Top 16 Digital Marketing Tactics to Fuel Business Growth in 2021

Businesses of all sizes need a marketing plan. Essentially, it’s a roadmap to success. It consists of strategies and marketing tactics that will keep all your business efforts focused on the goal you’ve set to achieve. 

Marketers determining ideal digital marketing tactics for engaging consumers

Many use “strategy” and “tactics” interchangeably, especially in marketing. Although the terms may seem synonymous, they refer to two different things. In business, companies leverage the marketing process to drive brand awareness and get products in front of their target audience. Strategy refers to the plan for achieving your goal. The tactics, on the other hand, are the actions you execute to support your strategy.

This guide delves into the latter. Here, we’ll cover everything from the digital marketing tactics definition to digital marketing tactics examples. We’ve made a list of the best actions to fuel your business growth in 2019. 

What Are Digital Marketing Tactics?

When you’re creating a marketing plan, you start with broad strategies. Then, you support them with the right tactics. 

Digital marketing tactics refer to a wide range of actions that brands use to reach a specific goal. In the digital era, you have a wealth of budget-friendly options to choose from. If, for example, you want to engage consumers, running quizzes or contests can help you achieve that goal. Let’s say you’re hoping to improve brand loyalty. You can offer consumers value through email campaigns, podcasts, or live interviews. You can promote user-generated content or start supporting a cause. 

Since you have a myriad options, you need to carefully select the right tactics that can support your strategy and lead you closer to your goal. 

16 of the Best Digital Marketing Tactics

From running email campaigns to hosting live interviews, this digital marketing tactics list covers a wide range of methods that will help you expand your reach, gain new prospects, and maintain your existing customer base.

Here are 16 digital marketing tactics examples:

1. Improve brand awareness with quizzes

Quizzes aren’t only for fun and games. In fact, they can help marketers raise brand awareness. With a well-structured quiz, you can also turn prospects into social media followers. By integrating it with the rest of your digital strategy, you can gain a loyal audience.

Best practices to keep in mind when you make a quiz:

Tips for writing your quiz results:

Create Your Own Quiz in Minutes

Create a Quiz

2. Build rapport with prospects through Email

Marketers have gained a wide array of tools over the years. Yet, email continues to be a fundamental tool for building relationships with consumers. 

The content and messages delivered through email communication might have changed drastically. However, the practice is essentially the same. Nevertheless, many still struggle to do it effectively. There are different types of content you can send to your prospects to build rapport.

Emails as digital marketing tactics

Types of emails:

3. Use video testimonials to boost conversions

Testimonials have always been valuable marketing assets for influencing the buying psychology of consumers. Whether B2B or B2C, you can always use testimonials to increase conversions. That’s because consumers rely heavily on social proof before making a purchase. 

Currently, video testimonials have the most impact on buying decisions. Even if they don’t come from a person that a buyer knows, they can still increase conversions. In fact, around 91% of consumers trust online reviews as much as recommendations from personal contacts. 

To make powerful, impactful video testimonials, you have to ask clients the right questions. Don’t focus on the product or service. Instead, concentrate on the value that they’ve delivered to the consumer. Potential buyers want to know the benefits they’ll receive from paying for a product or service. So, let them know how you can solve their pain points.

Examples of questions you can ask:

Implement your video strategically into your landing pages. In other words, you shouldn’t just place testimonials on the lowermost part of your homepage because everyone else is doing it. Instead, implement video testimonials on the pages where you’re selling products or services. In doing so, you can build trust and motivate consumers to convert.

4. Leverage paid social media ads to increase reach

Paid search ads can drive immediate traffic to your website from a wider yet highly-targeted audience. They certainly require an investment. However, these ads can be cost-effective when prepared properly. Best of all, such ad campaigns can deliver an attractive return on investment.

Marketing team exploring new marketing tactics

he best social media platforms for paid ads:

How to choose the right platform:

5. Gather customer feedback with surveys

Businesses can use surveys to optimize their products or services to suit the needs of consumers. In doing so, you can gain actionable insights for improving products and services. You can also learn how to serve your audience better. More importantly, you can use surveys to figure out how to stand out from a sea of competitors. 

Certainly, you’ve got to ask the right questions to gain the right insights. And when you do, you can identify opportunities for improvement in your marketing strategy. 

Best practices for writing marketing surveys:

Create Your Own Survey in Minutes

Create a Survey

6. Elevate the brand with the help of advocates

Satisfied consumers, employees, and business partners can become your brand advocates. They can elevate your brand and fuel your company’s growth. Moreover, they can help you thrive in a highly-saturated marketplace. After all, they’re more than just loyal customers. They’re lifelong partners who are willing to share the values of your products and services.

