How to Add a Mailchimp Poll or Mailchimp Survey to Your Email

Following these instructions to send a Mailchimp Poll or Mailchimp Survey:

1) Start by creating a poll or creating a survey

2) Locate the Mailchimp poll / survey you created in the dashboard

3) Click the “Embed & Share” button, and then the “Link” tab

4) Copy the link & paste it into the email you send out

You’re done!

Mailchimp poll logo
Here is an example of a Mailchimp poll:

MailChimp Poll Example

Here is an example of a Mailchimp Survey:

Mailchimp Survey example


Tips for creating a Mailchimp Poll or Survey:

Plan first

Start by thinking about your audience, who they are, and what information you would like to get from them. If you are unsure you know who your audience is, start by asking that!

Make your Mailchimp poll short

Remember that the fewer questions you ask, the more responses you will get. Try to select short & simple questions and answers so it’s easy to understand the questions and quickly answer.

Make it easy to participate

Verify that the answers to a question cover all the options and that they do not overlap. When needed, offer users to add their own answers

Select appealing questions

Try to make your questions juicy, a boring question will get fewer responses than a “lively” one

Make it visual

Integrate inside the poll or survey images to boost the engagement. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Images can also add context to the questions and answers

Customize look & feel

Select a theme that fits your brand or site. You can customize the colors and select a font, or use CSS override to set all look & feel

Gather leads

Polls & surveys offer a great opportunity to gather leads since the contact information gathered is associated with the poll/survey answers

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