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Run a knowledge contest, offering a prize to the person who gets the most correct answers in the least time.

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Running quiz competitions is a surefire way to get more leads for your business — the numbers don't lie.

According to Hubspot, companies with competition-based campaigns scored an average of 34% more leads. So if you're looking for a swift and effective improvement in lead generation, quiz competition-style marketing could be the winning solution. 

What Is a Quiz Competition?

Quiz contests are a type of interactive marketing strategy in which participants answer questions related to your products or services for a chance to score prizes.

These exciting online games of knowledge serve as an invaluable learning resource that helps people become more familiar with your products or services. And the possibility of winning a prize gives them all the more reason to join in.

Who would pass on an opportunity to prove their aptitude in a variety of subjects and potentially win something in the process?

What Can You do With a Quiz Competition?

Quiz competitions can be a great addition to any comprehensive marketing plan. A fun quiz is perfect for increasing awareness and engagement around a new product, gathering valuable customer data, or rewarding loyal customers.

Engage your Audience

It's a consistent problem: how do you make your content stand out among the onslaught of daily ads that the average American experiences? It takes more than just a catchy tagline to grab your audience's attention.

A fun quiz competition can be the perfect way to spice up your content and engage audience members since it gives you a chance to put a unique spin on conventional content.

Grow Your Reach

Online quiz competitions are particularly great for virality since people enjoy sharing challenging games with each other, especially if they got a lot of correct answers and can show off their level of knowledge. 

This helps you extend the reach of your content far beyond what it would normally achieve organically — making quiz competitions one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to market your business.

Gather Leads

Quiz contests are the perfect tool for jump-starting lead generation. Not only are they an engaging and entertaining way of gathering consumer data, but they’re also an invaluable source of detailed insights.

After people answer all the questions, you can present them with a lead form that requires them to submit their information to access their results or to be eligible for the prize. And voilà — you have a substantial database of qualified leads.

That can help you narrow down your target market, learn more about your customers’ needs, and even gain insight into their preferences. All of this invaluable data can help you tailor your campaigns and create more targeted messages that speak to your customers' unique needs.

Strengthen Brand Awareness

Thanks to their built-in sharability, you can also use online quizzes to foster brand awareness and recognition. Go beyond just asking questions related to your products or services — make it fun and keep participants on their toes with challenges that let them flex their knowledge.

And remember, while the competition adds excitement to the experience, it's not all about winning, it's also about knowledge acquisition. As they go through your quiz, your audience will be learning about you and your brand. So incorrect answers can serve you just as well as correct ones, just as long as the experience remains fun and memorable.

By answering your online quiz competition. your target audience will become more familiar with what you have to offer and gain an appreciation of the value of your products and services. Customize the quiz to match your brand's unique colors and design, or create a white label and add your business logo to make sure the completion and your brand remain connected in their memory.

How to Make an Online Quiz Competition?

Ready to host your own quiz contest? The process isn’t as complicated as you may think. You only need to follow these seven steps:

1. Set a Goal & Target Audience

Planning an online quiz contest is simple. Start by defining your goals and finding your target audience.

Think about what you want to accomplish and who can help you get there. That's when the real fun begins — choosing questions that engage your target audience.

2. Decide on a Prize or Reward

Offering a prize that stands out from the competition is key to attracting more participants. You can provide discounts, freebies, or even something tangible like your products or services.

Here's a quick trivia question for you: what do the most successful prizes have in common? If you answered "bigger and better prizes," then you were right on the money. The average contest prize is $369 and those that offer bigger prizes tend to have more success.

But don't be discouraged. In a recent study on contests, a $25 gift card actually generated the most success. The key is to pick a prize that resonates with your target audience's lifestyle and needs while aligning with their values and purchasing habits.

3. Define the Rules of the Game

Creating a contest involves more than just having interesting questions. It's also important to establish clear rules.

For instance:

  • When the prizes will be rewarded

  • If there's a minimum of correct answers 

  • The maximum numeric score needed to get a prize

  • If the competition time (i.e. who solves it the fastest) impacts the possibility to score a prize

Defining the conditions of your quiz competition beforehand will help ensure that everything runs smoothly and give clarity to participants.

4. Write Your Questions & Answer Options

Crafting the perfect quiz contest questions is an art in and of itself.

It's about finding the balance between challenging and entertaining to ensure enough correct responses. Essentially, you need to aim for trivia questions that are neither too easy nor too difficult.

You can also spice things up by adding different types of questions, such as true or false or matching.

And then there's the matter of the number of questions. The best online quizzes are neither too long nor too short. The perfect length varies.

To figure it out, ask yourself about:

  • Your target audience - are they university students, business people, or tourists?

  • The setting - are you sharing the quiz on a big screen, are people answering individually on their cell phones, or maybe at home on their desktops?

  • The platform - did you send it over social media, email, or messaging app?

With your answers in mind, think about how much time you'd be willing to spend on a quiz if you were your audience. In most cases, it's probably best to have no less than 5 questions and no more than 10. 

5. Add Engaging Images

Make sure to include engaging visuals that will help draw attention and break up the monotony.

As evidenced by the Content Preferences Survey, most customers (91%) prefer interactive and visual material over standard formats. 

Choosing a color theme can help create an inviting atmosphere while experimenting with different layouts can show off your creative side. Additionally, adding images, videos, or gifs to the quiz question or answer option can boost engagement, provide helpful context, and get you more responses. 

6. Optimize Your CTAs

Whether you're aiming to collect leads or drive conversions, having the right elements in place is key. Think of a snappy title, captivating cover images, encouraging CTA buttons, and a lead form that won't leave people scratching their heads. 

After all, these are the tools with which you capture your participants' attention and drive conversions. These simple yet effective tactics make all the difference in getting people to take your quiz contest and, more importantly, provide you with valuable information.

7. Share Your Quiz

Once you have created and tested your online quiz competition, it’s time to start promoting it.

Sharing it across different channels is the most effective way to reach out to your target audience and engage them in a fun, interactive way.

You can start by sharing it on your blog or website, social media, email campaigns, and even traditional advertising if you want to go all out.

The more you share, the more likely it is to be seen and interacted with. So effectively spreading your quiz contest can really help you drive traffic, get leads, and generate conversions.

Ready to get started on creating your own online quizzes? Now that you know all the essential steps, it’s time to take action. Use our quiz contest template (or any of our other fun quiz templates) and make it your own in minutes.

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