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Use a quiz to gather useful data and feedback while offering a meaningful experience.

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What type of remote worker are you?

Working from home is perfect for some and challenging for others. The first step towards adapting to it is understanding what type of remote worker you are.

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What Is a Research Quiz?

A research quiz is a creative and effective way to collect data and feedback without putting your data collection goal in the center of focus.

In other words, you can use a research quiz to learn about your audience and collect information from them while giving them a fun and valuable experience.

When to Use a Research Quiz?

A research quiz is an effective way to gather feedback or conduct research indirectly while respecting your audience’s privacy.

You could use it to get information from your potential or existing customers. Or you could send it out to a broader audience to get to know them better and learn about their preferences, opinions, and needs.

How to Make a Research Quiz? 

The method is simple. Ask yourself two questions:

  1. What information do I want from my audience?
  2. What value do I want to give them?

Then build a quiz around the value you wish to provide and include a few questions that give you the information you want.

In this template example, we show how a video call software company could use a quiz to learn about user behavior and preferences while helping them learn about their remote working traits.

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