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Why Interactive Content Marketing Works so Well

Main reasons you should start using interactive marketing in your marketing campaigns

Boosts Engagement &
Social Sharing

Interactive Content Marketing formats are one of the most engaging types of content on the internet. This results with more time spent on your content, and higher sharing rates which could lead to getting your content viral. For example, the top performing article in the New York Times was actually a quiz. 7 of 20 most shared articles on Buzzfeed were quizzes.

boost time on site using interactive content marketing tools

Personalized Marketing
Converts Better

Interactive Marketing personalizes the user journey. This is done by asking users to share their needs, preferences and demographics. In return for their participation, users get personal & relevant results that are meaningful for them. This in turn leads to higher conversion rates.

Personalized marketing example

Qualify Leads for Sales

Integrate your lead form inside an interactive experience rather than displaying it as a static form. This will result with more leads ( up to 500% more ). It will also result with highly qualified leads since the contact info you gather will be associated with the answers of the users and the outcome they get.

generating qualified leads with interactive content marketing experiences

Get Better Insights

Get quality feedback using Interactive content marketing. Ask users engaging questions that gather insights rather than trying to extract information in a passive way. Instead of clicks and views, get meaningful feedback from your users as they consume delightful content.

generate insights with interactive content marketing

Easy & Fast to Create

Creating Interactive Marketing formats such as quizzes & polls consume much less time than creating static articles. Using top performing templates further accelerates the speed in which you can get up and going. No coding or design resources are needed.

Easy and fast to create interactive content marketing experiences

Unique and Memorable Experiences

Personalized content experiences in which the user takes an active role are much more memorable. Use interactive marketing for your brand awareness campaigns to verify your brand is remembered long after the user visited your content.

unique and memorable interactive content marketing experiences

What is Interactive Content?

Interactive content is a better way to engage your audience, generate leads and sales and extract actionable insights. It’s content that requires users to participate actively rather than passively. In return for their participation, users get personal & relevant results that are meaningful to them. This leads to higher engagement and conversion rates & deeper insights.

Popular Types of Interactive Content

Following is a list of some of the most popular types of interactive content that you can use to boost engagement, gather qualified leads, increase sales / revenue and extract actionable insights.


Interactive Quizzes are one of the most engaging and viral forms of interactive content. Two of the most popular formats are personality quizzes and trivia quizzes. Trivia Quizzes contain questions with right or wrong answers. When a user selects an answer, they immediately see whether or not they got it correct, before moving along to the next question. At the end of the quiz, they can see how many total questions they got right. Personality quizzes ask users to answer a series of questions to reveal an interesting insight into a topic. This kind of quiz can ask the reader questions such as “What Present Should You Buy Your Mom?”, “What Travel Destination Fits Your Personality?” or “Which Pop Star Is Most Like You?”. The great thing about personality quizzes is that you can connect each answer combination with specific outcomes to create personalized results for each user.

interactive content quiz example


Interactive Assessments can be used for many different use cases. Examples include evaluating how well students are progressing in their learning, assessing a candidate as part of a job interview, checking out your employee knowledge on a subject. Opinion Stage lets you easily create assessments either from scratch or based on templates and then distribute them on your site on dedicated landing pages on the site or by sharing them in social networks and your email list. The assessments look and perform great on all platforms including desktop, tablet and mobile.

interactive content assessment example


Interactive Polls are another popular form of interactive content that can be used to gain quick insights from your readers and to boost engagement on your site. Polls typically ask a question, and after the user participates displays a breakdown showing how everyone else answered the question. Polls are incredibly effective because people love sharing their opinions or preferences. You can use polls for a wide variety of purposes – such us finding out whether users like your new website, running a raffle, or finding out your audience’s favorite celebrity.

interactive content poll example


Interactive Surveys are made up of closed and open-ended questions that help you better understand your audiences. Surveys in Opinion Stage are interactive displaying one message after the other. You can also integrate media inside the survey to make it more engaging. Due to their appeal and interactivity, Opinion Stage surveys get up to three times more responses compared to traditional surveys. Creating a survey is easy using optimized templates that are geared for different use cases.

interactive content survey example


Interactive Forms are great for collecting information from your users. It is easy to create a form from scratch or using one of the hundreds of templates offered by the platform. The forms integrate with all popular marketing and email automation platforms. You can also configure to get immediate notifications when a user submits a new entry. Opinion Stage let’s you customize every aspect of the look & feel of the form so it perfectly matches your site and brand.

interactive content forms example

Interactive Marketing Tools That Stand Out

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