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Make original content that will engage your readers and grow your audience. It’s quick and easy with interactive quizzes, surveys, and forms.

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What Can Opinion Stage Do for You?

Get more eyes on your content, more clicks on your CTAs, and more contacts in your mailing list.

Engage Your Audience

Create content that sparks curiosity and invites interaction.

  • Add a poll anywhere in your blog post or article to make every reader an active participant.
  • Intrigue your audience with a conversational survey filled with great questions and images.
  • Deliver your message dynamically with a challenging trivia quiz.
  • Direct your readers to hyper-relevant content with a personality quiz.

Grow Your Email List

Get 5X more emails than you would with a regular opt-in form. How? With a quiz.

  • Give your readers an exciting quiz experience and a chance to get to know you.
  • Pique their interest and impress them with visual, interactive, and conversational content.
  • Offer them real value in exchange for their email address.
  • Associate each email with quiz answers and results to segment your subscribers and send them relevant content.

Create Fun Learning Experiences

A quiz is a super powerful teaching tool. After all, it’s a game, an experience, a conversation. Your audience will learn better and remember more when they’re active.

  • Teach your readers something new about any topic with a challenging trivia quiz.
  • Help them learn about themselves with an insightful personality quiz.
  • Introduce them to your brand using interactive questions, explanations, and prompts.

Connect With Your Readers

Instead of writing content for your audience make conversation with them.

Get to know them better by adding a personalized survey, poll, or quiz to your content flow.

Discover what they love, want, and need while giving them an exciting interactive content experience.

Find out what they think about any topic with a quick visual poll. Or use a quiz to identify knowledge gaps and learn about audience preferences.

Get New Content Ideas

As content creators, you need to come up with new ideas and produce engaging content regularly.

Here’s how you can tackle these challenges with ease:

  • Poll your audience to see what they’re interested in. They’ll tell you what to write about, and get super engaged when you follow their suggestions.
  • Run a survey about any topic and use the results in your next article. So many articles use the same statistics. Here’s your opportunity to create something new that others will quote.
  • Instead of writing a long-form how-to guide, make a quiz that challenges your audience and offers them bite-size tips along the way.

Get the Feedback You Need

Collect useful feedback quickly and easily with an interactive form. You’ll get more responses, better answers, and faster results.

  • Share a feedback form in your blog, email list, or social channels.
  • Add visuals to lighten the feedback-giving process.
  • Personalize the experience by using skip logic and answer piping.
  • Set up email notifications to keep up with responses as they come in.

Templates & Examples

Hundreds of ready-to-use quiz, survey, and form templates to spice up your content and inspire your readers.

View more templates

Try this personality quiz

Why Opinion Stage?

By now we all know that visual, personalized, and interactive content gets more engagement. With Opinion Stage you can easily combine the power of all three.

Content That Engages, Excites & Connects

Invite your readers to interact with your content. Create quizzes and surveys that grab attention, give value, and get shared.

  • Interactive: make quizzes, polls, surveys, and forms that respond to your audience’s clicks.
  • Visual: use images, gifs, and videos that look amazing on mobile phones, tablets, and computer screens.
  • Conversational: give your readers an experience that feels like a one-on-one conversation.

Quick & Easy to Create

Don’t start from a blank page. Use a template.

All our templates are optimized for engagement, conversion, and results. They’re also totally customizable.

So, if you need some inspiration or something that you can simply pick up and share, explore our template library.

It’s packed with hundreds of templates that are beautifully designed and ready to go.

More & Better Leads

Add a lead form to a poll or a quiz to get 5X more subscriptions than you would with a regular signup form.

Your audience will reach the form after answering your questions but before seeing the results.

At this point, they’ve had a chance to get to know and trust you. They’re also super engaged and curious about the results.

Once they sign up, you’ll have emails that are each linked to a bunch of answers. Just think how easy it will be to send tailor the content you send them according to their specific interests.

Powerful Personalization Options

Give your audience a personalized experience they will remember. Make your quizzes, surveys, and forms flow like a conversation.

  • Answer piping: show the answer to one question in the following question. For example: Ask for a person’s name and refer to them personally in the next question.
  • Skip logic: direct people to follow-up questions based on their previous answers. For example: if they choose “apples” as their favorite fruit, send them to a question about apple-based desserts.
  • Your words: use a personal tone in your questions, answer options, call-to-action buttons, and error messages.

Fully Customizable Experience

Customize everything to suit your message and match your brand.

  • Look & feel: select color themes, fonts, letter size, and images. Change any design element with CSS. White-label your quiz and add your logo.
  • Voice & tone: use your own words everywhere. Customize CTA buttons, form field labels, and error messages.
  • Experience design: use different types of questions and layouts. Direct people to different questions based on their previous answers.
  • Social sharing: add a variety of share buttons. Encourage your audience to follow your social handles with customized Facebook and Twitter messages.

Embed & Share Anywhere

Connect with your audience anytime and anywhere. Simply decide where to share your survey, quiz, or form, and do it with a click. It’s super easy, no coding required.

  • Put it on your blog or website: we support Javascript, iframe, placement, custom embed configurations, and more.
  • Use an optimized landing page on our website.
  • Share it on any of your social media channels.
  • Add it to your email marketing funnel.
  • Send it over any messaging app.

Responsive & Mobile Friendly

Add any and as many visuals as you want, your quiz will always load fast, perform well, and look great on a mobile, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

Our software automatically optimizes your content and stores multiple versions of each image to serve your audience the best version for their network connection and device.

Juicy & Inspiring Data Reports

Whether you share a survey, quiz, or form, your dashboard will soon become a treasure trove of visual charts that are easy to read, dissect, and export.

  • Get to know your readers better through their answers to your questions.
  • Use the data you collect to develop new and original content. Add visual graphs and charts to your quiz/survey follow-up article.
  • Optimize your content based on detailed performance data like views, engagements, average time-on-quiz, drop-off points, and completions.

Secure, Private & GDPR Compliant

The information you collect, create, and share is safe with us.

  • Your data is stored on secure Amazon AWS servers.
  • All data transit is done over HTTPS and encrypted in rest.
  • We follow industry-standard security and privacy guidelines, and strictly comply with GDPR.
  • We run regular assessments to make sure that your data is safe.

Loved By Our Customers

Hundreds of customers gave us 5-star reviews

With Opinion Stage we can create unique, beautiful, and on-brand content in an easy, collaborative fashion, drive insights that help us create better experiences, track how customers are engaging with our initiatives, and live our values of driving progress by trying, learning, and improving our product.
Stasia Kehoe
Marketing Copywriter at Zulily
Great for making shareable content. I like that there are different options of quiz templates so that I can make something that suits any subject. These quizzes allow us to tackle a variety of topics in a fun and easily consumed way that is great to share on social media.
Jessica de Bruyn
Editor & Writer at True Imaginary
In love with Opinion Stage. The customer service is awesome, the platform is great. What I like most about it is definitely the polls! I use them all the time and my readers find them easy to use as well.
Stephanie Pellny
Independent Chef & Food Blogger

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