Twitter Quiz – How to Run a Quiz on Twitter

Following are four easy steps to run a Twitter Quiz:

1) Create a quiz using the quiz creation form

2) Locate the quiz you created in the dashboard

3) Click the “Embed & Share” button, and then the “Link” tab

4) Copy the link and paste it into your twitter post

You’re done!


Following is an example of a Twitter Quiz created with OpinionStage:


Twitter quizzes have become one of the most effective ways of marketing a brand. Quizzes can help you both improve your brand recognition and help you grow your audience. Quizzes are also a great tool for generating qualified leads.

Twitter Quiz Creation Tips

Think of your audience

Create a quiz that is appealing to your audience. If you don’t know who your audience is, start by checking that out.

Keep your Twitter quiz short

Twitter is a sound byte platform. Create quizzes that are not too short, but not too long either. We recommend creating quizzes with 5-15 questions and keeping the number of answers in each question to a minimum. Make it easy & quick to complete your quiz.

Use images in the quiz

Making your quiz visual will increase the engagement and the number of participants in your quiz. You can add an image to the cover, as an introduction to your quiz question and attached it to each answer.

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