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Use an online suggestion box to gather new ideas from customers or employees.

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Suggestion Box

Do you have any suggestions for us? You can drop them in right here! All feedback is welcome. We love new ideas, even the craziest ones.
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Having a suggestion box is a good way to enable customers and employees to provide feedback and constructive criticism. However, the physical suggestion box is outdated. While there’s no harm in keeping one around your office, creating a digital suggestion box is a much better option. You can quickly create one using our template or make one yourself.

What’s the Point of a Suggestion Box?

Direct feedback is very important if you want to improve the way you do business. Companies pay experts large amounts of money to gather and analyze such data. 

Online suggestion boxes are a simpler, cheaper, and more direct way of acquiring the feedback you need. Constructive criticism allows you to improve your products and services.

Suggestion boxes are also a way to increase employee satisfaction and engagement. A satisfied worker is a productive worker and giving them a way to voice their opinion is good for business. Recurring suggestions will help you pinpoint potential issues and allow you to address them. You may also get an idea you end up implementing. Check out our employee satisfaction form for more on this. 

How Should the Suggestion Box Be Structured?

As the entire idea is for customers and employees to give their suggestions, a large part of the form should be dedicated to allowing them to express themselves about anything they find important. Simply ask what suggestions they have and how they believe things could be improved. This section of the form should come at the beginning.

You can also guide the conversation toward the areas you find relevant. For example, if you’re aiming to get suggestions from your customer base you could dedicate sections of your suggestion box to your website, customer success, or product line. Or if you’re looking for suggestions from your employees you could ask for suggestions on how to improve communication, training, or the sick-leave policy.

The first section will allow them to focus on topics they find pressing and provide any ideas they might have. The dedicated sections help you get what you want. Some people will also find these more specific sections easier to answer. In the end, everybody wins.

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Anonymous or Not?

Finally, you need to decide whether you want the suggestions to be anonymous or not. The best practice is to keep them anonymous. This will make the suggestions more honest and valuable. It will also allow customers and employees to float ideas they would be ashamed of otherwise.

You can give them the option to state their names, but make it clear that it’s optional. Customers may not care about being named, but your employees will. If they need to identify themselves, they may tell you only what they think you want to hear. In such a case, the employee suggestion box serves no purpose. You want honest opinions and wild ideas, and you will only get them via anonymous suggestions.

Check out our survey templates and form templates for more ideas on how to collect feedback and suggestions from your target audience.

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