IHG Case Study

Ella Levenbach By Ella Levenbach Updated: November 8, 2023 Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Use Cases: Insights, Training

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Some Background

InterContinental Hotels Group is a multinational hospitality company, with 5,656 hotels across nearly 100 countries. Their Customer Experience Operations team oversees the 1) Customer Service, 2) Sales, and 3) Loyalty Program departments, and came to Opinion Stage for a training program solution.

Details of Usage

IHG uses Opinion Stage Quizzes on their employee intranet to create assessments for new employees upon completion of training, to test their knowledge and understanding of the content. They also use Opinion Stage Surveys to collect employee feedback on newly designed service training programs.

Prior to Opinion Stage, IHG used another Survey & Quiz solution, which they were unhappy with as it was harder to configure and required a login from each respondent to participate.

This is a Survey created by IHG used to get feedback from new employees after completing a training program.


50% increase in feedback received from the staff. They are able to use this feedback to continuously improve their training courses! The results from the training quizzes demonstrated which areas of the training needed more focus and detail.

“By using Opinion Stage, we have a user-friendly build-in system that allows us to get better responses.” – Kari Gilbert, CXO | Business Process Specialist

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