Facebook Survey: How to Create a Survey on Facebook

How to create a Facebook Survey

  1. Start by creating a survey using the Survey Creation Form
  2. Locate your survey in the Item Dashboard
  3. Click the “Embed & Share” button, and then the “Link” tab
  4. Copy the link and paste it into your personal or business Facebook Feed/Page

You’re done!

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Following is a live example of a Survey, check it out:

To view more, check out our Survey Templates & Examples.

Best Practices for Creating a Survey on Facebook

Define what insights you need

Start by fully understanding what information you are trying to extract from your audience and how this information can lead to actionable items. Include both close-ended questions when you know all the possible answers and open-ended questions for cases you do not.

Keep it short

Ask only the questions you really need in order to get the feedback you need. Remember, the more questions you ask the fewer responses you will get

Add visuals

Add images to your questions. Images can both make your survey more engaging and also add context to the question. Including appealing images in your survey cover and questions is a sure way to increase the number of survey responses you get.

Keep it short & clear

Keep the survey questions and answers as short & clear as possible. Verify the answers cover all the options and that they don’t overlap.

Distribute with the Facebook platform

Facebook is a great platform for finding audiences that are segmented and targeted at scale. Use the Facebook advertising platform to get to your target audience fast and efficiently.

Learn more about our Survey Maker.

4 Reasons to create a Facebook Survey

Discover what your users think

Use Facebook surveys to discover what your users think about your brand, service or about any topic that is related to your business or publication

Get quick feedback on anything

Getting feedback on any activity, service or event is easy & fast with a Facebook Survey that is easy to create and distribute

Involve your users

Give your users the ability to influence and take part in evolving your business

Generate engagement with a Facebook survey

Generate engagement by running a Facebook survey and then publishing the results to all users on your Facebook page

Create a Facebook Survey in Minutes

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