How to Create a Free Instagram Quiz

Learn how to create an engaging Instagram quiz in only a few minutes.

1. Choose a Quiz Type

Choose the type of quiz you want to create. You can create a trivia quiz or a personality quiz.

select the instagram quiz type you want to create

2. Create Your Quiz

Create a fun quiz with our intuitive quiz creation form. When you’re done, click on ‘Publish’.

create an Instagram quiz

3. Embed & Share

Click on ‘Embed & Share’ at the top right-hand corner of the quiz creation form, or head over to ‘My Items,’ locate your quiz, and click on the ‘Embed & Share’ button that’s associated with it.

click on embed and share

5. Share It on Instagram

Just one more thing left to do — choose the ideal location and share your link. You can add it to your Instagram bio, share it in one of your Instagram stories using an interactive sticker, or send it in a direct message.

Congrats, you’re all set!

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Why Choose Our Quiz Maker for Your Next Instagram Quiz?

Are you looking for an engaging way to get more people interacting with your Instagram account? Our quiz software is the perfect way to create entertaining content that will engage and excite your followers.

Make Any Type of Quiz in Minutes

With our quiz maker, you can quickly create a wide variety of quizzes that fit your brand’s style and goals. As an example, you could use them to increase your daily users and engage your quiz takers. And it’s super easy with our pre-designed templates. In fact, you can make all types of quizzes, including trivia quizzes, personality tests, and sales quizzes, with just a template and a few simple clicks.

Add Images, Videos & More

Instagram is all about visuals and your quizzes should be too because visuals speak louder than words. In fact, studies have shown that people will recall 80% of what they see compared to only 20% and 10% of what they read and hear.

Our quiz software makes it easy to make fun and memorable digital experiences by adding images, videos, gifs, and emojis anywhere and everywhere in your quiz. Sprouse up the quiz title, questions, answers, and closings. Turn your Instagram stories into engaging activities.

Customize the Look & Feel

Draw people in and make them comfortable by customizing the design from A to Z. Choose your favorite color theme, go for bright and crazy color combos to stand out, or opt for a solid design that matches your brand to inspire trust. You can even white-label it and add a company logo to make it your own.

Instantly adjust the color theme, fonts, and more to create a unique visual aesthetic. Our quiz maker also lets you reach full customization with an easy-to-use CSS override feature.

Personalize the Question Journey

Tailor every quiz taker’s journey with personalized multiple-choice question paths. That means no more boring or irrelevant questions that will make your target audience lose interest. Craft personalized quizzes that are truly engaging and enjoyable. It’s super easy with our conditional logic quiz feature.

Track Performance & Improve on The Go

Use our powerful and friendly built-in quiz analytics features to measure performance and analyze responses. Simply go to the quiz dashboard to view detailed reports of response rates, average scores, popular answers, and more to gain valuable feedback, learn about your audience, and reach useful business insights. Measure and improve product knowledge, customer preferences, and audience engagement.

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What Can You Do With an Instagram Quiz?

Whether you want to get more engagement on your social media posts, reach a broader audience, gather and share information, or sell more e-commerce products an Instagram quiz can help you get there.

Increase Engagement

Build a sense of community and generate a buzz around your brand with a 2-minute quiz that social media users will enjoy and share.

For example, you can create a fun Instagram quiz with correct answers. Your followers will enjoy the challenge of testing their knowledge with a trivia quiz and sharing it with their friends, boosting engagement with your brand. People love to be heard, so give them a platform to express themselves through an interactive quiz that lets them showcase their expertise (or compete for bragging rights!).

Raise Brand Awareness

With their entertaining and interactive nature, quizzes have become a go-to for online businesses looking to increase brand awareness. Drive attention to your brand and help people get to know you better by adding fun quizzes to your marketing journey.

You could ask about your brand or the solution you offer to see how well your audience knows you, share information with them, and display your expertise. Or you could enhance your brand recognition by weaving mentions of it into your questions or results.

Another option is to focus on offering a fun experience that makes people smile and encourage them to share with others. You don’t even have to mention your business, just make sure the design is identified with your brand and includes your logo.

You don’t need to be a digital marketing expert to see how these simple techniques offer a unique opportunity to market your products and services in an entertaining, customer-focused way.

Boost Sales

Quizzes are more than a great form of engagement, they’re also a lucrative sales booster. Engage potential customers and offer better service to your ideal customers by helping them find the products, services, and offers that answer their needs.

  • Make quizzes that help you learn about your customers’ needs and direct them to the most suitable products accordingly.
  •  Use a quiz as an advanced lead generation tool or email opt-in form to get more and better leads and email subscribers based on a fun experience of mutual value.
  • Follow up with personalized content, special offers, and product promotions based on the customer information you collect with your quizzes.
  • Incorporate quiz ads to capitalize on the interactivity of the experience, generate more interest, and get more clicks.

