Trivia Quiz Templates

Select a trivia quiz template that best fits your use case or check out some trivia quizzes for inspiration.

Score Quiz Template

Test the knowledge of your users. Display a score at the end of the quiz.

Assessment Quiz Template

Assess the knowledge or capability of a participant on a subject matter.

Quiz Competition Template

Run a knowledge competition, offering a prize to the user that gets the most correct answers in the least time.

Multiple Choice Quiz Template

Ask a series of multiple choice quiz questions

Matching Quiz Template

Match 2 things together, like a quote with the person that said it.

Trivia Quiz Template

Engage your audience with a fun trivia quiz. Display a shareable result at the end.

Buzzfeed Style Trivia Quiz

Generate shares and engagement with this fun trivia quiz.

True or False Quiz Template

Ask a set of true/false questions for a quick yet challenging quiz experience.