What type of remote worker are you?

Working from home is perfect for some and challenging for others. The first step towards adapting to it is understanding what type of remote worker you are.
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What is your gut reaction to an upcoming conference call?
Your colleague asks you to get on an unscheduled zoom call to help her with something, how do you react?
How does your calendar look?
Where do you work?
What do you miss most about going to the office?
How do you spend your free time?
What do you find most challenging about working remotely?
What kind of meetings do you enjoy most?
Which of the following is your strongest trait?
You are {result #1 percent} team player!
You are a great communicator and networker who thrives on collaboration and teamwork. You naturally contribute to team spirit, spur creativity, and offer support to your colleagues.

The potential isolation that can come with working from home may freak you out a little, but don't worry, there are numerous virtual solutions.

  • Set a daily meeting with your boss and a weekly team meeting.
  • If you feel lonely during the day, join a virtual workspace, or zoom on mute with a friend while you work.
  • Remember that some people work better alone and be sensitive to their needs.
More about you:
You are also {result #2 percent} self starter, {result #3 percent} multitasker, and {result #4 percent} perfect planner.

You are {result #2 percent} self-starter!
You are a naturally independent worker. You know how to plan your day, prioritize tasks, and get things done without supervision. Remote work is actually perfect for you.

However, you may find yourself facing a few unexpected challenges. For example, you may lose touch with your team, or find it difficult to stop working at the end of the day.

  • Try to define clear boundaries and work-hours with your superiors.
  • Make sure you join all team meetings. Teamwork contributes to creativity and innovation.
  • Help your colleagues by sharing the tools and techniques you use to maintain focus and productivity.
More about you:
You are also {result #1 percent} team player, {result #3 percent} multitasker, and {result #4 percent} perfect planner.
You are {result #3 percent} multitasker!
You have your own way of getting things done and it usually includes doing multiple things at once. You're known for your great ideas and love helping others out.

For you remote work is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it gives you the freedom to work the way that's for you. On the other hand, the lack of framework may cause you to take on more than you can handle.

  • Work with a shared task management tool to stay focused and stick to plan.
  • Set aside some distraction-free time every day, during which you turn off all app notifications and don't take calls or meetings
  • Don't forget to set aside some time for your personal life. Rest is important.
More about you:
You are also {result #1 percent} team player, {result #2 percent} self starter, and {result #4 percent} perfect planner.
You are {result #4 percent} perfect planner!
You may not be a natural at remote work but you have developed a great strategy that works for you and maximizes your efficiency. You work according to a tight schedule that you've built for yourself. Every minute of your day is accounted for.

The challenge arises when your schedule is interrupted. You worry that any interruption will throw you off balance.

  • Communicate your need for order with your team.
  • Schedule in advance whatever is possible and include flexible hours in your work plan taking into account the unexpected.
  • Be tolerant with your colleagues, they don't mean to interrupt...
More about you:
You are also {result #1 percent} team player, {result #2 percent} self starter, and {result #3 percent} multitasker.

What Type of Remote Worker Are You?

The first step towards adapting to remote work is understanding what type of worker you are. Let's find out!
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