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How People Use Our Multiple Choice Quiz Maker

Teachers, trainers, and employers use our multiple-choice test maker to enrich their audience’s learning experience and help them process new information. Here are a few use cases and examples:

Create a Knowledge Assessment

If you’re recruiting new employees or evaluating potential students, use an online assessment to screen candidates quickly and easily.

Use a single test to find out if candidates have the necessary skills while providing information, and promoting your brand.

It requires minimum effort on your end and offers candidates a friendly and interesting experience.

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Challenge Students With a Fun Online Quiz

Whether you want to see how well your students know math equations or assess their vocabulary, an online test can come in handy.

  • Combine multiple-choice questions, true or false questions, and yes/no questions.
  • Get results in real-time and analyze them easily with our friendly reporting dashboard.
  • Randomize answer options to prevent copying.
  • Add visuals to help your students stay concentrated.
  • Show the correct answer after they select one to make it a meaningful learning experience.
Challenge students with a quiz

Spice Up Corporate Training

Offer your trainees a fun learning experience with an online test.

Easily make tests that are super professional and effective. Track results effortlessly.

  • Add a timer to let trainees see how they would do with a time limit.
  • Indicate correct/incorrect answers and add answer explanations.
  • Let them take the test once if you want to assess knowledge or multiple times for practice.
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Entertain & Engage Your Audience

Use a multiple-choice test to engage a small group, like a class, or a big one, like potential followers. Build it in minutes, grab their attention, and give them a good experience.

  • High participation rates (80%) and even higher completion rates (90%).
  • Easily add great images with our built-in image finder.
  • Make any type of test using our trivia maker or our personality quiz maker.
  • Optimize it after it’s live based on clear performance analytics and drop-off reports.
  • Get new audiences to see your content. People love sharing fun quizzes.
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How to Make a Multiple-Choice Test With Our Quiz Maker

It’s as easy as pie and it will only take you a minute or two.

1. Make a Test

Select one of our many test templates and change whatever you like – images, quiz questions, look & feel, or settings. Or go to our trivia quiz creation form and start from scratch.

quick and easy to create with a template

2. Publish & Share

Put the test anywhere on your website or on our website. Share it via email, social networks, or messaging apps. Whichever option you choose, all it requires is to copy and paste.

Share anywhere

3. Analyze the Results

Go to the results dashboard to see how well your students did. Compare different answers to a single question, look at overall scores, or go over every test separately. it’s up to you.

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Take a Test

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Why Use The Opinion Stage Test Maker?

If you want to make an interactive multiple-choice test, without spending hours on preparation and grading, this is the test maker for you. Check out our key features and advantages:

Quick & Easy to Create

Make an online test in minutes. Use our trivia quiz maker to start from scratch or use a template.

All templates are optimized for secure testing, easy use, and a great user experience. Use them just as they are or change anything, design, content, or settings.

Even the most advanced features can be configured with a couple of clicks. No coding is required.

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Automatic Scores & Reports

When people start submitting their tests, our online quiz maker will show you their results and answers automatically in real-time.

  • Auto-generated graphic and textual presentations of answers.
  • Detailed performance report that shows how many viewed the test, started it, and finished it.
  • Timestamps that show exactly when each test was submitted.
  • Track results onsite, export them to a CSV/XLS file or automatically transfer them to any 3rd party software.
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Secure & Private

All tests and information are stored safely in secure AWS Amazon servers in the cloud.

Data is encrypted in transit, backed up, and kept safe at all times.

We follow industry-standard security and privacy guidelines and strictly comply with GDPR.

To be extra safe, we run regular assessments to verify that your data is secure.

For more details, refer to our privacy policy.

secure and private

Embed & Access Anywhere

Add a test to your website or run it from a secure landing page on our site and share a link.

Whichever option you choose, your students will be able to take the test smoothly even on a slow network connection.

Our test maker is fully responsive so your test will look great and function perfectly if your test-takers view it on a desktop, laptop, or mobile phone.

fully responsive and mobile friendly

Customizable Look & Feel

You have full control over the way your test looks.

  • Select a theme, font, letter size, and text color.
  • Choose a list or image layout for each question.
  • Add visuals to any question or answer choice.
  • Use custom CSS to change every design aspect.
  • White label your test and add your logo to make it look like you developed it in-house.
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Smart & Interactive

Create a personalized test experience for each student.

Use skip logic to direct students to specific quiz questions based on their answer choice in a previous question.

For example, if they get the easy questions right, send them to more difficult questions, and if they don’t, send them to more basic ones.

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Inspires Learning

People learn more and better when they’re having fun. Our test maker is designed to make every single quiz an inspiring learning experience.

Whether you’re making rapid tests for micro-learning or comprehensive exams, the interactive and visual aspects of the test will keep your students immersed and entertained.

Quiz competition

Prevents Cheating

Make every test different. All it takes is a few clicks.