Recommend Products

Help potential customers as well as existing customers find exactly what they need. Do so while exposing them to new offers based on their unique lifestyles, interests, and preferences. It’s quite simple with a product recommendation quiz. Whether you’re an online business owner or product marketer, this is a surefire way to increase both sales and customer satisfaction.

Learn About Your Audience

Understanding your audience is critical to building a successful online presence. And what better way to learn than directly from your followers? Ask them questions about their knowledge, feelings, wants, and needs to gain valuable audience insight that will help you shape your content strategy. especially for them.

For example, you could create a research quiz where you ask your audience questions about their social media behavior and hone your strategy on social media channels based on their replies. Or you could choose a quiz topic that’s related to your area of expertise and use a regular quiz to discover what they know and how you can contribute to them.

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How to Make Your Instagram Quiz Shine?

Here’s how to create a successful IG quiz that offers the perfect customer experience and puts your engagement on autopilot:

Set a Clear Goal

Before brainstorming quiz ideas, make sure you have a clear goal in mind. What do you aim to achieve? Are you hoping to drive engagement, grow your following and sales, or increase brand awareness?

Once you have defined your goal, it will be easier to build an accurate quiz to achieve that objective with the right questions, answer options, and results.

Think About a Specific Audience

It’s easy to fall into the trap of trying to appeal to everyone. However, as marketers, we know that if you try to please too many, you may end up pleasing no one. So try to focus on a specific audience and customize your design, questions, and potential answers to appeal to that group.

By targeting a specific audience, whether it’s according to demographics, interests, or niche, you’re more likely to engage and create an enjoyable experience for them. Plus, once you know who you’re looking to interact with it will be easier to figure out where and when to share your quiz link for maximum exposure and best results.

Keep It Short

Instagram is a platform people tend to visit and scroll through, not dig deep and dwell in. Which is why your quizzes should be short and sweet. A 2-minute quiz with 5-10 questions is more than enough. If you make it longer, you may lose your audience’s attention.

If you have more than ten questions to ask, remember that you can always follow up with another quiz, an opinion poll, or an Instagram survey.

Make It Beautiful

With such a visually-driven app like Instagram, standing out in a sea of content is both challenging and essential. Use colors, catchy graphics, and compelling imagery to draw your followers in.

Think outside the box and create something that will make your followers stop scrolling and take notice. Your quiz should be just as visually stimulating as any other piece of content on your feed.

Encourage Sharing

Finally, one of the best ways to increase engagement is to encourage followers to share your quiz with friends.

By adding a simple call-to-action, like “Tag someone who needs this quiz!” you can reach more people and start building a community. You can also add social sharing buttons at the end of the quiz to get more shares on social media.


How to make an Instagram story quiz?

There are a couple of ways to make an Instagram story quiz. If you want to enjoy all the customization options and features of a quiz maker, start by creating the quiz, and when you’re done simply link to it in your story by adding a link sticker. However, if you want to use Instagram’s quiz tool, click on the interactive sticker button, select the interactive quiz sticker option, and add your multiple-choice question and answers.

Once you’ve added your quiz or link you can customize the look of your Instagram story with various colors and graphics. Both the link sticker and the quiz sticker options can increase brand visibility and generate excitement for campaigns and new product launches. Similarly, you can also create an Instagram poll by adding a link sticker or an interactive poll sticker. The poll feature can be a great way to get quick feedback from your followers and gain valuable insights into their preferences. 

What are good Instagram quiz questions?

Good Instagram quiz questions are questions that yield the information you need while giving your target audience a fun and meaningful experience. In other words, the definition of successful IG quiz questions depends on your goal, audience, and quiz type.

For example, if you’re trying to learn more about your followers, some quiz question ideas could be: “What is your favorite movie or favorite beach?” or “What is your hidden talent?”. However if you’re creating a promotional quiz, you could ask questions like: “Which of the following products would you buy?” or “Our product has a 5-star rating because it’s reliable/beautiful/effective/all the above”. In any case, no matter the type or intention, it’s essential to ensure the questions are simple and relevant.

What is a quiz funnel?

A quiz funnel is a series of questions used to segment your followers into different categories and lead them toward making a purchase. By asking a few key questions, you can engage your audience and determine their interests and preferences, allowing you to target them with relevant content. This technique is effective for growing your reach and engagement rate across all social media platforms, getting more leads and subscribers, as well as increasing direct online sales. Quiz funnels are fun, cost-effective, and work well practically anywhere. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter go without saying, and even TikTok quiz funnels are becoming increasingly popular.

How to use quizzes for marketing?

There are many ways to use quizzes for marketing, which is why they have been a hit with businesses of all shapes and forms. For example, here are some use cases to consider: increase engagement and reach with a personality test about a trending topic, raise brand awareness with an exciting trivia competition, create a buzzing challenge to promote a cause, and initiate a quiz tradition to grow and strengthen your community. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Start experimenting with your own quizzes to discover more lucrative quiz marketing methods. 

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