How to build brand advocates:

7. Build consumer loyalty by giving back

Millennials are currently the largest consumer group. This generation values brands that give back to their communities. In fact, 70% of them are willing to make personal sacrifices to support the causes that matter to them. That includes paying more for a product. 

Tips for using corporate social responsibility successfully:

8. Generate buzz through podcasting

Podcasting is more popular now than it’s been at any point—and for good reason. When done right, your podcasts can generate some buzz for your business. Eventually, your efforts can help establish the company as an authority in your niche.

Podcasts as marketing tactics examples

Make sure all these aspects are perfect:

Tips for generating buzz with podcasts:

9. Generate qualified leads with quizzes

Highly-engaging quizzes can generate more qualified leads than any static lead form in a website. As a matter of fact, quizzes can help you gather up to 500% more leads than a standard form. 

Tips for creating highly-engaging quizzes that generate leads:

The title should be an enticing question that appeals to your audience. If you know who you’re writing it for, you can create an ideal quiz title that drives high-participation rates.

So you can identify high-quality leads, ask a few questions that will help you pick out the respondents who can offer you the highest value.

Integrate a lead form in the quiz. You can ask for the respondents’ contact details right before you let them see their results. Given that the quiz is highly-engaging, you can expect to gather up to five times more leads than with a standard form. 

Along with the results of the quiz, add a powerful call-to-action. You can either integrate a CTA button or redirect participants to a landing page that’s customized based on their results. 

Generate up to 500 Percent More Leads with a Lead Quiz

Create a Quiz

10. Deliver useful information through infographics

Use infographics to deliver valuable information or data. As research shows, original visual content, such as infographics, drives the most engagements. 

Tips for making infographics:

11. Host live interviews to educate your audience 

Businesses can leverage live streaming to deliver important information. For example, inviting a guest speaker like a professional figure in your niche or a customer can help your audience better understand what you can offer. 

Tips for running successful live interviews:

12. Set up a FAQ page 

Frequently Asked Questions pages enhance the user experience. They enable visitors to find all the answers to their questions in a single place. Not only do FAQ pages make life easier for consumers but they also save your business valuable resources. 

Furthermore, FAQ pages can enhance your SEO efforts. People often use long-tail keywords or full sentence questions when researching a brand. If their searches match the terms on your FAQ page, your website can rank organically on Google. In turn, you can drive organic traffic to your platform. 

The FAQ page might not generate as much traffic as other SEO methods. However, it will drive a highly-targeted audience that’s interested in your brand.

Using frequently asked questions as digital marketing tactics

Tips for creating SEO-friendly FAQ pages:

13. Promote user-generated content 

User-generated content promotes authenticity as it comes from consumers themselves. By using UGC, you can improve credibility, increase trust, and gain brand advocates.

Tips for using UGC:

14. Repurpose content to maximize your effort

Breathing new life into existing content has numerous advantages. For example, you can gain relevant materials which you can share on your online channels. You can also boost your SEO efforts and tap into a new audience. 

Look at your site analytics to identify high-performing posts. Perhaps some facts have changed since you posted it. So, find out if you have something new to add. Then, don’t forget to optimize your content for the platform you’re going to publish it on. 

Tips for repurposing content:

15. Leverage interactive content to help solve customer pain points

Interactive content allows consumers to address problems and challenges in real-time. By integrating them into the website, you can help consumers identify their problems. More importantly, you can show them how your products or services can help solve the issues effectively.

Types of interactive content for solving customer pain points:

Opinion Stage is a platform you can leverage to develop interactive content such as assessments, stories, quizzes, and slideshows. They give you the option to design your content from scratch or choose from their rich selection of templates. With their help, you can drive more engagements and gain high-quality leads by giving consumers immediate solutions to their pain points.

16. Host contests to engage audiences

Online contests are an excellent way to gain low-cost marketing exposure. Who doesn’t love free stuff? Giving away freebies such as products, cash prizes, and other merchandise can help you increase audience engagements. 

Tips for running a contest:

Create Quizzes, Surveys, and Polls

Start Creating


Everyone wants to get ahead of the competition and stand out amidst the noise. Using the right marketing tactics effectively will help businesses achieve that. 

Marketers brainstorming new digital marketing tactics

As seen above, there are plenty of methods to fuel business growth. However, it’s not about integrating as many digital marketing tactics as you can. The key is in finding the right ones that you can execute effectively. 


Top 16 Digital Marketing Tactics to Fuel Business Growth in 2021
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