social sharing. Get even more shares by adding images, and optimizing questions.

Create a Whatsapp quizLinkedIn quizFacebook Quiz, and more to take the power of social media to the next level.

Acquire High-Quality Segmented Leads

Add a lead form to your personality quiz and get up to 500% more leads than you would with a static lead form.

  • Classify your leads according to their quiz results and answers.
  • Use the data to personalize product recommendations and shopping experiences.
  • Integrate with your marketing automation system to tailor welcome emails and follow-ups for every personality type.

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Gain Advanced Insights Into Your Audience

Get to know your audience through their answers to personality quiz questions.

Our built-in analytics dashboard offers a visual overview of responses, answer segmentations, result analysis, performance reports, and drop-off reports.

Store and view the data on our site or easily export it to an Excel or CSV file.

Increase Sales With a Product Selector

Use a personality quiz to make more sales quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. Help online shoppers find what they want and need.

Shoppers like variety, but the selection process often creates anxiety and results in abandoned carts. A product finder quiz guides them to the products that suit them in a fun and frictionless way.

Generate Ad Revenue With Engaging Personality Quizzes

Triple your ad revenue by integrating ads in fun personality tests and quizzes.

The engaging nature of interactive content drives more attention to your quiz and ads. More attention means more clicks and higher revenue.

Integrate programmatic ads or custom banners at the top and/or bottom of your quiz. Refresh ads on every card transition.

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How to Make a Personality Quiz?

Making a quiz is easy with our personality quiz maker. You can create a quiz from scratch or use our handy AI quiz generator to save time. Keep reading to find out how you can get your personality quiz up and running in no time.

Choose a Topic, Goal & Audience

Before you start building a quiz, take a moment to define your “why”.

  • What is your goal?
  • Who do you want to reach? (target audience)
  • What type of experience or information do you want to offer them?
  • What are you looking to receive in return?

The answers to these questions will guide you through the whole quiz creation process and help you choose the right questions, tone, images, and structure.

Take a Shortcut With Our AI Quiz Generator

If you want to get a head start on your quiz, you can use the help of our AI quiz generator. With just a few clicks, you’ll have an engaging quiz that’s optimized for conversion. 

Simply choose the type of quiz you want to create, add in the topic, the number of questions, difficulty, and choose the tone of voice. The AI will then create a quiz for you from scratch. Easy, right? 

Define Quiz Results

When building a personality quiz it’s best to start from the end – the result cards. This is where your quiz takers learn something about themselves based on their answers.

Define 3-5 results. Give each of them a catchy name, a short yet informative description, and an attractive visual. This is also a great place to link to your site and configure a call to action (see step 6).

Create Questions & Answer-Options

Most successful personality quizzes have around 5-10 questions. Less than 5 could seem superficial, and more than 10 could be tedious.

  • Ask only the necessary questions and do so clearly and simply.
  • Start with the easy questions and build up to the challenging ones.
  • Add an image/video or multiple images to each question. Picture quizzes get more engagement.
  • Make sure there’s an answer option for everyone and that the difference between the possible answers is clear so that no one gets confused or feels left out.

Out of ideas? Check out our top personality questions that you can use for just about every scenario.

Associate Answers with Results

Correct answer association is crucial for the success of your personality quiz. It’s what makes your respondents feel that you really get them. That’s why we made it super easy to configure.

All you need to do is select the result that every answer option relates to and define the level of association on a scale of 0-4. Our algorithms will do the rest and send your users to the result that’s most relevant to them.

Answer association is often intuitive. So, if you’re not sure, go with your gut. Once you’re done, try your quiz a few times as different personality types to see if your answer associations make sense. Or give it to some colleagues for feedback.

Configure Skip Logic

As you develop your quiz you may find that not all questions are relevant to all users. Depending on their answer to a certain question, you may want to skip straight to the end or follow up with another question that digs a little deeper.

This is where skip logic comes into the picture. Skip logic is a simple and powerful tool that lets you give your users a streamlined and personalized experience. It allows you to devise different question paths within your quiz based on the answers participants choose.

All you need to do is go to the skip logic section, click on “configure skip logic” and decide which question or result each answer option should lead to.

Select the Right Settings

Now that your quiz is ready, questions, images, skip logic, and all, it’s time to give it the final touch that will take it to the next level.

  • Look & feel: choose a color theme, font, and letter size that go with your brand or topic. You can also add your logo if you like. Use the CSS override option if you’d like to make bigger changes to the design.
  • Conversion optimization: take some time to think about the calls to action in your quiz. Every word is important. Customize the copy of your buttons, error messages, and instructions to make them clear, friendly, and encouraging.
  • Traffic & Engagement: add social sharing buttons, configure Facebook and Twitter share messages, or redirect users to a URL of your choice.

Add a Lead Form

If one of your goals is to gather emails or other contact details, add a lead form towards the end of your quiz. Lead quizzes are very effective for two main reasons:

  • Quiz takers are fully invested in the process by the time they reach the lead form, and so they’re more likely to share their details.
  • The quality of the leads is very high and you know quite a bit about them because every email is associated with several answers and a result.

Once leads start flowing in you can view them on the results screen or export them to an xls/csv file. You can also integrate your quiz with your marketing stack to automatically send them to your marketing automation or email service.

Publish & Embed

Now that your quiz is ready, all you need to do is put it out there. This would be a good time to return to your goals and target audience. You could share your quiz anywhere, it all depends on who you want to reach and what you wish to achieve.

  • Embed your quiz on your website using HTML code, iframe, or placement. If you use WordPress you can work directly from our WordPress quiz plugin.
  • Run your quiz from an optimized page on our site and share a link on any social platform, messaging app, or email list.

