Customer Satisfaction Survey Template

Find out how satisfied your customers are with your product or service and what you could be doing better.

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Customer Satisfaction Survey

Discover how satisfied your customers are with your brand and gather actionable feedback to improve in the future.
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Customer satisfaction is one of the most important factors that contribute to the success of your business. However, in order to keep them happy with your product, customer service, and support, you need to know both what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. A customer satisfaction survey can help you get all the information you need and define actionable steps.

What to Measure With Customer Satisfaction Surveys?

Different businesses and organizations use different customer service methods, but in most cases, when one wants to assess customer feedback or consumer satisfaction an online survey can be a powerful tool. It’s a great way to measure customer experience, customer loyalty, and customer service satisfaction.

The actionable feedback you receive from a well-designed survey will give you a clear picture of what you need to do better if you are to improve or maintain customer satisfaction.

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How to Create an Excellent Survey?

Every customer satisfaction survey aims to achieve a high response rate and collect valuable customer feedback. Survey question quality and design play a big part in ensuring both. Below are some tips that will help you create an engaging survey.

Include Both Open & Closed-Ended Questions

First of all, any survey should contain a good balance of open-ended and closed-ended questions. While closed-ended ones are easy to answer, they can rarely give you any details beyond how satisfied the customer is. 

That’s why you should always include a couple of open-ended questions in your customer satisfaction survey. Ask your customers what they are delighted with and what they think you could improve about your product.

Include a Likert Scale Question

A Likert scale question asks the respondent to rate their general experience with your brand on a scale from “very unsatisfied” to “very satisfied”. The number of scores on the rating scale usually ranges from 5 to 10. The answers you receive will give you a good idea of the general satisfaction of your customers.

This type of survey question can also be used to determine your Net Promoter Score, which is a good indicator of customer loyalty. You can read more about the scale and NPS, as well as try our Likert scale template.

Try to Cover All Answers

When asking closed-ended questions, make sure you provide all answers your survey respondents might give. Otherwise, they won’t be able to provide you with quality responses and may even give up on the survey. If you are unsure whether you’ve covered all answers, it’s always a good idea to allow them to type their own response.

Keep It Short & to the Point

A customer satisfaction survey that takes a long time to complete will probably have a poor response rate. Avoid unnecessary questions and going overboard with the survey length. Instead, focus on the ones that matter most and will give you the best response quality and quantity. 

Make Sure Your Questions Aren’t Leading

A leading question contains an assumption that the customer may or may not agree with. Try to keep them unbiased and focused on getting accurate responses. After all, only objective feedback is valuable feedback.

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