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About us

Opinion Stage is a platform for creating visual conversational quizzes, polls and surveys that bring top results.

Opinion Stage quizzes and surveys are used to engage audiences, generate leads, provide actionable insights, drive sales / revenue & more.

We are a global remote-first team that is committed to create the most engaging and best converting quizzes & surveys possible.

From small businesses to large enterprise, we serve many different types of customers

Opinion Stage offers features and plans tailored to different types and sizes of organizations.


Create engaging content, learn from your users, generate leads, increase revenue, and more


Wow your clients with interactive tools that stand out


Create engaging content experiences that generate more value


Create engaging content, learn from your users, generate leads, increase revenue, and more


Discover who your shoppers are, what they are looking for and help them easily find it


Create content that stands out and brings great results

Why our customers keep coming back

Opinion Stage interactive items are used by our customers for many different use cases, following are the most common


Drive engagement with polls & quizzes, one of the most engaging types of online content.


Get your items shared in social networks, driving engagement and traffic back to your site

Lead generation

Generate up to 500% more qualified leads by integrating a lead form in a poll or quiz


Lead your customers to the best product for them based on their answers to questions


Get deep direct and indirect insights from your customers using surveys, polls & quizzes

Ad Revenue

Drive top revenue by integrating ads in highly engaging polls & quizzes

You Can Easily Do It Yourself, No Need For A Developer!

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