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Build responsive, mobile-ready personality quizzes from scratch or from a template using Opinion Stage’s free personality test maker. Get a professional beautiful quiz up and running in minutes.

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How Customers Use Our Personality Quiz Maker

Customers use our personality test maker in many different ways, following are the top use cases

Boost engagement and brand awareness

Make your brand stand out from the competition by using personality quizzes that’s fun and exciting to consume. Quizzes, when done right, can attract the attention of consumers and boost engagement. They can increase the average time that users spend on your website and your brand. Our online free personality quiz maker can help you achieve up to 80% participation rates and 90% completion rates. Using our solutions, you can create compelling content that audiences won’t easily forget.

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Generate more traffic via social sharing

Increase traffic to your website using the Opinion Stage personality quiz maker. Due to the engaging nature of quizzes, you can easily capture the attention of prospects, drive them to your website, and keep them there longer. Share your quizzes directly on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media networks. Improve social sharing by configuring the quiz’s shared images and written content.

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Acquire high-quality segmented leads

Classify high-quality leads into various categories based on your personality quiz outcomes. Using our quiz maker, you can tailor product recommendations and consumers’ shopping experiences to suit their interests. Integrate our quiz maker with your marketing automation system to create personalized welcome emails and follow-ups for every personality outcome. With Opinion Stage, you can gain up to 500% more leads compared to static forms.

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Gain advanced insights on your audience

Get to know your audience more using an Opinion Stage personality quiz. Our analytics dashboard comes with an overview of quiz responses. However, if you want a comprehensive view of all the responses and metadata, you can export the information you need to an excel or CSV file. Specify the date range, then enter the email address where you would like the data to be sent.

advanced reportings

Increase sales with a Product Selector

A personality quiz is a quick, easy and cost-effective solution that can drive high conversion rates and sales. Use our quiz maker to help online shoppers find and purchase products or services that are right for them. Further improve the shopping experience for consumers by delivering marketing messages, products, and services that fit their needs and interests. You may display your items within the quiz itself or redirect respondents to a product page, where they can make a purchase.

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Generate ad revenue with engaging quizzes

Opinion Stage can drive ad revenue by helping you create content that your audience enjoys. We can combine personality quizzes with ads to generate revenue and produce high levels of engagement. The interactive nature of quizzes drives a lot of attention to your ads. As a result, you can achieve higher clickthrough rates than any other form of content. Opinion Stage lets you integrate ads to the interface of your content and drive up to three times more ad revenue than any content.

generate revenue with engaging quizzes

Why Our Personality Quiz Maker Stands Out

Opinion Stage gives you the tools to make personality quizzes, share them online, and review the results.

Generate high quiz response rates

Our personality test maker lets you create fun quizzes that respondents will feel excited to answer and share online. Add compelling visual media such as images and videos to your personality quizzes to keep participants engaged throughout the quiz. Make the experience quick and entertaining to generate high response rates. Our quizzes are optimized for all online platforms, and they load fast.

generate high quiz response rates

Drive viral traffic from social networks with fun quizzes

Drive traffic to your website from social media. Each quiz comes with easy-to-use social sharing buttons so respondents can post their results directly on various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Use our advanced analytics to determine the most effective networks for reaching the people you want to hear from. Creating fun personality quizzes is a sure way to increase your site traffic.

social quiz settings and features

Build quizzes from scratch in minutes

Use the Opinion Stage personality quiz maker to build a personality quiz from scratch in a matter of minutes. Easily customize the font styles, sizes, and colors to make the quiz feel more in line with your brand, then add personal touches such as your logo to further promote it. Select a ready-to-use template to get your quiz up and running in no time.

building quizzes easily from scratch

Use professionally designed templates

Don’t know how to make a personality quiz? That’s all right. Our amazing team of designers has made a wide array of responsive, mobile-ready templates so you can create a quiz even with no coding skills. Simply choose a template with pre-written questions. You may use it as is or customize its content to match your brand identity. Our online quiz maker lets you build engaging and fully functional quizzes in less time.

professionally designed templates for online personality quizzes

Customize every aspect of your quiz

Whether you use a personality quiz template or start from scratch, you can customize each quiz with your own personal touches. Modify the look and feel of your quiz with your branding and color schemes. You can even add your brand logo to give respondents personality quizzes that stay in line with your brand.

personality quiz maker customization

Fully responsive and mobile-ready

Make your quizzes look good and perform well across all devices and screen sizes. Every personality quiz template in our selection is responsive and mobile-optimized. They are designed to load fast on any mobile phone, even with slow network speeds. We monitor quiz performance issues in real time so we can deliver nothing but the best service to our partners.

