Which Quiz/Survey Format Should I Use?

If you aren’t sure which item format you should use to achieve your business objective, take this quiz. It will help you select the best item type based on your business objective.



Following is a list of the most popular Opinion Stage formats:

Trivia Quiz

Trivia Quizzes are among the most engaging forms of interactive content. They have several right or wrong answers. Users answer each question and then see how they did at the end (you can also configure the quiz to show if the answers were correct immediately). For more information on trivia quizzes, refer to the trivia quiz maker product page.

Personality Quiz

Personality quizzes have the potential to be extremely viral and very popular online. If you spend a lot of time on social media, you’ve probably taken a personality quiz before. You can recognize a personality quiz by looking at its title. It will usually be something like “What Pet Animal Are You?“ or “What Is Your Most Dominant Trait?” if it’s a casual personality quiz. If the quiz is more on the business side, it could be “What Type of Investment Plan Suits You?” or “What Blender Should You Buy?”.

Both trivia and personality quizzes are great formats for increasing engagement. They work so well because users have to get involved to see the end result. People also like learning about themselves, and quizzes are a great way to help them do that. For more information on personality quizzes, refer to the personality quiz maker product page.


Polls are another type of content that you can use to increase engagement on your site. In a poll, you ask your audience a question, and after they vote you let them see the vote break down. There are many scenarios in which polls are ideal. For example, you might want to find out whether your users like your new site, discover your audience’s favorite celebrity, or learn their opinion on topics of the day. Polls are effective because people like sharing their opinions about things. They also like seeing how their opinion stacks up against others. A poll makes it easy for them to compare themselves, which can lead to more discussions on your site. You can use Multi-Poll sets to group a few polls together. For more information, refer to the poll maker product page.


Interactive surveys are great for receiving detailed information about your audience. You can use this information to create better content in the future to keep your users engaged, learn how you can improve your product/service, discover who your audience is, and much more. The key to creating an engaging survey is to use a variety of media. Opinion Stage lets you add images, videos, gifs, and more to make your questions appealing. Visuals capture people’s attention and keep them coming back for more. For more information, refer to the survey maker product page.

Classic Forms

If you are looking to gather a few pieces of information from your users, you may want to select the classical form format. With a form, you can present all your questions/fields on one page. For more information, refer to the form maker product page.


Which Quiz/Survey Format Should I Use?
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