Job Satisfaction Survey

Please take a few minutes to tell us about how you feel about your current job and the company you work for.

On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to recommend your employer as a good place to work?
What do you like best about your current job?
What could your employer do to improve your satisfaction with your job?
What is most important to you in this job?
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Please rate this statement: I have a good working relationship with my colleagues.
Please rate this statement: My job responsibilities are clearly defined. I know what is expected of me.
Do you have all the resources (like tools and technology) you need to do your job well?
Is there anything that could help you be more effective at your job? Please tell us below.
Do you feel valued and recognized for your contributions and successes at work?
Do you see yourself still working for your current employer in another 2 years?
Thank you!
Thanks for sharing your feedback with us! We very much appreciate you taking the time to let us know how satisfied you are with your job and your employer.

Job Satisfaction Survey Template

Discover how satisfied the company workers are, and how you can improve their satisfaction from their job.
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