What Type of Quiz Should I Use?

Should you create a trivia quiz, personality quiz, poll, survey, or form? Answer these questions to find out which item to create based on your goals.
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Why do you want to make a quiz? What is your main goal?
Do you want to gather contact details or integrate a lead form in a quiz?
What type of form do you want to use?
What type of questions do you want to ask in your quiz?
Would you like to ask for the qualification data directly or indirectly?
How would you like to engage your audience?
What type of quiz do you want to create?
How many questions would you like to ask?
What type of question logic do you want to base your sales quiz on?
Where would you like the ads to be integrated?
Make a Poll
Use a single-question poll to engage with your audience. Polls are easy to participate in and simple to create. They're great for creating engagement and conducting online votes. You can also integrate a lead form in your polls to gather leads.

Our poll maker offers many advanced configuration and customization options. Check out our poll templates & examples for some inspiration.
Make a Survey
Use a survey to gather information from your audience. You can easily work with a wide variety of closed and open-ended questions to make sure you're getting the right information.

Our survey maker is designed for maximum engagement and submissions. Every question is displayed on a separate card, and you can add images or videos to keep your audience entertained throughout the survey.

Build your survey from scratch or use one of our many Survey Templates & Examples as a starting point.
Make a Personality Quiz
Personality quizzes have no right or wrong answers, they're more about opinions and preferences. Use a personality quiz to send your respondents to specific outcomes based on their answers to a bunch of quiz questions.

Make a personality quiz if you want to generate engagement and get a lot of social shares, help users learn something about themselves or select products/services that match their needs, gather leads, and more.

We've prepared many different personality quiz templates & examples for you to experiment with and use. Check them out, or click the button below to start from scratch.
Make a Trivia Quiz
Trivia quizzes allow you to test your audience's knowledge on a particular topic with a series of questions that have correct/incorrect answers.

Use a trivia quiz to generate engagement, run an online competition, teach your audience something new, or test their knowledge and skills. Our trivia maker also enables you to easily integrate a lead form in your quiz if you want to collect contact information associated with the results.

Check out our trivia quiz templates & examples for inspiration or as a starting point for your own quiz.
Make a Form
Use a form to gather data from your audience in a simple straightforward manner. With a standard form, your respondents see all the questions on one page, fill in the fields, and click submit.

Our form maker lets you combine different types of fields (open text, drop-down, email, number, and more) based on your needs and preferences. You can start from scratch or work from one of our standard form templates & examples.

What Type of Quiz Should I Make?

Looking to make a quiz but not sure which type to choose? Answer this questionnaire to find out if you should make a trivia, personality quiz, poll, survey, or form. 

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