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How to Make a Survey That Works for You?

Whether you’re doing research for your business, marketing, or school a good survey can go a long way. Follow these steps to make a survey that will get you more and better responses.

Set a Goal & Define an Audience

Before building your survey make sure your objective is crystal clear. What do you want to discover or learn more about? Who are the best people to give you the answers you need?

Defining a goal and sample group in advance will help you design a survey that’s perfect for your audience. And if it’s perfect for them it’s perfect for you because they’ll answer it.

Build a Survey From Scratch or Use a Template

Create a survey using our super-friendly survey creation form. Experiment with different question types. Use open-ended and closed-ended questions. And add visuals to illustrate what you’re asking.

Try to keep it down to 10 questions, 15 max. Otherwise, your respondents may drop off before reaching the end.

If you want to save time, you could also choose one of our pre-designed survey templates and change it to suit your goals and audience.

Add Smart Logic to Offer a Personalized Experience

Once you have a few questions down you can do two little things that’ll make a big difference:

  • Add skip logic to make sure you’re taking your respondents down a question path that’s relevant to them. Our survey maker let’s you easily define which question they’ll see next based on their answer to the previous one.
  • Use answer piping for an extra personal touch. With answer piping you can use your respondent’s answer to one question in another question. For example, if one question is “what’s your name?” the next question can contain the name they filled in.

Both features are quick and easy to apply and will give your survey a conversational feel that will keep your respondents engaged for longer.

Customize the Look & Feel of Your Survey

What and how you ask is important, but it’s not everything. The way your survey looks will also influence people’s decision to participate as well as the quality of the answers they give.

  • Align your survey design with your brand to inspire trust and familiarity.
  • Choose fonts, font sizes, and color themes that encourage focus.
  • Add visuals that will keep your respondents engaged and entertained.

Share Your Survey With Your Audience

Once your survey is ready you just need to publish it and wait for the results to roll in. An Opinion Stage survey can be shared practically anywhere. Embed it on your site, share it over social media, or send it in an email or messaging app.

Simply ask yourself where and when your sample group would want to receive your survey. It’s important to think about their convenience here because if you reach them in the right place and time they’ll be more likely to cooperate.

Go Where the Data Takes You

To keep track of responses, go to the results page on your survey dashboard. As the answers accumulate you’ll receive data charts and presentations that will help you analyze and visualize answer trends.

You’ll also get performance reports that will help you improve your survey in real-time if needed.

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In one sentence – use an online survey when you want to gather high-quality reliable data from a lot of people quickly, efficiently, and delightfully. In more detail:

Collect Useful Feedback

People are three times more likely to give you feedback via an online survey than over the phone.

According to research, more and more customers and clients are choosing written communication when it comes to asking for support and giving feedback.

With a well-built survey and the right targeting, you can reach a whopping 85% response rate, which means tons of valuable actionable feedback from people who care.

feedback survey example
online survey maker for research

Conduct Indepth Research

Whether you’re researching for school, marketing, or product development an online survey can come in handy because:

  • It’s faster, especially if you want to reach a lot of people. You can build it quickly, get thousands of responses in a few hours, and process them automatically.
  • It’s more accurate because respondents feel it’s private, which makes it easier for them to be honest.
  • It costs less – the whole process from creation to analysis requires less work, less time, and less manpower, which means less money too.
  • Analysis is easier when the data is autimatically processed and visually organized for you automatically.
  • It’s easy to combine qualitative and quntative research by strategically including both open and closed-ended questions.

Evaluate Performance Effectively & Tactfully

There comes a time when you need to evaluate yourself, your employees, your business, or an event. And when that time comes frank constructive answers are crucial.

Online surveys make it easy for people to be honest, clear, and unbiased – a must when you’re looking for a real evaluation.

Whether you wish to measure change over time or broad trends, online surveys are built to facilitate comparison. You can easily see and show growth, identify issues, and more.

Also, since evaluations can be sensitive (especially if you’re evaluating people’s performance) you can easily structure an online evaluation in a way that encourages positive and practical feedback.    

evaluation survey example
online survey insights

Uncover the Why

While analytics tools follow behavior, an onsite survey extracts insights. It’s an unobtrusive way to communicate directly with your audience and learn from them.

