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Use an online petition form to reach more people and gain support for your cause.

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Online Petition Against Local Lake Pollution

Sign our online petition to preserve the local lake and wildlife for a pollution-free future!
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Create an online petition form to gain support for your cause. Reach more signees and encourage them to give you their support. Use our customizable form templates to get started and modify them to meet your needs. Or you can always create a form from scratch.

The Advantages of an Online Petition Form

Petitions have been around for quite a long time. Whether they are political, legislative, or intended to raise awareness, people who want to take initiative have been using them to find support long before the Internet. That being said, there are two main advantages to using an online petition form.

Reach a Broader Population

Nowadays virtually everyone is online. Thus, distributing your petition form online will be far more effective in terms of reaching your target population. By sharing your petition on social media or embedding it on your website, you’ll be able to raise awareness and collect signatures from people 24 hours a day, seven days a week, regardless of their location.

You could also send your petition form over email. An email form could be super effective, especially if you already have a robust mailing list. If you don’t have a mailing list this could be an opportunity to start building one. 

All you need to do is ask your audience to add their email as well as their signature. Just make sure to ask their permission to send them email updates in the future to avoid your emails from going to spam.

Further, you can also reap the benefits of other people sharing your petition through their own social media and other channels. This will allow you to truly expand your reach, spread the word, and gain support faster. 

If you’re in a creative mood you could also use a lead quiz to teach people about your cause and collect signatures. Quizzes offer a great engagement boost and are frequently shared on social media. 

Keep Your Information Organized

Using an online petition form will eliminate the paperwork associated with collecting signatures. It will also be much easier to keep your information organized in digital form. 

Depending on the type of petition, you may need some of the information you’ve collected in the future. Whether it’s a list of email addresses or personal comments, an online petition will allow you to have them all stored in one place and easily accessible.

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Tips for an Effective Online Petition Form

Reaching a broad audience is one thing and, although essential for any petition, you’ll need more than that to gain support for your cause. Below are a couple of tips to help you create an effective online petition and encourage more people to sign it.

Educate Your Audience on Your Cause

Assume that not all of the people you reach are familiar with what your initiative is about. This doesn’t mean you should give up on them as potential signees. 

Include links to some material about the issue within your online petition form. Whether they are blogs, newspaper articles, or any other informative material, you need to help people understand the importance of your petition.

Leverage Your Existing Support

Use the advantages of an online petition form to the fullest through the possibilities opened by social media. 

Share your petition in groups and encourage signees to share their personal experiences and contribute to the petition themselves. This will help you get more attention as it will give people something they can relate to and help them understand what you are trying to achieve.

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