  • Randomize the order of answer options for select questions or for the whole quiz.
  • Create multiple test versions by duplicating your test and changing the question order.
  • Make as many test versions as you like. Ask unlimited questions, and create unlimited quizzes.
prevent cheating

Easy to Distribute

Let test takers answer questions in any setting you like. It’s as simple as sharing a link.

If you want to reach a broad audience, share a link over FacebookTwitter, LinkedIn, or any other social media or add it to your next email blast.

If you’re targeting a specific group, send a link over WhatsAppSlack, or any other messaging app or business communication platform.

share anywhere with a click

Top Performance

No technical issues will stand between your students and your test. You can rely on our test maker to run smoothly.

If they take the test on a computer or choose the mobile option, whether their network connection is weak or strong, your test will work.

Our online tests and multiple-choice items are designed to load fast and perform well on all devices and network environments.

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Fully Customizable Questions

Use one type of question or combine different types of questions in a single quiz. All questions are fully customizable:

  • Allow one or more correct answer choices.
  • Randomize answer options.
  • Choose between a list or image layout.
  • Add a cover image or video to any question.
  • Display explanation after answer selection.

FAQs About Making Online Tests

How to create effective multiple-choice test questions?

Make your question clear:
Focus on one thing in every question stem – avoid double-barreled questions.
Make sure your question can only be understood in one way – avoid double meaning and negative phrasing.
Stay neutral – don’t give away the answer in your question.

Pay equal attention to all answer options:
Make every incorrect answer option plausible to ensure that answer selection is knowledge-based.
Avoid overlapping answer options so as not to create unnecessary confusion.
Keep answer options similar in length and format.
Randomize answers in every question to avoid an identifiable pattern

Add visuals to questions and answer options:
Use images and short videos to make your questions and answers clearer.
Add images, videos, or gifs to your quiz to increase engagement and concentration.
Just make sure your visuals don’t give away the answer.

What’s the optimal number of answers to a question on a multiple-choice test?

A question stem with four answer options is the most common question type. However, research shows that three answer options (one correct answer and two distractors) are usually as good as four or five.

It’s more about the quality and plausibility of the answer choices than it is about the quantity.

What’s the optimal number of questions for a multiple-choice test?

Well, it depends. Ten questions can be enough to test your audience’s general understanding of a topic. But if you want to check their knowledge on a deeper level go for 20-25 questions. Make unlimited quizzes and ask unlimited questions.

Is there any limit on the number of questions?

No. With the Opinion Stage online quiz maker, you can create as many multiple-choice items as you like. Before you decide on your test length consider:

Your audience’s age group and attention span.
The effort you can and want to put into it.
The types of questions you plan to ask.
The time test-takers will have (a multiple-choice question takes a minute to answer on average).
Your goal. Longer tests are more challenging while shorter tests get more submissions.

How does making an online test save time?

Create your test once and use it multiple times. You can share it as it is, duplicate and reorder it, or use it as a template for future tests.

Get results automatically. Auto-generated scores and visual answer segmentations make it easy for you to keep track and extract insights.

It’s super easy to make it fun and interactive. Configure advanced settings and design without coding.
Export all data to any spreadsheet or CMS with a click of a button.

How do you make an online test engaging?

Make it fun for your audience to answer questions:

Use images and videos to make your test entertaining.
Make your questions conversational and easy to understand. People respond well to friendliness.
Keep it interesting by combining different types of questions.
Be positive. Use encouraging and empowering language to motivate your test-takers.
Use more than one question type. Combine multiple-choice, true/false, and yes/no questions.
Start easy and gradually build-up to the difficult questions.

What would make my test more personal?

There are many ways to make your multiple-choice items more personal. For example:

Use friendly language that makes the test feel more like a conversation.
Add some humor to your question stems and answer options (but not at the expense of clarity).
Use skip logic to personalize the question path based on your test-takers’ answers.

How do I make multiple versions of a test?

It’s easy. Once you’ve created one version of your test, go to ‘my items’. This is where you will find all the multiple-choice items, quizzes, surveys, and polls you’ve created with Opinion Stage.

Click on duplicate to create a copy of the test, and change whatever you like. Reorder the questions, change the images or wording of select questions, etc.

Hundreds of Integrations

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Hundreds of customers gave us 5-star reviews

Opinion Stage poll, survey, and quiz maker is easy to use! I like the quizzes. They make quiz-taking easy. Plus, I can easily make a poll, put it on my LinkedIn or website, and grab someone's attention fast.
Judith Smetana
MOOC Teacher at CuteEnglishTeacher LLC
In 20 years of classroom teaching and class management, this is my best new teaching app ever!! The format is user-friendly and the students find the activities engaging.
Brian Hodge
Lecturer at AUA Language Center
An easy to set up, easy to use, and efficient quiz framework. Very efficient integration with WordPress. It gave me the ability to publish a personality quiz in minutes. Great way to activate and use sharing capabilities to reach new people.
Pascal Senicourt
Marketing Manager at Orange

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