Share on Social Media

No matter how great your quiz is, in order to succeed it needs to get the right exposure. Use your social channels to share it with your audience. For example, you could make a Facebook quiz, a Twitter quiz, or a LinkedIn quiz.

By adding share buttons and customized share messages to the quiz itself you can increase the chances of your quiz going viral.

If your respondents had fun on your quiz and liked the results, they’ll be happy to share it with others.

Review & Optimize Content

Once your quiz is out there results will start flowing in. Keep an eye on the results dashboard to understand what’s working and what you can improve on the go.

The dashboard will give you important insights on views and engagement, as well as a drop-off report, completion rate, and time-on quiz.

You’ll also be able to see response trends as they form. If you want to make sure you’re seeing every response in real-time, configure email notifications and we’ll let you know whenever someone submits a completed quiz.

Why Our Personality Quiz Maker Stands Out

Our quiz builder lets you make beautiful, fun, and engaging personality quizzes in a couple of minutes. Plus, you can share them anywhere with just a few clicks, no coding skills required.

Get Tons of Responses

Our personality quiz builder makes it easy to create interactive quizzes that people are excited to answer and share.

  • Use different question types
  • Add compelling images and videos to every question and/or answer option.
  • Personalize your quiz to make it extra fun and memorable for everyone.
  • Offer a frictionless quiz experience – our quizzes load fast on all platforms and devices.

Drive Traffic From Social

Use online quizzes to drive traffic to your website from social media.

  • Add social sharing buttons to get more shares on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.
  • Configure custom messages for Facebook and Twitter shares.
  • Redirect quiz takers to your site automatically or with a CTA button.
  • Use our advanced analytics to optimize your quiz and choose the best platforms to share on.

Make a Quiz in Under a Minute With Our AI Quiz Generator

Use our AI quiz generator to create quizzes faster than you can say ‘quiz’. All you need to do is pick a topic, the number of questions, the level of difficulty, and the tone of voice. Our AI quiz maker will do the rest. It’s that easy.

You can also use our other quiz maker tools to make a quiz from scratch or use one of our optimized quiz templates. Whichever tool you choose, it’s always fast, easy, and intuitive. No learning curve and no coding skills are required.

When you’re done, you can embed it anywhere on your site, or share a link on any platform in only a few simple steps.

Enjoy Hundreds of Ready-to-Use Templates

Visit our personality quiz template library and choose from hundreds of quiz templates that are optimized for conversion.

You can use our templates just as they are, or change anything to make them your own.

Experiment with different color themes, adjust the settings, change images, layouts, and questions.

Customize all Features of Your Quiz

Add a personal touch to your quiz so that it strengthens your brand identity and suits your audience.

  • Add your logo and white label your quiz.
  • Choose fonts, letter sizes, layouts, and color themes that work for you. Or use CSS override to change any aspect of the design.
  • Configure the settings you want, CTA buttons, social sharing options, a navigation bar, and more.

Make Quizzes That Are Responsive & Mobile-Ready

Whether you build from scratch or use a template your quizzes will look great and perform seamlessly on any device and screen size.

Anything you create with our quiz tools will be fully responsive, mobile-optimized, and load fast even on slow network connections.

We monitor quiz performance issues in real-time in order to give you the best service.

Embed Quizzes on Your Website

Embed your quiz anywhere on your website. We support JavaScript, native WordPress, iframe, placement, and custom embed configurations.

Add a quiz to any WordPress site with our friendly quiz plugin. Make a Wix quiz, a Shopify quiz, a Squarespace quiz, and more.

If you don’t have a website, you can run your quiz from an optimized page on our site and share a link.

Keep User Data Secure & Private

Top brands and organizations trust us with their quizzes, and we take that seriously.

  • All quizzes and responses are sent to Amazon AWS servers, where they are kept safe.
  • Data transit is conducted over HTTPS.
  • We run regular privacy and security assessments.
  • We are GDPR compliant and adhere to strict industry-standard security and privacy guidelines.

For more details, review our privacy policy.

Generate 5X More Leads

Add a lead form to your quiz and get up to 500% more leads than you would with a regular form.

  • The lead form will appear after the questions and before the results when your quiz takers are most engaged.
  • Every lead will be associated with the relevant quiz answers and results, making it easy for you to get to know your audience.
  • Use lead segmentation to personalize your marketing strategy, refine your sales funnel, and improve customer relations.

Get Advanced Analytics Reports

Automatically receive accessible reports on quiz responses, results, and performance.

  • Performance report: a live snapshot of your quiz, including the number of views, clicks, completions, and time-on-quiz.
  • Answer report: a visual breakdown of all answers to each question in pie chart and bar chart.
  • Responses report: a detailed table chart of all quiz responses organized by submission time.
  • Drop-off report: see how many people you lost on every question to optimize your quiz for maximum engagement and submissions.
  • Result report: get a quick and clear visual representation of the quiz results your audience received.

Personalize the Quiz With Skip Logic

Use the skip logic feature to give every quiz taker a unique and personalized experience based on the answers they provide.

  • Prevent respondents from seeing questions that don’t apply to them.
  • Ask follow-up questions based on previous answers.
  • Super easy to configure and great for engagement and retention.

Integrate With Marketing Automation

Connect your personality quiz to your marketing management system to send and receive quiz data more conveniently.

Use native API or Zapier integrations, as well as custom webhook solutions, for optimal results.

Get Email Notifications on Submissions

Find out how your quiz is performing in real-time. Receive email notifications and alerts every time someone completes your personality quiz.

Each notification includes lead information, responses, results, and metadata such as a time stamp.

Hundreds of Integrations

Send your email leads to Mailchimp, sync responses with Google Sheets. Get it all done automatically.

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