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Create a Survey From Scratch

Follow these four easy steps to create a Facebook survey that engages your audience and helps you to learn about their needs and preferences.

1. Create a survey

Start by clicking on this creation form and simply filling in the blanks.

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2. Go to your dashboard

Locate your survey in “My Item”, where all the online polls, surveys, and quizzes you create with our tools are safely stored.

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3. Click on “Embed & Share”

Click the “Embed & Share” button, go to the “Link” tab, and copy your survey link.

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4. Share it on Facebook

Create a new post, paste the link into it, and share it with your audience via your personal or business Facebook profile/page.

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Why Use Our Survey Maker for Your Next Facebook Survey

Are you looking to collect customer feedback, reach new marketing insights, or generally improve your communication with your audience? A fun survey that’s designed to engage can help you reach your goal by getting more and better responses from people who matter to you and your brand.

Visually Engaging

Create attention-grabbing surveys that are fun and entertaining to increase your response rate and get more feedback from people.

Visual Facebook posts dominate the news feed and get more engagement and shares. It’s a fact. The same goes for surveys. Visually engaging surveys get more attention and responses, plus they improve the quality of your survey findings.

With our survey maker, you can choose between a wide variety of layouts and add visuals to every question type and answer option. Since it’s already linked to several image depositories, adding eye-catching pics is quick and easy. You can also upload your own images or embed Youtube/Vimeo videos with a click.

And you don’t have to worry, we make sure your visual content looks great on any screen or device so that your survey respondents can enjoy the full digital experience on their desktop computers as well as their mobile devices.


While images make a big difference, words matter too. Our online survey tools make it easy for you to create question paths that feel like a one-on-one conversation.

Ask one question at a time to maximize clarity and make sure you’re not overwhelming your survey takers.
Customize all text, from questions and answer options to buttons and error messages.
Use skip logic to personalize the question path based on each person’s answers to previous questions.
Combine different kinds of open and closed-ended questions to keep things light and interesting while giving your respondents the opportunity to express themselves fully.

Quick & Easy to Create

Whether you’re looking for product feedback, community engagement, or invaluable insights, with our survey maker, you could be ready to go with a professional survey within minutes.

All you need to do is find the right template on our platform and adapt it specifically to your needs. With hundreds of optimized templates at your fingertips, you can be ready to go within seconds.

Responsive & Mobile Friendly

Share your visually engaging survey on email, messaging app, or any social media platform. Let your audience enjoy the full experience and answer easily on their phones, tablets, and computers. With our tools, your survey will look great and function smoothly on any device and screen.

Easy Data Collection & Analysis

Our survey maker automatically collects and organizes your data in visual graphs and charts.

In addition to answer breakdowns and reports, you get performance reports and metadata that can help you understand your audience better and improve their experience if necessary.

You can also analyze all reports on your Opinion Stage analytics dashboard or export them as an XLS/CSV file. You can also choose to get an email notification on every submission and automatically send the data to your marketing automation system.

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How to Use a Facebook Survey?

There are many things you can do with a Facebook survey. Here are some popular use cases to get you started.

Gather Instant Feedback Quickly & Easily

Facebook surveys are a great way to get actionable feedback from active users on your social network. Use this feedback to learn about your target audience, improve customer retention, and gain new customers.

Conduct Research & Collect Data

Make effective product research surveys, “how did you hear about us surveys”, customer satisfaction surveys, and more quickly and easily.

Use Facebook polls and surveys to conduct research and deep dive into the newly collected data. Sharing online surveys on social media makes it easy to reach your target audience or sample group. It’s a cost and time-effective method to enrich your data whether you’re doing an academic study, surveying for market research companies, or digital marketing companies.

Boost Engagement with Your Brand

A Facebook survey, poll, or quiz is a great way to get your audience engaged. After all, people like participating and being asked what they think, it makes them feel valued. And if the experience you offer them is colorful, fun, and gives them real value, they’ll even be happy to share it with others.

Increase Activity in Your Groups & Communities

Sometimes starting a conversation, or steering it in a certain direction can be hard. Often, it’s not because people don’t have anything to say, but rather because taking that first step can be intimidating. With a survey or a poll question, you can offer an easy and structured way for a group or community members to express themselves. You can also use their survey responses to find relevant discussion topics that members find interesting.

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Tips & Best Practices for Facebook Surveys 

Are you ready to take your Facebook surveys to the next level? Here are some tips that will help you get there with ease.

Set a Clear Goal

Before you start, it is important that you understand what information you are trying to collect and how it can lead to actions. Once you know what you want, you can define exactly who you want it from. In other words, define your target audience.

Keep It Short

Respect your audience’s time. To do so, make sure you only ask the questions you really need feedback on. Because the risk is that the more questions you ask, the fewer responses you will get.

Add Visuals

Adding images to your questions and answer options can boost engagement and add context to the questions. It’s a good way to increase the number of survey responses you get.

Give extra thought to your cover image, since it will influence the number of people who click on your survey in the first place.

Make It Clear

Keep the survey questions and answer options as short and clear as possible. In other words, everything should be super easy to understand.

In closed-ended questions, verify that the answers cover all the options and that they don’t overlap.

FAQ about Facebook surveys

Can I post a survey in a Facebook group?

Yes, you can! Facebook groups are a great space for surveys since the personal profiles are reliable, detailed, and easy to target.

How do I ask a group to complete a survey?

Asking people to fill in your survey is asking them to take time out of their day to help you. Since you are asking for a favor, make sure to be polite and friendly, that your survey is easy to understand, and that you only ask essential questions. You can also offer an incentive or giveaway as a sign of gratitude to people who complete it.

How to promote a survey on Facebook?

You can promote a survey on Facebook just as you would promote any other social network content. It depends on your content marketing approach. Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Add it to a discussion in relevant Facebook groups.
  • Share it in the news feed using any of your Facebook pages or profiles.
  • Promote it in a story and create hype around it.
  • Use paid ads and sponsored posts to get in front of the right audience at the right time.
  • Make a big deal out of it, by launching an event or promoting a giveaway to further incentivize people to participate.
  • Create a strategic partnership to cross-promote it and reach new people.

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