Quiz Funnel Guide: How to Grow Your Email List and Expand Audience

In this article, we’ll show you how to effectively grow your email list using a lead quiz based using the Opinion Stage quiz maker.

Building an email list is a fundamental part of business, especially in this increasingly digital landscape. It’s an incredible way to nurture long-lasting relationships with consumers. However, it’s not as easy as it seems. So many businesses resort to acquiring email lists for this very reason. Although convenient, it isn’t always reliable. Unfortunately, it can do more harm than good as you can easily end up with invalid emails or unqualified prospects, ones who are less likely to purchase your products. On the bright side, there are simpler yet more effective means to build your list. A quiz funnel is one such example.

No matter how difficult, growing your own email subscriber base is always better. Using engaging methods such as quiz funnels, you can attract prospects and convert them into paying consumers.

Here, we’ll show you everything you need to know to grow your email list using a quiz funnel

What Is a Quiz Funnel?

A quiz funnel refers to the path that prospects need to go through before converting. Like any marketing funnel, it consists of various phases such as awareness, interest, decision, and action. Everyone starts at the top of the funnel, but only the most interested ones will move down each step. By setting up a quiz funnel, you can identify valuable prospects.

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The biggest advantage of using an online funnel is your ability to oversee the entire process and measure the success of your efforts.

Unlike other methods of lead generation, a quiz funnel can produce highly qualified leads. But there’s more to it than that. Quiz funnels are important because they also provide valuable insights into your target audience. Using that information, you can segment consumers into different groups. Then, you can tailor your marketing efforts to fit the interests of your audience, giving you a better chance of turning prospects into paying customers.

Nowadays, you can whip up a quiz funnel in no time. Opinion Stage, an online content creation service, enables you to build a quiz from scratch with no coding or design experience. With many pre-made quiz templates to choose from, you can customize and launch a quiz funnel in a matter of minutes. 

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Will a Quiz Funnel Suit My Niche?

Businesses of all shapes and sizes, across various industries, can use quiz funnels to build their email list. From beauty brands and clothing retailers to car companies, a myriad of organizations leverages the engaging nature of quizzes to connect with their audiences.

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Most, if not all, companies can use quizzes to segment their audience based on their responses. Brands can then tailor their email marketing strategies based on the needs or problems of each segment. In doing so, you won’t have to spend most of your time sending emails to people who are less likely to use your product or service. 

How to Make a Quiz Funnel

Now that you know the advantages of quiz funnels, it’s time to learn how to build one. Here, we’ll show you how to optimize a quiz that can fill up your email list with high-quality leads. 

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Let’s get started.


1. Identify your audience

Audience research is imperative especially when you’re using quiz funnels to give personalized recommendations. Once you know who to target, you can figure out how to match them with the products you want to sell. 

Identifying who buys your products or services can help you figure out the best ways to reach them. Determining the keywords they use for product research or the platforms they frequent enables you to maximize the quiz’s visibility. 

Are they interacting with you on social media? Do they visit your website? Do they read the content on your blog? Knowing your audience’s online behaviors can help you determine how to best contact them. 

You can start thinking about the quiz itself when you know who to target. For instance, you can identify a problem that can be solved with your quiz. You may conduct split testing to identify the best headline for it. 

2. Define the flow of the funnel

Several brands begin the funnel on their website to filter visitors before signing up. They will add a call-to-action on the home page of their site, driving traffic to a quiz landing page. From there, prospects can proceed to answer the questions. 

Once all quiz funnel questions have been answered, respondents will be redirected to the results and solutions page. You may offer products or services that can solve their pain points. On this page, you may add links that redirect prospects to the offer landing page, where they can purchase the recommended solutions. 

The goal is to make the experience as seamless as possible. If it becomes too tedious, you might end up losing the respondents’ attention. 

3. Write the quiz questions

The quiz itself should have no more than 10 questions. Each one should be short and easy to understand. Ideally, it should take prospects two to three minutes to answer the quiz. Aside from being fun and engaging, your questions should also segment your audience into different groups or personas. By the end of the quiz, you want to gain crucial information such as their goals, problems, or spending power. 

Use illustrations or images wherever possible. Refrain from using photos that have nothing to do with the quiz itself. Depending on your industry, you may want to use professional photos so that the quality won’t diminish the credibility of the quiz. You may also use custom images on the questions and answer options if you have the means to do so. 

4. Configure your lead form

Since you’re using a quiz funnel to grow your email address database, don’t forget to add a lead form. Configure the lead generation settings so you can get the information you need. You can ask for their name, phone number, or email address. 

Don’t forget to inform them that they will see their results after they fill in the form. More importantly, make sure they know that you aren’t forcing them to give up their email address if they don’t want to. Give them an opportunity to skip the step and proceed to the results page.

