360 Degree Feedback Form

Please provide your honest professional feedback about your colleague John Doe. The answers you give are entirely confidential and will be used to help John develop professionally and to improve team performance and cohesion.
Please fill in your first name
Please fill in your last name
In this section, we will ask you to provide some feedback on John's communication skills.
How would you rate John's verbal communication skills?
How well does John understand the tasks and expectations communicated to him?
How does John usually react to feedback?
What in your opinion is John's main challenge/weakness in terms of communication?
What would you highlight as John's greatest strength in terms of communication?
In this section, we will ask for your opinion about John's motivation at work.
Does John seem enthusiastic about the company and his work?
How would you rate John's ability to motivate other team members?
Have you encountered any difficulties with John's level of motivation? If so, please describe them.
How does John express his motivation and commitment to the firm?
In this section, we will ask for your feedback on John's leadership skills.
Does John take the lead on projects in his department?
How does John deal with work related conflict?
Does John contribute to an environment in which everyone can succeed?
Can you give an example of how John led a specific project, initiative or situation?
How, in your opinion, could John become a better leader?
Problem solving
In this section, we will ask for your feedback on John's ability to solve problems.
How would you assess John's ability to think creatively and innovatively when tackling a problem?
Would you describe John as a practical and efficient problem-solver?
When facing a problem, how does John go about solving it? What skills does he use?
Which areas do you think John should focus on in order to improve his problem-solving skills?
Thank you for your feedback ${name}!
Your insights are invaluable in improving our company culture and team efficiency

360 Degree Feedback Form Template

Ask employees about their colleagues' performance to improve company efficiency, motivation, and culture.
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