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Hundreds of readymade templates that’ll help you get the feedback you need in minutes.

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Gather Feedback With Opinion Stage

Understand your audience better with visual conversational feedback surveys. Give them a fun survey experience and get their honest feedback.

More Feedback

Reach an 85% response rate with a visual conversational feedback survey.

Give your audience an exceptional survey experience that makes them feel seen, heard, and respected. Get all the feedback you need quickly and easily.

  • Attention-grabbing and super engaging.
  • Audience-focused user experience.
  • Easy to answer anytime and anywhere.

Better Feedback

Get more thoughtful and accurate answers by making your survey fun, personal, and accessible.

  • Offer a personalized experience that responds to your users’ answers.
  • Present one question at a time to reduce survey anxiety.
  • Use images for clarity and entertainment.
  • Make it friendly and inviting by customizing all text fields, instructions, call-to-action buttons, and error messages.
  • Combine closed and open questions to let people express themselves without taking up too much of their time.

Faster Feedback

Our survey maker is designed to get you answers quickly.

  • Create a survey in minutes using our intuitive tools and rich template library.
  • Use our poll maker to get instant feedback with a one-question feedback poll.
  • Collect reviews quickly and easily by creating a review funnel.
  • Reach your audience where they are. Share your survey with a click on any website, social platform, or messaging app.
  • Let your audience respond on any device. Our surveys look great on all screens and perform smoothly on any network connection.

Build Relationships

Bond with your audience and get to know them better while collecting feedback from them.

  • Make it feel like a personal conversation by automatically adjusting follow-up questions based on previous answers.
  • Get notified whenever a survey is submitted so that you can respond quickly and personally to the feedback you receive.
  • Ask for people’s emails and send them tailored content based on their survey answers.

Visual & Conversational

Surveys that look great and feel personal get more and better answers because people enjoy them.

  • Increase engagement by adding beautiful images and entertaining videos to every question.
  • Stand out with color themes, question layouts, and fonts that make your brand shine.
  • Simulate a one-on-one experience with easy-to-use personalization features like skip logic and answer piping.

Share Anytime & Anywhere

Ask for feedback in the right context to get the most useful and actionable answers.

Add a survey to any page on your site, create a survey pop-up, or share it from an optimized landing page on our site. All it requires is a couple of clicks.

  • Interested in feedback on your product selection? Add a feedback survey to your website’s product page.
  • Want feedback on your workshop? Send your students a WhatsApp survey and let them answer it before the end of class.
  • Want some feedback from your colleagues? Make a fun email survey and wait for the responses to roll in.
  • Looking to collect reviews from your audience? Create an efficient review funnel that encourages and guides your audience to leave a review.

Mobile First

Opinion Stage surveys are fully responsive and mobile-friendly.

Your surveys will look great and perform smoothly on any screen from desktop computers to mobile phones.

No matter how many images and videos you use your survey will load fast even on slow internet connections.

Drastically increase your response rate by giving people easy access to your feedback survey.

Real-Time Email Notifications

Strengthen client relations by replying fast to the feedback you receive. It’s easy with email notifications:

  • Get notified in real-time whenever new feedback is submitted.
  • Send an immediate response to show that you appreciate the effort and input.
  • When necessary, address the specific feedback to solve issues and show that you care.

Quick & Easy to Create

No need to start from scratch. Collect feedback quickly and easily with our predesigned feedback survey templates.

  • Optimized for maximum engagement and friendly user experience.
  • All templates are fully functional and ready for use just as they are.
  • Change any aspect of any template to suit your needs – images, text, CTA’s, and settings.

Customize Everything

Inspire trust and grow engagement with a feedback survey that beautifully matches the look and feel of your brand.

  • Select a color theme, fonts, and letter size.
  • Choose different question types and answer layouts.
  • White label your survey and add your own logo.
  • Use custom CSS to change any design element you want.

Advanced Reports

Learn from every piece of feedback you receive with our detailed visual analytics reports.

  • Performance reports show you how people are responding to your survey and what you can improve to get even more responses.
  • Answer reports give you a visual snapshot of the answers to each question in pie charts and bar graphs.
  • Response reports offer a detailed table of all answers organized by answer and user.
  • All reports are created and updated automatically, ready for you to dive in and reach valuable insights.
  • Integrate them with your data collection or marketing automation systems, or export them to CSV/XLS files.

Secure & GDPR Compliant

Any feedback survey you collect with Opinion Stage is stored on secure Amazon AWS servers in the cloud. All your data is encrypted in transit and in rest.

We follow strict industry security and privacy standards to verify that your information is never compromised.

We also perform regular security assessments and audits to verify your data is always secure.

Loved By Our Customers

Hundreds of customers gave us 5-star reviews

Best survey plugin I have ever used. It is user-friendly and it makes it super easy to create almost any kind of survey. I was really surprised when I first started it. Super helpful!
Alfonso Pacheco
Senior Instructional Designer at Microsoft
A seamless platform for doing any kind of survey. The survey themes are good so it has a good look and feel. Seamless integration with other platforms.
Hitesh Dhingra
Marketing Manager at Times Internet
By using Opinion Stage, we have a user-friendly built-in system that allows us to get better responses. The product is so simple to use, that we've seen nearly a 50% increase in feedback submitted, which has been a tremendous help for my team!
Kari Gilbert
Business Process Specialist at IHG Hotels & Resorts

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