Email Survey: How to Send a Survey in Email

Create and Send an Email Survey in 4 Easy Steps:

  1.       Create a survey using the survey creation form
  2.       Locate the survey on the dashboard
  3.       Click “Embed & Share” button, and then the “Link” tab
  4.      Copy and Paste the Link in the body of the Email and Send

You’re done!


Below is an example of an Email Survey created with Opinion Stage:email- survey

Best Practices for Running Email Surveys

Align survey questions with your goal

Define in detail what is the information you want to gather. Then make sure the questions are aligned with the goal. Use close-ended questions and open-ended questions accordingly.

Keep the survey short

Users usually won’t spend the time needed to answer a long survey. Try to shorten the number of questions in your survey as much as possible. We usually recommend restricting your Survey to 5-15 questions.

Use visually pleasing images

Using pleasing images in the survey will increase user engagement and will get you more survey completions. Make use of an appealing survey theme and cover image. You can also add images to each of the question answers.

Make it easy to answer

The answers to each question should cover all the options and should not overlap. If you don’t know what all the possible answers can be, make it an open-ended question. Make the questions and answers short and clear.

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