Mailchimp Quiz: Send a Quiz to Your Email List

Follow these instructions to send out a Mailchimp Quiz:

  1. Start by Creating a Quiz
  2. Find the created quiz in the Items Dashboard
  3. Click the “Embed & Share” button, and then click the “Link” tab
  4. Copy the link from the tab and paste it in your email (preferably with an image)

That’s all!

Mailchimp Quiz logo
Following  is an example of a Mailchimp personality quiz

And here is an example of a Trivia/Knowledge quiz

Some tips for creating your MailChimp Quiz

Know your audience

Create a quiz that will be appealing and interesting to your audience. Always keep them in mind

Keep it short

While we recommend including at least 5 questions in the quiz but try not to exceed 15. Remember that the more questions you include the fewer completions you will get in your Mailchimp quiz.

If there’s only one question you want to ask, make a super engaging email poll instead.

Make it visual

Adding the right images and videos to the quizzes will make them more appealing and engaging increasing conversion rates dramatically. You can add an introduction image, and add an image to every answer if you like.

Prompt to share

Quizzes are one of the most shared types of content. To promote social sharing, add a unique ending to the quiz that will make your users want to share it. It can be something interesting, funny, or something that says something nice about the quiz taker.

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