Start Your Mailchimp Quiz From Scratch

Get the attention of your online visitors, grow and engage your mailing list, and amplify click-through rates with interactive quizzes tailored to your audience.

1. Choose a quiz type

Go to the Opinion Stage dashboard, select the type of quiz you want to make from the drop-down menu, and start creating your very own knowledge quiz or personality test. You could also click here to start building a knowledge quiz or here to start building a personality quiz.

choose quiz type

2. Create & publish

Create a quiz cover and outcomes, fill in your questions and answer options, add visuals, customize the settings and themes, and when you’re ready, click on ‘Publish’.

quiz creation form

3. Click on 'Embed & Share'

If you’re in the quiz creation form, click on the ‘Embed & Share’ button in the top right corner.

You could also go to ‘My Items’, where all your online forms and quizzes are stored, locate one you want to publish, and select the ‘Embed & Share’ button.

5. Add a quiz button

Head over to Mailchimp and add a button block to your marketing email by dragging and dropping it into the email field.  Customize it to your liking and paste the link into the relevant field. 

That’s it, now all that’s left is to send your email message to your list and wait for their responses.

Try this trivia quiz

Add an Extra Wow Factor To Your Email Newsletter Quizzes

Here are some easy-to-apply tips that will help you start publishing quizzes that amaze and convert in no time.

Set a Clear Goal

Before you start working on actual quiz questions, take a moment to clearly determine the purpose of your quiz, whether it’s engaging subscribers, generating leads, or collecting valuable insights. Just like in other email marketing options, a well-defined goal will help you measure success and optimize performance.

Focus on Your Audience

Ok, so you already have their email address, which means you probably know a thing or two about their preferences, interests, needs, and demographics. Therefore you have the means to create a tailored interactive content element that will make your quiz takers feel seen and valued. And when they do, they’ll be eager to participate and even share the experience with others.

Keep It Short

Make your quiz accessible to busy people. After all, your email subscribers may love you, but they have a life. So respect their time by keeping it short – 4-7 questions usually suffice. This way you’ll get more quiz responses and keep participants happy and engaged without overwhelming them.

Make It Visually Appealing

As a marketing email pro, you already know that great design leads to an engaged audience and pictures speak louder than words. It’s the same with quizzes, if they look great you’ll get more quiz responses. So, add captivating images, graphics, and GIFs to your quiz form to draw your online audience in and stimulate interaction.

Promote Sharing

lastly, an engaged audience is usually happy to share a fun experience with others. So encourage quiz takers to share their results and if your online quiz software allows (ours does!), consider incorporating social sharing buttons in the result cards.  In addition to broadening your reach, it can help raise brand awareness, strengthen the sense of community among your audience, and get you more user emails.

Ready to get started?

Make a Quiz

Types of Mailchimp Quizzes You Can Create

Would you like to build an outcome quiz, popup quiz, challenging trivia, or maybe an insightful personality test? There are so many interactive quiz options to choose from, it’s all about finding the one that works best for your customers and complements your business flow. Here are some examples to start with.

Trivia Competition

Entertain your audience with exciting trivia questions that cover a wide range of topics or focus on your area of expertise. Additionally, to make the competition even more interesting, offer a prize to the winners and consider adding a time element to up the pressure and excitement.

Personality Quiz

Help your audience reveal insights about their own character traits, preferences, and habits with a fun personality test. You could do so by going the BuzzFeed route and choosing a hot and trending topic that’s fresh, colorful, and entertaining, or you could invite people to dig deeper into their personalities. Both paths can lead to impressive engagement and strengthen your personal connection with the members of your email marketing lists.

Try this personality quiz

Lead Generation Quiz

Instead of collecting user emails with a regular opt-in email or form, add a lead form to a quiz and watch as your email list fills up with high-quality leads. By placing a lead form between the last question and the results you can attract and capture people‘s attention, gain their cooperation, and learn more about them.

Product Recommendation Quiz

Significantly help customers find the perfect product or service for their needs. To do so, simply make a personality quiz that asks about their preferences and requirements and offers a suitable product/service based on an automatic analysis of their quiz responses.

Try this product quiz

Engagement Quiz

Yes, they’re effective, versatile, and challenging, but most of all interactive quizzes are fun and entertaining. So keep things light and use this quality to make people feel good about your brand.

Creating a full-featured quiz is undeniably a great way to engage your audience, collect leads, and enhance your email marketing campaigns. So, why wait? On the contrary, start building your quiz today and offer your audience irresistible content that will keep them engaged and connected to your brand. You can also create an engaging email poll in seconds.


Can I add a quiz to Mailchimp?

Absolutely! To add a quiz to Mailchimp, simply copy the unique link from the Opinion Stage quiz maker and paste it into your Mailchimp email marketing content using a button block. Read the how-to guide above for more details.

How do I create a personalized quiz?

Well, creating a personalized quiz usually requires advanced multi-question quiz logic. But don’t worry, it’s much easier than it sounds. The quiz logic feature, often referred to as skip logic or smart logic lets you serve different questions based on previous answers. In trivia quizzes, for instance, you can use skip logic to adjust difficulty based on users’ performances – if they got a question right send them to a harder one next, but if they got it wrong send them to an easier question. In personality quizzes, you could use skip logic to explore preferences more deeply, while adding a natural feel to the experience. For example, if they select green as their favorite color you could send them a follow-up question about their preference within the green color palette.  

What is a quiz funnel?

A quiz funnel is the journey from the first question to the result card. During this journey, your anonymous quiz takers become engaged audience members, qualified leads, email subscribers, or even customers. Just like a marketing funnel, a quiz funnel can boost your conversion rate by guiding customers through four stages, awareness, interest, desire, and action. 

Does Opinion Stage have a Mailchimp Integration?

Yes, our online quiz maker has a native integration with Mailchimp that lets you auto-sync the leads you collect using our online quiz creator with your Mailchimp email marketing service. In other words, we make it easy for you to sync results and leads to your email lists and ensure seamless communication. All you need to do is copy the Mailchimp API key and audience ID and paste them into Opinion Stage Mailchimp Integration settings.

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