Employee Feedback Form Template

Use feedback from your employees to improve your working environment, company culture, and employee satisfaction.

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Employee Feedback Form

Find out how your employees feel about working for you and ask for their input on what you could be doing better.
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Building an efficient team requires more than selecting talented members with the right mindset. The team’s overall performance depends greatly on employee satisfaction, engagement, and company culture. 

Motivating them and creating a positive work environment is one of the most important tasks towards achieving company success. This is where an employee feedback form can be useful.

What Is an Employee Feedback Form?

An employee feedback form can be either a paper document or a digital survey designed to gather feedback from employees. It usually includes a mix of form/survey questions about different aspects of their employment

  • Current position and responsibilities 

  • General satisfaction with the workplace

  • Opportunities for professional development

  • Management

  • Workplace relations

It’s also a good idea to leave room for them to give you suggestions and additional comments on how things could be improved.

Gathering Employee Feedback

Collecting relevant information through an employee feedback form template will give you insight into how they perceive the work environment. 

Knowing what motivates, pleases, and frustrates them, as well as what they’d like to change will allow you to continuously improve your workspace.

Understanding the needs of your employees and accommodating them where possible is essential for ensuring employee retention and optimal performance.

Once you’ve collected the data, you will have a clear idea of what you need to do to maintain or improve the current levels of satisfaction. After all, happy employees are more engaged and productive.

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What to Measure Using Employee Feedback

Employee feedback forms and employee satisfaction surveys can give you insight into their perspective on any number of work-related issues. When it comes to designing the questions, you can ask for general feedback or zero in on a specific subject. Here are a couple of suggestions you might find useful when choosing the questions for your form.

Management & Colleagues

Ask your staff to evaluate their managers and coworkers. These types of questions can be beneficial for two reasons. Firstly, the feedback will help you improve your management practices and build trust between managers and employees. Secondly, it will foster an environment where everyone feels their opinions are valued.

Company Culture

Establishing a positive company culture based on mutual respect where everyone feels like a part of the team is the best way to ensure long-term success. A well-designed employee survey can help you spot any areas that need improvement, as well as reinforce positive practices. Make sure you give your staff the opportunity to give you all the input they have.

Company Morale

It’s a good idea to evaluate company morale from time to time. Especially after an occurrence that might have affected it poorly. Introducing timely changes based on this information can go a long way in ensuring that your staff is motivated, engaged, and firing on all cylinders. These types of questions are usually focused on assessing stress levels and asking employees for suggestions.

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