Use a friendly survey to ask your users how they heard of you, why they downgraded their plan, what features they need, and where they would like you to improve.  

Added value: while you’re collecting these insights you’re also engaging them with your brand and potentially building a valuable relationship.

Show Your Audience That You Care

A survey is a form of listening. It shows your audience that you’re interested in them, that you care.

Think of it this way, your survey is not only an opportunity to learn from your audience it’s also an opportunity for them to teach you.

Many brands take this one step further by sharing survey results and takeaways with their respondents to highlight the importance of their input.

empower your audience with a survey

Why Use The Opinion Stage Survey Maker?

The quick answer: because our survey maker is built to get you a lot of great answers to the questions you want to ask.

More & Better Responses

Our survey maker is designed to maximize the number of people who complete your survey or questionnaire.

How do we do it? Well, we…

  • Make it easy for you to create a beautiful survey full of engaging images and welcoming colors and fonts.
  • Ensure that your surveys look and function perfectly on any display, platform, or device.
  • Focus on personalized interactivity that allows you to easily tailor the survey experience to your respondents’ answers.   

The result – 3x the survey submissions that you were expecting. 

survey engagement
survey templates

Easy & Fast to Create

We know that your time is valuable. It is to us too. That’s why our survey maker is designed to offer you a quick and simple survey building experience.

Our creation form is intuitive and friendly plus you can save time by using our survey templates and adapting them to your specific needs. 

With our free intuitive survey maker, your survey will be ready to go in no time.

Skip/Branch Logic

Skip logic (aka branch logic or conditional logic) allows you to send respondents to a certain question based on their answer to a previous one.

With Opinion Stage, Skip logic is super easy to configure. It will take you less than a minute to drastically increase completion rates. Show respondents that you hear them and respect their time.


skip logic
advanced survey reporting example

Advanced Survey Reporting

Find valuable insights in our detailed visual reports. Easy to understand and share.

Our analytics dashboard offers two types of data:

  • Result reports – different breakdowns of the answers you receive.
  • Performance reports – all aspects of user behavior on your survey, engagement, time spent, drop off rates, and more.

Both types are presented clearly and designed to help you make the most of every survey.

You can export all submitted data to a CSV/XLS file for advanced analysis or send it automatically to one of the hundreds of 3rd party applications we integrate with.

Customizable From A to Z

Our survey maker enables you to customize your online survey with just a few simple clicks.

  • Customize question logic and CTA buttons to communicate best with your audience.
  • Add images, videos and gifs to increase engagement.
  • Select from existing color themes and fonts.
  • White label your survey, add your logo, and make it perfectly match your brand and site.
  • Use custom CSS to change everything – color, font, sizes, and more.
Customize your survey
responsive survey design

Fully Responsive & Optimized for Mobile

We make sure that your online surveys perform perfectly on all types of devices – mobiles, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

All images are automatically optimized to load fast and look great on all devices.

Our free online survey tool is designed to load fast even on slower network connections to ensure the highest number of responses in any environment.

Beautifuly Designed

Create beautiful online surveys and questionnaires that people love to answer.

Good-looking surveys lead to higher participation rates and better results.

The Opinion Stage survey maker lets you integrate images into questions to engage and maintain your respondents’ attention.

beautifully designed survey
email notification on survey submission

Email Notification on Every Submission

Get email notifications in real-time whenever a user submits a survey.

Notifications include all the information gathered in the survey including metadata, email addresses, and other contact information.

Follow up quickly with users. Thank them for their participation. Ask additional questions based on their answers.

Embed Anywhere

The location of your survey matters. It may be a great survey, but if your audience doesn’t notice it in the right context your response rates could suffer.

That’s why we make a point of giving you as many embed options as possible.

Embed your survey anywhere on your website, share it over email, social media, or messaging apps. Whatever works for you and your audience works for us. 

Embed your survey anywhere
secure online surveys

GDPR Compliant, Secure & Private

Top organizations trust us with their survey data. We take this trust very seriously.

Any survey you make with our survey builder, the responses you receive, and all submitted data are stored on secure Amazon AWS servers in the cloud.

All data is encrypted in transit and we follow industry security and privacy standards to verify that it’s never compromised.

We also perform regular security assessments and audits to verify your data is always secure.   

For more details, refer to our privacy policy.

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