Which type of exercise is the best for me?

Exercise and physical activity fall into four basic categories—endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility. Each type is different, and can benefit various functions in the body.
Pick a place to workout.
How stressed are you?
What is your age?
What do you typically eat for breakfast?
Does diabetes or heart disease run in the family?
Do you suffer from osteoporosis?
Pick a sneaker
These are mainly aerobic exercises that will increase your breathing and heart rate. They keep the circulatory system and lungs healthy, prevet diabetes and heart disease, and help you build up endurance.
These exercises are designed to keep your bones and muscles strong. Strength training is beneficial in reducing falls and helping you do everyday activities that require lifting, such as carrying groceries. Some examples of strength training include lifting free weights and using resistance.
Balance can strengthen the body’s core and help prevent falls. Some good balance exercises include heel-to-toe walking, standing on one foot, and ta chi.
Flexibility exercises can keep your body limber and help you maintain a wide range of motion. This is important because range of motion is often limited by things like arthritis. Yoga and stretching are good practices for flexibility.

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