Use a Template to Create a Webflow Quiz

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Create a Webflow Quiz From Scratch

Follow this step-by-step guide to make your own visual interactive quiz in a few minutes.

1. Make a Quiz

What type of quiz would you like to make? Click here to make a trivia quiz or here to create a personality quiz. When you’re done creating, click on ‘Publish’.

create a quiz

2. Go to ‘My Items’

Your items dashboard is where all your saved and published quizzes will be stored. Find your quiz there and click on ‘Embed & Share’.

go to my items to find your quiz

3. Copy Code From Pop Up

A popup window will appear. Choose the ‘General embed’ tab and copy the embed code.

copy html embed code

4. Add The Quiz to Your Webflow Site

Head over to Webflow. Click on the ‘+’ button and scroll down the menu until you find the ‘Embed’ icon. Drag and drop it wherever you’d like to place your quiz. Paste your code in the pop-up window that opens and click on ‘Save & Close’.

add to webflow

Try This Personality Quiz

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Why Create a Webflow Quiz?

Sometimes all you need is an entertaining quiz to make your Webflow website thrive. Boost engagementget more leadsmake more sales, and build stronger bonds with your audience.

Improve Audience Engagement

A well-designed quiz can reach 80% engagements and 90% completions. After all, people love answering multiple-choice questions, especially when they’re visual and interactive.

Use our smart quiz builder to drive up the interest of your users. Excite them with a fun interactive content piece and keep them hooked as they find out more about themselves or test their own knowledge. As their competitive streak and curiosity take over, the time spent on your site will increase.

Generate Profitable Leads

Get 5X more quality leads by creating a lead quiz on your website. Lead quizzes tend to work much better than traditional lead forms because they offer value and build anticipation before asking for anything.

The contact form of a lead quiz usually appears between the questions and the results, asking people to share their details in order to see the results. In most cases, this in itself is enough of an incentive. But you could offer an additional incentive, like early access to content, a voucher, or a giveaway to get even more leads.

In addition to growing your customer base, l lead quiz also makes segmentation and qualification easier since every lead is automatically associated with quiz answers that tell you a lot about the person behind the email.

Increase Product Sales

Boost sales, improve customer experience, reduce abandoned carts, and cut product returns with a product recommendation quiz. By asking a short series of questions you can direct buyers to the products they’ll love with minimum hassle and maximum fun.

The business logic is simple, a sales quiz is a cost-effective way to make your customers’ journey easier, and it saves time for your sales staff as well as your customer support team.

Try This Product Quiz

Raise Brand Awareness

Engaging quizzes can increase your brand’s visibility and show people who you are and what you stand for.

  • Make trendy quizzes with high sharing potential and customize them to match your brand’s design.
  • Add quizzes to your blog content to keep readers interested and compel them to share.
  • Use an interactive quiz to raise awareness of causes that are important to you.
  • Create a competitive quiz and award one of your products/services to the winners. Quiz competitions create excitement and spread like wildfire.

Keep Online Learning Fun

Spice up your training programs with interactive tests that help your trainees learn better and faster.

  • Offer a casual and fun experiential learning tool that makes it easier to understand and remember.
  • Give real-time feedback by indicating correct and incorrect answers and adding answer explanations.
  • Let your students learn in their own time and space by giving them access anytime and anywhere, and letting them take the test multiple times.
  • Get to know your students better by analyzing their performance as well as the answers they selected.

Try This Trivia Quiz

What Types of Quizzes Are There?

There are so many kinds of quizzes one can create, knowledge assessments, competitions, interactive tests, sales quizzes, lead quizzes, and more. But they all fall under two main categories: trivia quizzes and personality quizzes. Both can be used to offer enjoyable quiz activities and serve as excellent marketing tools to engage your audience.

Create a Challenging Trivia Quiz

Use trivia quizzes to test your audience on their understanding of a particular topic, from world history to the best Marvel movies. Tap into their competitive nature and determine their level of expertise with a simple online interactive test. A trivia quiz is not only about testing, it’s also an opportunity for people to learn new things in a fun and experiential way.

A few tips to make your trivia quiz beautiful and effective:

  • Quiz design matters. More people click on great-looking quizzes, so add design elements that highlight your topic, choose a theme that reflects your brand, and use eye-catching images, videos, and gifs wherever you can.
  • Avoid disjointed design. Breaking your design theme could break the momentum of your quiz and make it difficult for people to maintain focus. So stick to one type of image and style from the first question to the results. And if you’re worried about your design skills (or lack of) – don’t be. With our smart quiz builder, you don’t even need basic web design know-how to make your quiz widget beautiful.
  • Time is precious and people are busy. So try to keep your quiz short. But not too short. For a trivia quiz, 7-10 questions should be your goal. That will give people the opportunity to enjoy the challenge without wasting too much time.
  • Be friendly and playful. Write your intro, questions, answer options, and result cards in a way that will make people smile. You want to make people feel good, even if they got all the answers wrong.
  • Encourage learning. If you want people to learn from your quiz, add answer explanations to some of your questions. They will pop up after an answer is selected and provide additional information nuggets in the context of the question.

Create an Engaging Personality Quiz

Unlike trivia quizzes, in personality quizzes, there are no right or wrong answers. They’re more about helping people gain deeper insight into their own lives. A good personality quiz can get very high participation rates and tons of shares on social media. Personality quizzes are excellent for engagement and for raising awareness because they play to our natural curiosity and provide value.

One of the most common types of personality quizzes is a sales quiz, which asks people to answer quiz questions about their needs and offers them suitable products based on their preferences.

Another popular type is a compatibility quiz, which measures the compatibility between a person and a job, product, celebrity, etc.

Some tips to make your personality quiz extra engaging:

  • Focus on visuals. Just like trivia quizzes, here too, the better your quizzes look the better they’ll perform. So add visuals and experiment with our design personalization options to make your quiz beautiful. It’s easy, especially if you use a template.
  • Be considerate. Aim for 5-7 questions. That’s usually enough to offer a fun experience and a result that makes sense without tiring your participants or wasting their time.
  • Make sure all the results are positive and friendly. When people are happy with the results they get they are more likely to share the quiz.
  • Use conditional logic to personalize your quiz. Conditional logic, aka skip logic, lets you build a question path that adapts to people’s answers. For example, if you ask, what’s your favorite feature? You could send people to different follow-up questions based on the feature they selected.  It’s an effective engagement tool and it’s really easy to configure (no coding whatsoever!).
  • Don’t leave anyone out. Personality quizzes should be inclusive. Make sure there’s an answer option for everyone in every question. You don’t want to make anyone feel excluded or marginalized.

You Can Easily Do It Yourself, No Need For A Developer

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