Net Promoter Score (NPS) Template

Use an NPS template to gauge customer satisfaction, improve client relations, and gather important feedback.

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Calculate your Net Promoter Score (NPS) and find out how satisfied your customers are with your products and services. NPS is one of the most widely used metrics when estimating customer satisfaction. It is also fairly easy to implement with a Net Promoter Score template, as you will see below.

What is a Net Promoter Score (NPS) Survey?

A Net Promoter Score survey focuses on a single question: how likely are your customers to recommend your product/service to their friends, colleagues, or family? 

Customers answer by giving a rating on a scale of 0 to 10. In this sense, it can measure customer satisfaction, overall experience, as well as brand loyalty, indicating future business growth.

Why Use a Net Promoter Score Template?

There are several benefits of using NPS survey questions. Here are some of them.


First of all, they are very simple to use, as well as respond to. Since it’s a single question, the survey is easy to create and takes very little time to complete. As a result, it encourages respondents to give you their feedback.

Growing Your Brand

NPS questions can help you grow your business by providing insight into how you can improve customer experience and satisfaction. After all, satisfied customers will spread the word about your brand and bring in other potential clients.

Customer Retention

Retaining existing customers is just as important as gaining new ones. By identifying those who are not satisfied you can proactively work to retain them. NPS questions can prove to be extremely useful in this sense.

Comparing With Your Competition

Finally, NPS surveys will allow you to compare your customer satisfaction with that of your competition. Knowing what you need to improve can give you a competitive edge and help you compete with industry leaders.

Old fashioned scale

The Net Promoter Scale

Your Net Promoter Score is calculated using the NPS scale: 0 (unlikely to recommend) to 10 (extremely likely to recommend).

Based on their response, you can place them into one of three categories below to determine the NPS score:

  • Detractors – response between 0 and 6

  • Passives – response 7 or 8

  • Promoters – response 9 and 10

Detractors are unsatisfied customers who will probably not buy from you in the future. They can be unhappy with your product or service as a whole, or with certain elements. Either way, there is a risk they will share their dissatisfaction with others. This, of course, may hurt your business in terms of gaining new customers.

Passives are satisfied with your brand, but not enough to promote you. They are likely to switch to your competitor if the competitor can provide better terms. So, you should always aim to convert them into promoters.

Promoters are happy customers loyal to your brand and satisfied with your products and services. Most of them are repeat buyers with great experiences in dealing with you. They will spread positive word-of-mouth about you and encourage others to buy from you.

Once you have your results, you can determine your NPS score by subtracting the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters.

What Is a Good Net Promoter Score?

Calculating your NPS is easy enough once you’ve conducted the survey, but you may find yourself wondering just how good or bad your score is. Although it’s extremely unlikely you’ll reach either the lowest possible score (-100) or the highest (100), knowing the ratio of your satisfied and unsatisfied customers can help you improve.

Generally, a good NPS may mean different things in different niches. So your best bet is to compare your NPS to your competitors’. This will give you a clear idea of how you are doing and whether you need to put some extra effort into customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Other than that, any score below zero is always considered poor, since it means that most of your customers are unsatisfied and are, therefore, detractors.

Opinion Stage Net Promoter Score Template

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