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Why Choose Opinion Stage for Your Research?

Research made easy with engaging surveys that your audience will love. Get the information you need by asking for it in a fun and friendly way. 2.5B+ questions answered and counting.

Collect More Data

Get more eyes on your survey, more engagement, and 3X more answers with our visual conversational survey maker.

  • Fun and engaging: Bright and inviting images can turn even a dull survey into an entertaining experience for your audience.
  • Easy and accessible: Asking one question per screen in clear and friendly language lowers anxiety and increases submissions.
  • Audience-focused: Personalized surveys make people feel seen and motivate them to participate.

Get Better Answers

Get accurate, relevant, and honest answers that will help you reach game-changing insights.

  • Combine closed and open-ended questions to get the quantitative and qualitative information you need.
  • Make your survey feel more personal. Use skip logic and answer piping to refer to respondents by name and create unique question paths based on previous answers.
  • Align your survey with your brand by choosing color themes, fonts, and images that match your design.
  • Let people answer your survey anytime, anywhere, and on any device quickly and easily. No glitches.
  • Continue optimizing your survey even after it goes live based on the responses you receive.

Develop Relationships

Build strong relationships with your audience while collecting data and reaching insights.

Every visual conversational survey contains the 3 pillars of a good relationship:

  • Trust: no covert data collection. It’s just you, asking direct questions. Fully transparent consensual research.
  • Interest: a well-built survey shows your audience that you care; that you want to get to know them better.
  • Commitment: you made an effort to ask. They made an effort to answer. There’s a connection between you now. Show your commitment by sharing insights or keeping in touch.

Make Your Brand Shine

When your survey looks great, you get more than answers to your questions. You get an opportunity to strengthen brand awareness.

People remember good experiences. That’s exactly what you’re giving them with a survey that matches your brand beautifully and shows interest in their feelings, and opinions.

Pay Less, Achieve More

No need to invest in expensive studies to get the data you want.

  • It takes minutes to make great-looking surveys that function smoothly. No learning curve, no coding, no glitches.
  • Save time and money on data analysis with the Opinion Stage dashboard. Full of visual charts and modular segmentations that are easy to track, analyze, and export.
  • Embed your survey on your site, share it on social, or send it in an email or message. It’s as simple as copying and pasting.
  • Reach your audience easily and quickly anytime and anywhere with a survey that automatically adapts to any device and web connection.
  • Get all the support you need from our help center, live chat, or one-on-one calls.

Quick & Easy to Create

Our survey builder makes surveying quick, easy, and fun for you and your audience.

  • Hundreds of fully functional pre-designed templates for you to use, edit, and share.
  • An intuitive survey maker that requires no prior knowledge or technical skill.
  • Tons of advanced no-code features that let you offer a friendly, safe, and personalized survey experience with ease.

Direct & Indirect Data Collection

The best way to get answers is to ask questions. Quizzes, surveys, and polls let you collect data from your audience with their full consent and cooperation.

  • Ask direct questions and get direct answers with visually engaging surveys and polls.
  • Discover your audience’s preferences through their answers and results on personality quizzes you create.

Customizable From A to Z

Customize your online survey with just a few simple clicks.

  • Configure skip logic and customize CTA buttons to personalize your survey and communicate better with your audience.
  • Easily add bright images, entertaining videos, and fun gifs to increase engagement.
  • Choose a color theme, fonts, question types, and answer layouts.
  • White label your survey and add your logo so that it matches your brand.
  • Use custom CSS to change anything you want – color, font, sizes, and more.

Secure & Compliant

Top organizations trust us with their data. We take this trust very seriously.

All the data you collect is stored on secure Amazon AWS servers in the cloud and encrypted in transit and in rest.

We follow strict industry security and privacy standards to ensure that it’s never compromised.

Opinion Stage is GDPR compliant and performs regular security assessments and audits to verify your data is always secure.

Advanced Analytics & Reporting

Reach powerful insights with ease using our detailed visual reports.

  • Result reports, answer reports, and performance reports that are easy to understand and share.
  • All reports are automatically created and updated.
  • Get real-time email notifications on every submission.
  • Export data to a CSV/XLS file with a click.
  • Automatically send the data to your marketing automation or data repository.

How to Do Research With Opinion Stage?

Collect valuable data from your target audience with surveys, polls, and quizzes that people enjoy answering.

Conduct In-Depth Research with a Survey

A visual conversational survey is a nonintrusive way to communicate with your audience and learn directly from them.

  • Ask your audience for information and opinions to discover interesting trends.
  • Use clear and friendly language to make them feel comfortable.
  • Combine closed and open questions to let them express themselves without wasting their time.
  • Add images and videos to make it fun, engaging, and entertaining.
  • Use personalization features like skip logic and answer piping to make them feel seen, respected, and heard.

Learn more about our survey maker.

Learn From an Engaging Personality Quiz

Make a personality quiz to learn about your audience while giving them a fun and engaging experience.

Use quizzes to differentiate between audience segments and learn about their behavior and needs.

For example, you could use an engaging personality quiz titled “How fit are you?” to learn about people’s fitness preferences and routines. Fun for them and useful for you.

Discover how Outbrain uses quizzes for impactful brand lift research.

Get Instant Answers with a Poll

Sometimes all you need is one quick question to figure out your next step.

Maybe you’re wondering what coffee blend to promote, or how your users get to work. The easiest way to find out is to ask.

A great-looking poll will get you the answers you need in no time.

Use a straw poll as the first step in multi-layer research.

Create a poll that will help you separate your audience into different segments and follow up with a different survey for every segment.

Learn more about our poll maker.

Loved By Our Customers

Hundreds of customers gave us 5-star reviews

Best survey plugin I have ever used. It is user-friendly and it makes it super easy to create almost any kind of survey. I was really surprised when I first started it. Super helpful!
Alfonso Pacheco
Senior Instructional Designer at Microsoft
With Opinion Stage's engaging & user-friendly quizzes, we can extract brand insights while remaining faithful to Outbrain's quality content standards. We're able to track brand lift that shows our customers the value of our campaigns in a cost-effective and seamless manner.
Lisa Wong
Director of Research & Insights at Outbrain
The survey interface was splendid and made people want to participate. It made our survey appear top-notch and reach numerous people in a short time.
Mitchell Mahachi
Climate Specialist at Sustainable Agriculture & Energy Faculty HSWT

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