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Create an online Trivia Quiz to test user knowledge. The Trivia Quiz Maker is full of features and customization options. It takes minutes to get up and going with a fully functional quiz.

Create from scratch or using one of the hundreds of optimized trivia maker templates:

1) Fun Trivia Games for engagement

2) Online assessments

3) Online tests

4) Online Competitions

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Why Our Trivia Quiz Maker Stands Out

The top reasons why our why our Trivia Quiz Builder Stands Out

Fantastic Engagement

Trivia quizzes created with the Opinion Stage trivia maker get great engagement rates. The questions are interactive, visually appealing, and optimized for all platforms. As a result, they receive up to 80% participation rates and up to 90% completion rates.

trivia quiz maker engagement
easy and fast to create trivia quizzes

Easy & Fast to Create

Opinion Stage offers hundreds of optimized templates. Start by browsing the trivia maker templates to get ideas for the quiz you want to create. Use the templates to get up and going fast and easy. Make all the changes you like to the templates including changing the texts, images, and customizing the layout.

Customize Look & Feel

Customize the Trivia Maker so that it perfectly matches your site and brand. Select between different color themes, fonts, and sizes. Above all. you can use custom CSS to change each design aspect of your quiz, or white label the quiz and add your own logo.

trivia quiz creator customization
trivia quiz analytics report

Advanced Quiz Reporting

Opinion Stage will provide you with reports on all aspects of the results and performance. Firstly, you will get a summary with performance data, a result report which details how users answered each question and how long it took them to complete. Finally, you will receive metadata such as timestamps. All of this information can be exported to a CSV/XLS file for advanced analysis.

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How Our Customers Use Trivia Quizzes

Use cases From Opinion Stage Customers

Create Assessments & Tests

Educators and brands use the trivia maker to create tests for their students and employees. For example, our customers use trivia at the end of corporate training sessions for new hires. You can easily distribute the tests to students or participants of the course via web or email. Users take the quizzes from any device – desktop, tablet, or mobile as needed in your scenario. The results can be analyzed using the online results and statistics dashboard. When needed, you can also export the results of the assessment for advanced analysis in your 3rd party tool of choice.

assessment quiz example
trivia quiz based online competitions

Run Online Competitions

Trivia Quizzes are a great tool for conducting online competitions. Quiz competitions generate lots of Buzz and therefore drive traffic to your site! You can run a trivia quiz where users can compete on who can answer the most questions in the least amount of time. You can then collect their contact information and give a prize to the winner.

Gather Leads with a Trivia Quiz Maker

You can generate high-quality leads by integrating a lead form inside your trivia quiz. This method of lead generation results in up to 500% more leads when compared to using static forms.

generate leads with trivia quizzes
trivia quiz for social network sharing

Drive Traffic From Social

The Opinion Stage trivia quiz maker integrates with popular social networks and includes features that promote social sharing. You can optimize the social shares by configuring the shared image and text. As a result, you can expect an uptick in traffic to your site!

How to Make a Trivia Quiz that Delivers Great Results

It takes minutes to get up and going with a fully configured survey

1. Think about Your Audience

Just like any other content you develop, the most important thing is to have a clear concept of who your audience is, and match the questions in the quiz to their interests, needs, and abilities. Make sure the content in your quiz is interesting to your audience.

2. Keep it Short

Start with baby steps. When you start, begin with a minimal set of questions to see how your quiz is shaping up. Write the first few questions, save a draft, and see the preview of how your quiz appears. It is easier to adjust your quiz before publishing it.

3. Start Easy

It is recommended that you start with the easiest question and increase the difficulty of the questions step-by-step. This way, people will not be scared away by the first questions and will proceed to the next questions in the series.

4. Look your Best

Try to put in your best work while creating a quiz. There is a lot of not-so-good content available on the Internet. So, make sure that you set high standards for yourself. A good trivia maker is only as good as the questions it includes.

5. Make your Audience Smile

Don’t just be a scorekeeper. Add light humor and make your quiz entertaining to the audience by adding images, animations, and videos.

6. Set the Right Number of Questions

Keep the number of questions between 10 and 15. If you add too few questions, you will miss out on the crucial questions. If you add too many questions, people may lose interest and quit before completing the quiz.

7. Do not Give it Away

Create questions that make your audience think before they select the answer. Make sure that the quiz is neither too hard nor too easy. Consider if you want to show the correct answer just after the user selects an answer or only when he completes answering all the questions and gets his summary result.

8. Results Matter

The text and image presented at the end of the quiz are very crucial. Make sure to create results that will encourage people to share your quiz results on social media sites. For example, congratulating the participants on their successful completion of the quiz is a great way to get them to share it on social media sites.

9. Keep it Positive

Keep the outcome of the results positive even if the score of a participant is not too good. Usage of negative wordings in the outcome is a complete turn-off. People usually do not share something that makes them feel bad or look bad on social networking sites.

10. Use Visuals

Images and videos catch people’s attention and imagination. Usage of visuals keeps your participants glued to the quiz and keeps them engaged. Choose good quality images, especially for the quiz’s cover photo. The Opinion Stage trivia quiz maker lets you integrate images/videos in the introduction, questions and answers.


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Great all around package, we’ve been using it for about a year. After checking all the alternatives there’s no better option. The UI design is sleek and it adapts well to embed in our website. The features are everything we need. Customer support is great, quick to reply and super helpful.

Alex F.



This excellent software allows you to make anything from bespoke polls to quizzes, in seconds amending them just as quickly. The results look excellent on and add enormous value to your site.

Jim O.



Opinion Stage is easy to use and is a great alternative to BuzzFeed for businesses looking for a way to engage their customers. There are plenty of options for personalization and implementation.

Haromny W.


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