WhatsApp Survey – How to Run a Survey on WhatsApp

  1. Create a survey
  2. Visit items dashboard
  3. Share your survey on WhatsApp
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Start Your Survey With a Template

Choose one of our many engaging survey templates and customize its content, design, and visuals to suit your needs.

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Create a WhatsApp Survey From Scratch

Follow these three steps to create and send out an interactive WhatsApp Survey that people will enjoy answering.

1. Create a Survey

Create a survey from scratch using this survey creation form. Add your questions, answer options, and visuals.

create a survey

2. Visit Items Dashboard

When you’re done, click ‘Publish’, go to ‘My Items’, and locate your survey in the dashboard area.

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3. Share Your Survey on WhatsApp

Click the ‘Embed & Share’ button associated with your survey, and then the ‘Share Link’ tab. Click on the WhatsApp icon to share directly to WhatsApp.

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Create a WhatsApp Survey

Tips for Creating a Survey on WhatsApp

We’ve collected a few tips and tricks for you to try on your WhatsApp survey. Use them to get people interested in your survey and maximize response rates.

Define the Purpose of Your WhatsApp Survey

Before you start building your interactive survey, define its purpose. Who are the survey respondents you wish to reach? Are you looking to learn about your audience, analyze a certain trend, gather feedback, or collect some new ideas?

Once you know what your end game is, your survey messages, questions, and distribution strategy will be much easier to create. They’re also likely to be way more effective in terms of response rate.

Ask Engaging Questions

A survey is a form of communication between you and your survey participants. Think of every survey question as part of a conversation with them. Let that inspire your writing style, visual choices, and additional survey settings. The friendlier and more interesting the conversation the greater the chances your audience stays in it with you.

Make It Easy to Participate

If you wish to increase your response rate even further, consider the context in which your audience receives your survey link. Since we’re talking about a WhatsApp survey, they’re likely to be on their mobile phones, probably surrounded by distractions. Make it simple for them to focus on your questions.

  • Make them short and easy to understand.
  • Double-check that you cover all the possible answer options your range of users could select.
  • Avoid overlapping answer options, they could cause confusion.
  • Wherever needed, allow users to suggest additional answers.
  • Use skip logic to create different user flows based on the answers and their answer choices.

Keep It Short

The number of questions you ask in your interactive survey is completely up to you, you could have a three-question survey, a 19-question survey, more, less, or anything in between. And it will probably depend on the type and level of information you wish to collect. But keep this in mind: the more questions you ask, the fewer responses you will get. In other words, if you want to successfully reach a broader audience of users via WhatsApp try to keep your questions down to 10 or fewer.

Remember, there’s always the follow-up survey option. You have a valid phone number to reach them on for your next survey campaign. You could even ask them for a valid business email address or a personal email address as part of your survey. So you don’t necessarily need to ask all your questions at once.

Use Visuals

This one’s simple, people like pictures and videos. Much like marketing communications, the success of survey campaigns depends on user engagement. And visuals do wonders for engagement. Use them to reach a wider audience with your survey. When used correctly, visuals also contribute to the accuracy of your survey, since they help respondents understand the questions and answer options.

  • Choose a cover image that stands out and reflects the topic of your survey.
  • Add interesting images to your questions.
  • Illustrate suggested answers with relevant images that reflect their essence.

Maintain the Relationship

Last but not least, consider your survey as an opportunity to build a relationship. Sure, your respondents are helping you out by taking your survey, but you’re giving them something too. You’re listening to them, showing interest in their thoughts and opinions. Why not take this dynamic further and stay in touch?

For example, you could offer to keep them in the loop and send them WhatsApp or email updates about the results once the survey is concluded. Think about how you can give them value just as they provide value to you. It’s a great way to keep them involved until the next time you need their input.

You Can Easily Do It Yourself, No Need For A Developer

Create a WhatsApp Survey
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