Employee Feedback Form

Find out how your employees feel about working for you and ask for their input on what you could be doing better.
Overall, how satisfied are you with working for the company?
Do you feel you are being managed well?
Are your goals and what is needed to achieve them communicated clearly to you?
How would you rate your workplace relationships on a scale from 1 (Very bad) to 10 (Great)?
What do you enjoy the most about your job?
What do you enjoy the least about your job?
How do you feel on a typical work day? Select all that apply.
How do you think company culture could be improved?
What company value do you feel needs to be embodied more?
How would you rate your opportunities for professional development?
Thank you!
Your feedback is invaluable.

Employee Feedback Form Template

Use feedback from your employees to improve your working environment, company culture, and employee satisfaction.
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