Zulily Case Study

Ella Levenbach By Ella Levenbach Updated: November 8, 2023 Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Use Cases: Engagement, Insights


Zulily is a global e-commerce company that sells apparel, home goods and family finds at up to 70 percent off. Zulily features big-name brands next to unique, boutique items, launching new sales every day that typically last for 72 hours. The model is distinct: customers browse their easy-to-use app every day to browse and discover something new for themselves, their families and their homes. Though its customers are heavily engaged on Zulily’s app — 75% of orders come from a mobile device.

As a way to further engage their customers, their Marketing team creates content on their customer-facing blog, The Find, which is shared across social networks. Content on those channels is designed to connect with customers in fun, informative and engaging ways.

The Need

Zulily wanted to further deepen its connections with its millions of customers around the world. Zulily sought a product that would have a friendly and customizable interface to enhance its content and appeal to its users.

How Zulily Uses Opinion Stage

Zulily uses Opinion Stage for two main objectives:

1) Increase engagement

2) Gather customer feedback and insights

By creating spirited, playful content leveraging Opinion Stage Personality and Trivia Quizzes and Polls, they are able to further build relationships with customers and tell the story of Zulily’s 15,000+ brands.

At Zulily, relationships with customers aren’t just about engagement. Customer feedback is paramount for the global retailer, who also leverages Opinion Stage Surveys, including Skip Logic and Advanced Customization features, to seek shoppers’ opinions and to customize the surveys for specific brands looking to test new product or trends with mobile-savvy shoppers around the world.

And, the team is able to deploy surveys using Opinion Stage’s easy to use, intuitive and visually appealing tool.

“We can create unique, beautiful, and on-brand content in an easy, collaborative fashion,” said Zulily marketing copywriter Stasia Kehoe. “With the Opinion Stage platform, our team is able to drive insights that can help us create better experiences for our customers, track how customers are engaging with our initiatives, and live our values of driving progress by trying, learning, and improving our product.”


Although the platform has only been in use for a few months, Zulily has seen strong response rates using Opinion Stage Quizzes, Surveys and Polls, including participation rates of up to 80 percent, and completion rates as high as 90 percent. These higher engagement and response rates also yield significant insights that empower Zulily’s marketing team to serve customers better.