Opinion Stage Media Kit / Resources

About 1-liner

Opinion Stage is a service for creating interactive polls, quizzes, surveys & forms. Over 100,000 brands and publishers across 190+ countries engage their users with visual items created with Opinion Stage.

Customer Examples

IHG, Mazda, Mattel, Kaspersky, Uber, Zullily, NBCSport, Trip Adviser, Readers Digest, Vice, BBC, Warner Brothers, Outbrain, Nativo

Main Use Cases

Content marketing, lead/sales generation, audience insights, ad-revenue, online assessments, online voting, product finder, quiz competitions

Interactive Tools

Poll, Multi Poll, Survey, Trivia Quiz, Personality Quiz, Form, Story Article

Case Studies

For case study examples, refer to the Case Studies Page

Templates & Examples

For templates & examples, refer to the Templates & Examples Page

Intro Video


For pricing details, refer to the Pricing Page

Web Resources

Opinion Stage in the web


Brand Resources

Opinion Stage Icon (200×200)


Opinion Stage Logo (1200×300)

Screenshot Examples







Opinion Stage Media Kit / Resources
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