Zoom Meeting Survey

Thanks for joining this Zoom meeting, hope you enjoyed it. We'd love to get your feedback so that we can make the next one even better.
Did the meeting’s time slot suit you?
Which time slot would you have preferred?
How often should we have these meetings?
Did you find the meeting useful?
What did you find especially useful?
What's one thing that could've made it more useful?
Do you prefer having meetings online or in person?
How do you feel about being on camera during Zoom meetings?
How did you feel after the meeting?
Did the meeting change your outlook on the company?
All in all, how would you rate the meeting?
Before we go, anything else you'd like to add?
Thank you for taking the survey!
Your answers will help us understand you better, and improve future meetings.

Here's a fun article about the whole zooming experience. It's a new world for us all.
Thank you!

Zoom Meeting Feedback Template

End your meeting with a quick feedback survey to learn and improve for next time.
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