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Make the ordering process easy for your customers by using a customized purchase order form. This will also help you organize the orders you get.

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Purchase Order Form

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Create a customized purchase order form and use it to collect purchase orders from your customers online. This form will make the ordering process easy and help you organize the orders you receive. Use our template to get started and tailor it to your business, products, and brand. 

What Is a Purchase Order Form?

A purchase order form is a hard copy or digital document buyers use to order products or services from vendors. They include all the necessary information about the order, such as purchase and delivery details, the number of items ordered, and the expected delivery date.

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Why Use a Purchase Order Form?

PO forms are most commonly used when dealing with large shipments and transactions, as they document all relevant transaction details. That being said, they can be used for virtually any order, regardless of quantity, type of goods or services, or their value.

Additionally, if there is any problem with the delivery, you will have a common document to reference.

When it comes to the question of why using a purchase form is a good idea, especially for large orders, the bottom line is that it can make matters a lot simpler and eliminate some of the risks for both parties.

Simplify the Ordering Process

Businesses can use an online form to streamline the ordering process and ensure both the customer and the supplier are on the same page. For example, check out this t-shirt order form

Unlike collecting orders via phone calls or emails, this form will make sure all important information is provided and reduce mix-ups and misunderstandings. Additionally, you will have a clear overview of all order details, which comes in handy when dealing with multiple orders. Both you and your customer will have a much smoother experience, along with complete transparency.

Create a Standard Ordering Process

By using a purchase order form for all your transactions, you can develop a standard process that will help you avoid some unpleasant surprises. This especially applies to large orders when both the supplier and the buyer stand to lose a lot if the other party does not honor the deal.

Naturally, the buyer will want their shipment delivered on time and in its entirety. On the other hand, the supplier will expect their full payment in due time. Without a PO form, it would be difficult to ascertain shipment details and rectify any shortcomings. Additionally, the opportunity costs of a mishandled order can also be significant for both parties.

Safeguard Your Business Relationships

Finally, a damaged relationship is often an inevitable consequence of any complications with the order. And these are hard, sometimes impossible, to repair. Using a good purchase order form will ensure both the buyer and the seller are on the same page and clear about all the details regarding the order.


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