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Embed quizzes on your website

Hit the Embed & Share button to distribute your personality quiz to relevant online channels and from any content management system (CMS). The quiz can be embedded on any HTML web page as it supports JavaScript, native WordPress, iframe, placement, and more. Our quiz maker also supports custom embed configurations if you have other things in mind. For those without a website, you may run your quiz from an optimized page on our Opinion Stage website.

Embed the online quiz anywhere

Keep user data secure and private

Maintain data security with a trustworthy personality test maker like Opinion Stage. Top brands and organizations trust us with their quizzes. All quizzes and submissions are sent to Amazon AWS servers, where they are kept safe. The data transit is conducted over HTTPS. In everything that we do, we adhere to strict industry-standard security and privacy guidelines. At Opinion Stage, we always conduct regular assessments to keep user data secure and private. For more details, review the details of your privacy policy.

Online personality quiz maker security and privacy

Segment your audience with a quiz

Improve your relationship with customers and your marketing efforts with audience segmentation. Ask qualifying questions to separate high-quality leads from other prospects. You may also categorize your respondents based on the outcomes of their quiz. From there, you can follow up on your high-value leads with other marketing efforts.

segmenting your audience with personality quiz maker

Advanced quiz reporting and analytics

Gain comprehensive reports on all your quizzes. Find out how engaging your personality quizzes are by reviewing the average amount of time respondents spend answering the quiz, as well as the number of views, starts, and completions each quiz receives. Based on the data, you can determine if there is a need to modify your quiz.

advanced quiz reporting

Apply advanced skip logic on your quiz

Give every quiz respondent a unique and personalized experience based on the responses they provide. Using skip logic, you can prevent respondents from seeing questions that don’t apply to them. You can ask them supplementary questions or end the survey early. Our personality quiz maker tailors every question to your respondents, saving them a whole lot of time and effort. It can also personalize product recommendations. Using our quiz maker, you can lead prospects to products that they will like.

skip logic in online personality test maker

Integrate with marketing automation

Connect your personality quiz to a marketing, email, or customer relationship management (CRM) system so you can send and receive quiz data more conveniently. Bringing different platforms together will give you real-time visibility of quiz submissions. Review the data as soon as customers send them in. Use native API or Zapier integrations, as well as custom webhook solutions, for optimal results.

integrate online personality quiz maker with marketing automation

Get notifications and alerts on submissions

Receive email notifications and alerts every time a respondent completes a personality quiz. In each notification, you will receive the full details of a submission. That means your reports contain lead information, responses, results, and metadata such as a quiz’s time stamp. With this information, you can find out how your quiz is performing in real time and apply changes whenever necessary.

online personality quiz maker email notifications in real time

How to Create a Personality Quiz Maker

Learn how to make a personality quiz with Opinion Stage. Here’s what you need to do to build one.

1. Identify possible quiz outcomes

Before anything else, you ought to determine all the personality outcomes that users can get after completing the quiz. Write outcomes that respondents will want to share on social media. Make sure each one is distinct. Ideally, you should have around six to nine outcomes. Add a title, description, image, and call to action to every single outcome.

2. Create all your quiz questions

Write quiz questions based on the outcomes that you’ve identified. Use simple, straightforward language so your questions aren’t too tedious to answer. No matter who your target audience is, it’s important that the quiz is easy to read. Make sure that all outcomes are possible to achieve. Just remember that the more outcomes you list, the more complicated the quiz design gets.

3. Configure the settings of the quiz

Customize the quiz settings to your heart’s content. From lead generation and skip logic to social network integrations, you can fully configure the settings of your personality quiz to fit your needs. You can also modify the look and feel of your quiz to fit your brand. Once you’re satisfied with the settings, you can hit the “Embed & Share” button.

4. Embed and share the quiz online

Share your personality quiz anywhere online. Embed the quiz on your website to improve the brand experience and increase the average time users spend on your site. Distribute the quiz on various social media networks to drive traffic to your website. Finally, don’t forget to send your personality quiz to your email list. If you don’t have a website, you may embed it on an optimized web page on the Opinion Stage site.

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Great all around package, we've been using it for about a year. After checking all the alternatives there's no better option. The UI design is sleek and it adapts well to embed in our website. The features are everything we need. Customer support is great, quick to reply and super helpful.

Alex F.


This excellent software allows you to make anything from bespoke polls to quizzes, in seconds amending them just as quickly. The results look excellent on and add enormous value to your site

Jim O.


Opinion Stage is easy to use and is a great alternative to BuzzFeed for businesses looking for a way to engage their customers. There are plenty of options for personalization and implementation

Haromny W.


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