If you intend to send follow-up communications that are tailored to their needs or interests, make sure you inform them beforehand. It may also be a good idea to verify the validity of the contact info they provided before you send the follow-up. It’s super easy with a free email checker and it reduces email bounce rates significantly.

5. Write the quiz outcomes

Quiz outcomes should be interesting and highly shareable. The results should either encourage audiences to purchase your products, learn more about your brand, or share their results online.

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Remember the customer profiles you identified in your research? You can match the outcomes to each profile. While the results should make people feel great and unique, they should also motivate prospects to purchase the products they need. 

On your results page, you can add a link to the recommended product, making it easier for prospects to add it to their cart. 

6. Drive traffic to the quiz

Figure out how you want to drive organic traffic to the quiz. A lot of brands place their quiz marketing funnel on their website. It’s the first thing that visitors see when they enter the site, prompting them to take the quiz before going any further. 

You can make a Whatsapp quiz, an email quiz, or share your quizzes on social media. You can also incorporate it into your content marketing efforts. For instance, you may add a link or integrate your quiz into an article.


5 Exceptional Quiz Funnel Examples

Brands often use quizzes to make personalized product recommendations, aiding consumers in their purchasing decisions. From clothing lines to eyewear companies, brands have been using quiz funnels to grow their email list, improve brand affinity, and show off their expertise. 

Here are some of the best examples of quiz funnels.

1. Murad

A quiz may be a fun and exciting way to increase the average dwell time on a website, but it’s also a highly effective way to lead prospects down the sales funnel. After their skincare quiz, Murad shows a list of products based on respondents’ answers, making it easier for them to shop for the items they need. 

Prospects can retake the quiz or have the results emailed to them. All they have to do is enter their email address on the field provided to receive the recommended products in their inbox. Like Murad, you can use quiz funnels to enhance the online shopping experience and grow your email list at the same time. 

2. Ipsy

There are many ways to gather, extract, and export leads out there, but a quiz is one of the most effective ones both in terms of quantity and in terms of quality. Using quiz funnels, brands like Ipsy have been capturing and nurturing high-quality leads. Personalization makes prospects feel valued, which increases their likelihood of making a sale. 

Ipsy asks 12 questions, all of which are short and direct. Most of the options they present have photos or illustrations, while the ones that don’t use simple, easy-to-understand language. Once all questions are answered, a lead form will appear, requiring prospects to enter their email address, age, and password. This online profile enables Ipsy to grow its email list and get to know its target audience. 

3. Zenni Optical

Eyewear brand Zenni Optical uses quiz funnels to show prospects the best pair of glasses that suit their face shape, personal style, and lifestyle. Their fun, light-hearted approach is highly engaging and shareable. While their objectives were to raise brand awareness, drive organic traffic, and boost online sales, the quiz also helped them grow their email list. They generated 29,400+ leads and raised their return-on-investment by 9,655% within six months of launching the quiz funnel.

Zenni Optical made content about the hottest trends in the industry to drive traffic to their quiz. They researched keywords and their audience to optimize the quiz. After identifying eight different personas, they created quiz outputs to match each one.

After answering the entire quiz, prospects were led to a target landing page, highlighting the style that best suits their face shape. It not only demonstrated the brand’s understanding of its audience but also their expertise in eyewear styles and trends. 

4. Luxy Hair

Quizzes are a fundamental part of Luxy Hair’s content marketing strategy. On their blog, you’ll find quiz funnels designed to capture relevant leads. Their questions are short, straightforward, and easy to understand. They only add a few questions per quiz. One quiz about hair extensions, for instance, had only two questions. For each option, they provided a matching photo, making the quiz easier and more engaging for consumers.

Before visitors can see the results, a lead form will pop up, asking for their first name and email address. Take note that they don’t force their visitors to give up their email addresses. Luxy Hair gives them a chance to skip the step.

5. The Elephant Pants

Another brand that has made a successful quiz funnel is The Elephant Pants. It had only five questions, which ultimately led prospects to the most ideal pair of pants that matched their personality. Overall, the quiz was quick, easy, and very engaging as it was packed with fun images.  

Unlike the rest of the brands, The Elephant Pants used a quiz to raise enough money to launch their business and establish a potential customer base. 

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A quiz funnel is one of the most effective means of lead generation. Nearly every business can use the power of quizzes to catch the attention of prospects and gain their trust. Combining the methods we mentioned with a splash of creativity, you can easily create a quiz funnel that generates highly qualified leads.   

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Opinion Stage offers powerful easy-to-use tools that enable you to set up a quiz funnel with no coding or design experience. Using professionally-made quiz funnel templates, you can make a compelling quiz in no time. The content creation service even integrates with some of the most popular email automation tools available, allowing you to generate and nurture connections with high-value leads.