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Website User Experience Questionnaire

We care about your experience with us. Please fill out our website user experience questionnaire to let us know how we can improve.

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Every business should put energy into making their customers happy. User satisfaction is what sets you apart from your competitors. However, you need an easy and reliable way to assess their experience and satisfaction with your product or service. 

This is where a well-designed user experience questionnaire comes in. Get started with our template or create your own from scratch with our survey maker.

User Experience Questionnaire Format

Before we get into what a user experience questionnaire should include, we need to take a moment to talk about the format. The principle is simple – don’t make it too long or too dense. You want to get feedback from your customers, but they are under no obligation to provide it.

It’s up to them whether they want to fill out a questionnaire or not. And if it will take them a lot of time or energy, they’ll likely just skip the entire process. So, make your questions clear and straightforward, and only ask about the things you are truly interested in.

What the Questionnaire Should Include

A user experience questionnaire should have two or three main sections. No more. Remember, your goal is to get the feedback you need without tiring your users or taking up too much of their time.

User Details

First, if the type of user is relevant, ask for their information. You could ask for details like name, gender, age, or company name, and have them check what type of user they are. For example, private users, freelancers, agencies, etc. 

However, if any of this information is not relevant, skip it. People don’t like to provide personal information if they don’t have to.

Grade by Experience

Provide a grading method and a short explanation of each grade. The standard 1 – 5 is usually sufficient. Instead of numerical grading, you can give them short descriptions of each grade. So, from excellent to very bad, or something of that nature. 

This section is the body and most important segment of your user experience questionnaire. You can customize it to your specific needs, but in general, it should let them grade: ease of use, efficiency/usability, and appeal.

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How to Word the Questions

The way you word a question can influence the answers you get, so give your phrasing some thought. You don’t want to create bias by asking what makes our product better than the competition. And you don’t want to create confusion with a double-barreled question like do you find our product useful and cost-effective?

Your wording should also be influenced by how specific you want the feedback to be. For ease of use, you can simply ask: How easy is our product to use? With a 1 to 5 scale, you’ll get the basic answers you need. 

However, you can expand the questions if you want to get more specific. If you suspect certain pain points, this can be a good way to identify them. So, you can ask: How intuitive is the user interface? Or, how clear was the tutorial? You can also invite users to elaborate on their answers if they wish. In essence, if you are interested in any specific features of your product, include them in the user experience questionnaire.

Do the same with efficiency/usability and appeal. So, to what extent does the product fulfill your need? And, how do you like the product design? Once again, get as specific as you need to. But keep in mind that the whole questionnaire should not take your users more than 5 or 10 minutes to complete.

One Last Thought…

When building your questionnaire, leave space for additional comments at the end. Most users will skip this part, but you may gain valuable feedback from time to time. Usually, the users who make the effort to add a comment have something valuable to say. And don’t forget to thank them for their help.

Visit our survey templates library for more questionnaires and survey ideas. You can use them as they are or simply get inspired and create your own.

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