Email Quiz: How to Send a Quiz in Email

Create and Send an Email Quiz in 4 Easy Steps

  1. Create a quiz using the quiz creation form
  2. Locate the quiz on the dashboard
  3. Click “Embed & Share” button, and then the “Link” tab
  4. Copy and Paste the Link in the body of the Email and Send

You’re done!


Here’s an example of how the quiz will be displayed in both desktop and mobile:

Email quiz example

Following is a live quiz example, try it out:


Best Practices for Running Email Quizzes

Select an engaging quiz title

Select a quiz title that immediately grabs your user’s attention. Think about your audience and what would interest them, make them curious, and excite them.

Use images in your email quiz

Email quizzes work best when they are visual. Add images to the quiz cover, to the questions, and even to each answer if you like.

Select a good location

If you are redirecting the email link to your website make sure the quiz stands out on your website. Place it in a prominent position and select a template that stands out. Ideally, you would create a landing page on Opinion Stage or on your site that is focused solely on the quiz

Make the quiz short

Remember that the fewer questions you will ask the more responses you will get.  We recommend asking between 5-15 questions in your quiz for maximum results.

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